From PC to Big Screen: 20 Games That Would Work as Movies

Movies based on video games have been around for a long time, with successes like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, and also some failures like Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter. Despite some of the less-than-stellar attempts, we hear again and again about movie adaptations of popular video games getting into the development stages. But which ones would be best suited for the big screen? We’ve asked our friends on Reddit for their 15 video game favorites that could turn into captivating cinematic experiences.

1. Metal Gear Solid

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

One user posted, “Metal Gear Solid.”

Another user asked, “What’s all this gameplay doing in my 6-hour movie?”

One Redditor added, “‘Hey, what are all those boxes doing out front?” ‘Oh, they’re here to see Metal Gear Solid’.”

2. Dead Space

Photo Credit: Concorde Pictures.

“Dead space,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “Atta boy.”

However, one user commented, “That already happened. Reviews weren’t kind.”

3. Fallout New Vegas

Photo Credit: Obsidian Entertainment.

One Redditor posted, “Fallout New Vegas.”

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

Photo Credit: Guerilla Games.

“Horizon Zero Dawn could be interesting if done right,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “I’d rather it was a series or two.”

5. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Photo Credit: Nintendo.

One Redditor posted, “Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It’s in the style of Deadpool (it might be a few years late, but oh well). Starring Kevin Hart.”

Another user replied, “At least three times per year, I look to see if they are remaking it again or releasing it on PC… Maybe one day.”

6. Detroit Become Human

Photo Credit: Quantic Dream.

One user shared, “Detroit Become Human.”

Another user commented, “People would just say it’s a ripoff of iRobot, which I guess the premise is.”

One commenter replied, “Welp, I guess op never specified a good movie.”

7. Ocarina of Time

Photo Credit: Nintendo.

“Ocarina of Time, but they need to put that LOTR level of funk on it,” one user stated.

Another replied,” It _ takes _ a _ very _ long _ time _ to say _ anything _ in _ Great _Deku-ish.”

One Redditor commented, “That would be awesome.”

8. Disco Elysium

Photo Credit: Za/Um.

One user posted, “Disco Elysium!”

Another replied, “I think that could be a great HBO series. You need more time to unpack Tequila Sunset.”

Another added, “Great call. That would be awesome.”

9. Gears of War

Photo Credit: Epic Games.

“Gears of War,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “H- yeah.”

10. Destroy All Humans

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

One user shared, “Destroy All Humans.”

The OP responded, “Someone finally said it.”

11. Tetris

Photo Credit: AI-Film.

One Redditor shared, “Tetris, I think Tom Hanks would be perfect as the straight piece.”

Another added, “The actual Tetris movie is out, and it’s really good, took me by surprise.”

12. Max Payne

Max Payne - Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

“Max Payne, like an actual Max Payne movie, not the garbage we got from a director who didn’t like video games,” one user shared.

OP replied, “Amen, brother.”

Another user added, “Completely agree. The film we got wasn’t Max Payne at all, and the character didn’t even have the same personality, and they needed to pick a better actor than Mark Wahlberg.”

13. GTA IV

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games.

“My first thought was GTA IV, although all the GTA games would be good movies, lol,” one user posted. 

14. Metro 2033

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

One user commented, “Metro 2033.”

Another user commented, “It was going to be a movie. Unfortunately, my man Glukhovsky isn’t welcome in Russia anymore. Sad to see that this is going on with his country, but I’m glad he refused to believe in their stuff.”

15. Mass Effect

Photo Credit: Bioware.

One Redditor shared, “I think the Super Mario Bros movie showed that any game can work well as a movie, assuming it’s done well. Personally, I’d love to see the Mass Effect Series in a series. There’s already such an amazing story and great characters there. And the Metroid Movie could kicka–.”

Another user replied, “I would not want to see Mass Effect as a movie just because that story can’t possibly be told in two hours.”

16. Mortal Kombat

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

One user commented, “Mortal Kombat if they would do it right. The best one was the 1995 movie. I love the 2021 movie, but it’s not a good movie. I just like it on its own and don’t even know why.”

17. Life Is Strange

Photo Credit: Dontnod Entertainment.

One user shared, “Life is Strange.”

Another user replied, “This is so true. The story would make for an awesome movie similar to Inception but more on the emotional/philosophical side, one of my favourite games…”

18. Among Us

Photo Credit: STA Studios.

“Honestly, Among Us. Just a space murder mystery at all would be good, and even though it would seem better as a live-action movie, the among us would draw a crowd,” one Redditor shared.

Another user commented, “The Thing is basically that.”

19. Overwatch

Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

One online user commented, “Overwatch. Hope MS buys Act/Blizz and does something more with the IP than 5-minute anime ‘shows.’ Love the shorts. We need a movie by the shorts team.”

20. Halo

Photo Credit: Amblin Television.

“Halo,” one Redditor posted.

Another user commented, “I had to scroll too far to reach this. Seriously, it would have made a b–chin’ franchise.”

Do you agree with the video games listed above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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