Are you a little confused when trying to distinguish between Millennials and Gen Z? It can be difficult, especially since they both often have an air of youthfulness about them. Knowing which is which may be challenging. But fear not! In this blog post, we will explore some key differences between Millennials and Gen Z so that you can easily tell the difference. Read on to brush up on your knowledge of these two unique generations.

1. 9/11

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One user shared, “Do they remember 9/11? If yes, millennial; if no a Gen Z.”

Another responded, “Exactly Idk why OP got their knickers in a twist over this. This is one of the more broadly agreed upon boundaries in terms of generational, cultural perspective – at least in the US. That is… after considering that talk of ‘generations’ in this way is generally just marketing parlance gone awry haha.”

A third commenter replied, “This is the answer.” 

2. A/S/L?

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One Redditor posted, “A/s/l?”

Another user responded, “14/f/Cali.”

One jokingly answered, “Nice try FBI.”

A third user added, “…ELS challenge for you, Floyd.” 

One user shared, “Ha, if you remember this, you’re definitely a millennial!”

3. If They Say Bet

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One user posted, “If they say ‘bet’…[they’re Gen Z].”

Another Redditor added, “Or ‘cap’.”

One commented, “Bet.”

4. Bussin’

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One user shared, “Have they, unironicaly at any point, used the word ‘Bussin’? If yes, Gen Z.”

5. Side Part vs. Middle Part

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One user posted, “Side part vs. middle part!”

One commented, “Haha! As a millennial with a side part, I can confirm this is true.”

Another user also added, “Right!! I have a fringe but when I don’t, I can’t find the middle part! It feels so wrong!”

Another responded, “Same here.” 

6. First Mobile Phone

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One Redditor posted, “Ask them what their first model of phone was.”

Another responded, “Man, I had a virgin mobile phone; that company isn’t even around anymore!”

“Had to go to Walmart to buy minutes!! Lmao, what a time,” another user commented. 

7. Myspace

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One user posted, “Ask them if they had MySpace or Instagram. If they say Facebook, you got a rare in-betweener.”

Another commented, “Heh, I didn’t get a social media profile until I was in college. Everyone in high school had MySpace, but I started with Facebook.”

Another added, “I had all 3. Still 2/3 now.” 

8. Dial-up Modem Noise

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One online user commented, “Ask them to mimic the dial-up modem noise.” 

Another added, “Ask them if they ever went to Circuit City.”

9. Office Culture

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One Redditor commented, “Specific to profession…, but people who had to work in an office 5 days a week and experienced Covid-19 working from home = Millennials. Gen-Z would have experienced it in college or right into the workplace, and it’s pretty astounding the difference between people who used to work in an “old school” office.” 

One user asked, “What differences have you noticed?” 

“There are a lot of soft rules, or unstated expectations in the workplace that the more rigid culture really formed into people, like always being on time, ‘working’ for a full 8 hours even if you only focus for 5, etc. Lots of expectations around working a desk job have somewhat disintegrated during C19, but those who were held to those expectations before still have the knee-jerk to follow traditional rules. Gen-Z, never having had to learn those rules, don’t hold themselves to these invisible standards and are really quick to push the envelope silently without really meaning to.

“With that being said, I think the last 3 years have been really good for white-collar workers, and this continuous challenging of the old way of doing things is good for workers, but old habits die hard, and it’s definitely the younger generations who are leading change,” a third user replied. 

10.  Emo Pics

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One user proudly shared, “If they tried to post emo pics on Friendster or Yahoo, then you’ll know.” 

Another sharer commented, “People use those? LOL.” 

One commenter added, “Most millennials with the internet did.” 

“Maybe it depends where you grow up too. It was as popular as MySpace. I’m in Asia, Friendster was quite popular here,” another replied. 

One Redditor confirmed, “Yea, Friendster. That was our social media before Facebook. I love how we can add music to the background, too. And we can see who stalk us 😆. Unlike Facebook, we can not see who’s been checking our page.” 

Source: Reddit

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