Final Countdown: 7 of the Darkest Ways Our World Could End!

Almost all of us have wondered from time to time how the world will end. Among the popular films and apocalyptic sci-fi we’ve seen, there’s zombies, deadly pandemics, and war among nations. While they’re the worst, here are seven other ways this world can end terribly.

1. Slow Burn

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One person said, “The one where we see things slowly coming and given plenty of opportunities to fix it, but idiots keep getting in the way.”

The second person replied, “So, the path we are currently on.”

Another commenter added, “Pretty sure we’ve only got 4 years left, until Elon musk accidentally creates a black hole, whilst trying to make ultra instinct shaggy a real thing, and it kills us.”

2. Like the Road

The Road, Charlize Theron
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“I think that’s the only book in my adult life that I’ve read entirely in one sitting. Utterly gripping, and only took me about 4 hours to go through it. But yeah, I second your opinion here. The most eerie part of the book is that there’s never an explanation WHY the world is the way it is, but it somehow feels very tangible and believable,” somebody shared.

“I couldn’t put the book down either. Yes, it’s extremely believable that humanity would fall to that if societal structure would ever break down. A lot of good people out there, but I feel like there is even more who would put their own survival before any ethics or morals. That book scared me,” replied the original commenter.

3. A Kardashian Presidency

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One Redditor commented jokingly, “A Kardashian presidency.”

The second person replied, “Pretty sure, that the worst timeline, would’ve been if Kanye became president.”

4. Diarrhea Pandemic

Man scared
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Somebody stated, “Incurable diarrhea pandemic. Like there is a lot of bad ways for the world to end, but I feel like humanity collectively messing ourselves to death would be up there. Plus it’s not even far-fetched, diarrhea can absolutely kill and viruses can cause it, dehydration from illness strikes fast and is horrible. So is all dehydration, but when it comes on rapidly, it’s very painful.”

5. Zombie Apocalypse

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“Zombie apocalypse. That’s the true method to painfully breakdown civilization,” said one.

“Break their jaws and cage them. Build hamster style wheels attached to generators. Boom, renewable, green energy,” replied another in sarcasm.

6. Famine

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“Famine. There was simply nothing to eat on earth for the entire world so people turned into to cannibals. Let’s see how long it would take for everyone to die,” one user hypothesized.

7. Like in Threads (1984)

Threads, Ingrid P. Frehley
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One person shared, “Think my phone was listening in again, just watched a British film yesterday called Threads (1985). It was a realism-inspired nuclear holocaust, it wasn’t a positive film, was good to watch though. What I derived from it was this. If there is a nuclear war, stand directly under the first launched bomb’s target area!”

Which of the ways above do you think humanity has a bit of a chance of surviving? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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