Are you getting ready for a first date and feeling anxious about it? Perhaps you've got some deal breakers in mind—but what exactly counts as a red flag? From uncomfortable topics of conversation to personal hygiene issues, there are numerous signs that could signal the end of the evening. Here we'll explore some common dating deal breakers shared by Redditors so you can stay safe, clear and hopefully have an enjoyable night to remember!

1. Constantly Looking at Their Phone

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One Redditor posted, “Constantly looking at their phone.”

Another replied, “but what if your date partner is asking interesting questions and you really need to ask ChatGPT how to respond with the criteria that the responses be witty, clever, and endearing? ‘So, what types of hobbies do you keep? What do you do with your free time?' she asks, leaning in and locking eyes. ‘Our servers are currently overloaded,' you say, voice trembling, eyes flickering back and forth between her eyes and your screen, ‘please subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for unrestricted access even during peak hours.'

Another user commented, “I’m thankful cell phones were sparse when I dated. That would most certainly be aggravating as hell, and I’m sure it’s a pretty common thing now.”

“When I started dating, like picking up and taking chicks out on dates at cool places, eeeeeeeeeeveryone had a Motorola Razr. Literally every single human. I had a Sprint Blade. 2007 or whatever. But it was still a new thing. iPhone didn't exist yet. Back then if you messed with your phone AT ALL on a date, it was a super rude thing. If you got a singular important text that vibrated, it was still like….. dude. This is a date. I'm trying to get to know you. Put the [hecking] thing away. We're not trying to take a… video at a… concert. It's still way up there. Only difference is now I'll just say what I used to only think… If you're gonna waste my time, why the [heck] would I want to be around you? Because you can't hold a conversation so you blankly stare at nothing messages on a screen? Sick, dude. I'm out… I won't. It's literally evolved to the point now where most people's personalities are a concept that they don't understand without Googling it first. We got lucky. Literally and figuratively,” another user replied. 

2. Oversharing about their Ex

One user posted his frustration, “Telling me way too much about your previous ‘crazy exes'. Why do ppl do this?”

Another agreed, “Right? I had one bad date even try to show me her picture & then got all huffy when I declined.”

Another user also shared his story, “I can one up on this one. Went to a date I was a little apprehensive about, should have cancelled it. Lovely enough girl but within 20 minutes or so I knew it wasn't going anywhere. I was getting ready to make my excuse to leave, and she hit me with it. One of her parents had passed away. The way she was talking about it, I was expecting her to say it was last week (Was a year ago but legitimately her reaction was so raw like it was recent.) So Im sat there like well… I can't leave now… Then she keeps going about all the different things this parent bought ready for future three kids. I'm sat there like [crap, crap, crap, crap].

I was a bit younger then and more naïve, I didn't click. She might be taking this as a “Good connection”, more like I just thought I was being someone to let out all these thoughts. Next thing I know she's holding my hand…

“Which then led to a 12 month relationship. Don't get me wrong, I'd say 95% of the time it was good and up, with only a few bad times. But after a few months I knew it wasn't going anywhere. But everything just snowballed from one event to another, Birthday coming up? Can't. Christmas next, can't. Meet the other parent, siblings and friends, can't. Valentines (+said she'd never had a partner on valentines), can't. Exam season, can't. Graduation, can't. It was one thing after another.” 

3. Bad Breath

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One user posted her frustration with a former date, “Bad breath or sticky beard. I met a super nice guy who was really sweet and we went out and when he hugged me I could smell his breath on his beard.”

Another user replied, “I have a beard and can't even begin to fathom how bad of hygiene one must have in order to make their beard smell like their bad breath.” 

The first commenter replied, “Yeah. I love beards. First time I ever encountered that smell!”

4. Mandatory Religious Conversion

One Redditor posted, “”Have you heard of Jesus?”

Another jokingly answered, “Yeah, he and Jose do my gardening.”

A third commenter added, “I've heard they provide t-t-t-t-t-t-t-terrific service!” 

Another responded with, “T-t-t-today, junior!”

5. Insensitive Joke

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One user shared, “Jokes about Auschwitz. Upd.1: Hell no, guys, I didn't think it would be such a touching topic for part of the internet. I'm sorry if someone was affected by this topic. I wish you all good health guys. It is a pity for those whose relatives died in concentration camps or were shot, both by the Germans and the Soviets.” 

Another user added, “My grandfather almost died there. Freezing… in that unheated guard tower.” 

“No joke, I found out that one of my best friend’s great-great-grandfathers was a Waffen SS officer so like an actual fr card carrying Nazi. That guys son married a Jewish woman (my friend’s great grandparents) and immigrated to the US in the early 30s. It’s not a first date subject (yep ol grandpa Jo was a Nazi) but my friend was a great guy so it’s not like we suddenly thought he was a Nazi,” one commenter replied. 

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