Have you ever gone to a restaurant—the one you’d been looking forward to all week—only to be totally let down by the experience? We’ve all had that moment. From dodgy customer service to questionable cuisine choices and more, there are plenty of reasons why restaurants can fail us. So, what exactly is your deal-breaker when it comes to dining out? We thought we’d find out what turns people off, so join us as we dive into the world of deal breakers at restaurants.

1. Sticky Tables

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One Redditor shared, “If the table is sticky and it gets stickier after they wipe it.”

Another user added,” One of my old workplaces bought this really fancy farm table for part of the restaurant. The cleaning solution and the table finish just did not get along together. That table was perpetually sticky, which I’d have to explain to guests who all insisted on sitting at the big table. I’d always wipe it down to be sure it was still clean, but that sticky feeling was unpleasant. It was like that until the manager’s brother refinished it for them.”

One added, “We had all of our tables refinished once, and they were horrifically sticky afterward. Almost everyone wanted to move, and I had to be like, ‘All of them are like that.’

2. Chips Are Terrible

“If you go to a Mexican/Tex-Mex spot and the chips and salsa are terrible, just pack it up and leave. Nothing will get better,” one user shared.

Another added,” I just don’t know how you mess up salsa. Like if you can’t combine tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice with some peppers, you should be out of business.”

A third user commented, “It’s a good metric for restaurants taking shortcuts and not putting a simple from-scratch component together.”

3. Loud Music

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One Reddit user shared, “Loud music. I’ve been in restaurants before where I can’t hear myself think, let alone hear people opposite me talk. Edit: comments were irritating me, so I amended.”

Another user responded, “For me, it’s to slow the week down and actually talk with my wife…which I still like to do after 25 years! Can’t do that when the music is at eleven [out of ten].”

One user added, “Will never forget the dinner I ate at a hole-in-the-wall Italian joint where the screen behind my date was tuned to CBC (Canada’s main broadcaster) doing an investigative journalist piece about how cattle are inseminated complete with descriptions. My date got to watch Wheel of Fortune.”

One user also has his fair share of a story, “Took my girlfriend at the time to an (allegedly) particularly fancy restaurant in our hometown. She’d wanted to go to this place for years. I mean, sure, it was 7 p.m. on a Friday, but I’ve been in quieter nightclubs. Sitting down and eating overpriced food in what felt like a rave. She enjoyed it, which I guess is what matters. I won’t be inclined to visit again. Maybe I’m just turning into a grumpy old git.”

A user added, “Grumpy old git here. Even when I was much younger, I could not enjoy a meal with a date or SO when I had to yell at them to have a conversation. Yelling is saved for arguments, not dinner.”

4. Bleach Smell 

Yes, cleanliness is next to godliness, but when it’s overpowering, then that’s another story. 

One Reddit user shared, “I’ve been to places like that in every US state I’ve eaten in except Utah (but only because I’ve only been to a single McDonald’s there). The excessive bleach smell is especially telling because the only way that happens is if they dump the stuff by the bottle everywhere. The GM at my last job was like that. She believed the smell of bleach meant clean and used a lot on everything.”

Another user also shared his experience, “Went to a Mexican restaurant recently. The bleach chemical smell was overpowering.”

“A Mexican restaurant in my hometown… walked in, and it smelled like they mopped with three-week-old mop water. Walked right back out,” added another user.”

5. No Prices Listed 

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One Redditor complained about vague menus, “No prices on the menu. If I’m going to spend money, I want to know how much I’m going to spend. Just tell me the steak is $40, for [Pete’s] sake.”

Another added, “Yeah, what’s up with that? I’m trying to find a nice(er) restaurant for me and my wife’s anniversary. Everything in the “nice” category doesn’t include prices. I feel like if I call the restaurant to ask, they’ll say something like “if you have to ask, don’t eat here. Even if I had a million in the bank, I’m not going to eat somewhere that’s a total wild card.”

Source: Reddit

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