Falling Out of Love: 15 of the Strangest Reasons to Break Up

We’ve all been there—you meet someone, and the chemistry is palpable; it’s as if fate brought the two of you together. Suddenly, one conversation later… it’s over. But why? We’ve all seen run-of-the-mill breakups; they don’t call or text enough, they’re too busy with work, or they just aren’t ready for a relationship. Whether these reasons are valid or not, sometimes life throws us a curve ball. Today we’re going to explore the top 10 strangest (and possibly funniest) reasons people have broken up with their partners.

1. He Dressed Like a Pirate

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One user posted, “In the early 2010ish era, I was in college and went out for Halloween. And met a guy dressed as a pirate that looked like Johnny Depp dressed as a pirate; it was the era of those movies.

“We started dating, and I realized he looked like a pirate 24/7/365, and I couldn’t handle it.”

One user replied, “Dude probably remains confused on why everyone dresses up as him one day each year.”

2. She Thought I Was Crazy

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One Redditor shared, “We saw an owl while driving on the road, and I thought it was so cool to see it fly over us and land in a nearby tree. She thought I was crazy. I mean… it’s an owl. How can it not be cool?”

Another user replied, “W–? That’s… bizarre. I’d be so excited to see an owl.”

One user exclaimed, adding, “She is obviously an alien in a human suit.”

3. She Smelled Like Soup

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“She smelled like soup. *Edit: I would never have believed my top-rated comment ever would be a ‘So I Married An Axe Murderer’ reference,” one user shared.

Another asked, “Yeah, what kind of soup?”

The OP answered, “Pea soup.”

“The letter A is so important here,” another commenter added. 

4. She Thought She Guessed First

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One user shared, “She thought she got the answer to the crossword when it was actually me.”

Another user commented, “Sounds like some George Costanza stuff lol.”

One user replied, “She’d eat her peas one at a time!”

5. Didn’t Like Tacos

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“Never wanted to get tacos,” one user commented.

Another user shared, “Probably Nacho’ type of girl.”

Another added, “I bet they wouldn’t even taco about it.”

6. He Talked Too Fast

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One user posted, “He talked so fast that I often couldn’t understand him. When I would ask him to please talk slower, he would talk LOUDER. But just as fast.”

Another user commented, “My ex-husband did the opposite (?). That mf mumbled so much that I can now understand Ozzy Osbourne without subtitles.”

“Jesus, it’s not just me? I constantly tell my GF, ‘I can’t hear you,’ and she will repeat herself precisely at the same volume/tone/inflection, and it’s like, IF I DIDN’T HEAR YOU THE FIRST TIME, WHAT DO YOU THINK CHANGED?? Or she will repeat the last couple of words like I’m supposed to know what those mean when I can’t hear the entire sentence.

“She has zero recognition of what is going on when she speaks. I can be standing two rooms away with water running and washing dishes, and she will speak as if I am 2 ft from her on the couch. F—ing maddening,” another user added.

7. Wouldn’t Understand Physics

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“We had an argument about the way the world works. I thought it worked as a globe. He thought it worked as a pancake,” one Redditor shared.

Another user commented, “VALID.”

One commenter added, “Literally just sent my gf a screenshot of this, then said, ‘To think about it, I kinda agree with him.’ And she responded, ‘We’re about to have some issues. Calm down, sir.’ And then I said, ‘It spins like a pancake.’ She had a huge outburst and is now asking me: ‘WHAT KIND OF PANCAKES DO YOU MAKE, BECAUSE LAST TIME I CHECKED, THEY DON’T SPIN.'”

8. Littering

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One user shared, “She threw garbage out my truck window while driving down the road. First date-last date.”

Another user replied, “That is a good reason to break up, in my opinion. My wife’s mother did that, and it appalled me to no end.”

9. Terrible Odors

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One Redditor commented, “His feet smelled. I mean so bad. They were so bad one night I thought he messed the bed. Wasn’t going to go the long haul with that.”

Another user shared, “I had a long-term gf I was very much in love with who came home from an office job every day with the most revolting smelling feet. I called her out on it all the time, called her ‘cheesy toes.’ We went out and got her some expensive, breathable office shoes, and the problem cleared up within a week. Bless her heart. I loved her so much.

“I wish I’d married her. Her and her cheesy toes. She was my best friend, the best I’d ever had. Bless her cotton socks (ha!).”

Another user asked, “Why did you split?”

“She wanted to brie alone.” another user joked. 

10 She Pretended to Speak French

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“She would speak French to herself in the mirror at home, and then she would do it at restaurants thinking it made her sound s–y, I guess? I don’t know.

“Here’s the thing…. She knew not one word of French. She had no desire to learn a single word of French. She just spoke gibberish that sounded VAGUELY like French.

“She was a full-grown woman in her late 20s. College degree and a job. She started doing it around the second month into our relationship. That embarrassed the h- out of me. I knew a few words and even offered to teach her—a foreign student taught me how to say, ‘I love a lobster,’ and other weird stuff that we both thought was hilarious while getting baked. She said she didn’t want to learn. She just wanted to act like she was speaking French,” one user posted.

Another Redditor replied, “This is so many kinds of weird… Like, what? Did she do it in front of others, or was it more like ‘over-the-table’ talk? I would just ignore her and continue stuffing my face.” 

The first user commented, “Well, at first, it was just like, ‘I was talking French today in the mirror. I think it’s so cool when people speak French.’ And then she did a bit of gibberish. I knew it wasn’t French, but I was like, ‘Oh, you know French?’

“‘No, but I think it sounds so neat.’ It was my birthday dinner the first time she did it. It was just us. The first few times, it was cute. Then it wasn’t cute. I asked her to stop, and she giggled and answered in a mean tone in gibberish. I actually laughed at that, but that was when I offered to teach her a bit so that she would stop. She was speaking loud enough that others could hear. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it was something like, ‘Nah, I just wanna act like I’m speaking French.’

“She kept it up on later dates—still just the two of us, even though I’d hoped she would stop. I couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t cute. It was annoying as baby talk nonsense.”

11. Her Dog Taught My Dog to Howl

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One user shared, “Her dog was teaching my dog to howl at sirens.”

Another user commented, “I don’t know why this feels so wholesome.”

A third user commented, “Howlsome*.”

12. Added Me to Her Family’s Group Chat

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One Redditor commented, “She added me to her family’s group chat after a week of dating. I was about 16 then and felt a lot of pressure.”

Another user commented, “This is hilarious…”

One Redditor exclaimed and added, “Oh my goodness. . .”

13 I Didn’t “Fight” for Us

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“I didn’t think I had a story to share until I read this. Someone broke up with me and then got upset that I didn’t ‘fight’ for the relationship. I’m not fighting for something she doesn’t want, and I’m not interested in being with anyone who has to test our relationship like that. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” one Redditor shared.

14. She Believed She Was Literally an Angel

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One user posted, “1 year in. She told me she was literally an angel. Sadly, there was A LOT about her that wasn’t heaven-sent.”

Another user commented, “People who tell you they’re an angel most likely aren’t.”

15. Flat Earther

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“Flat earther,” a Redditor posted.

Another commented, “Hopefully, you won’t see them around.”

One user added, “Valid.”

Do you agree with the reason listed above? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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