16 Celebrity Crushes That Once Stole These Millennials’ Hearts

We’ve all had our first celebrity crushes at some point in our lives. We just couldn’t resist their charms and how well they’re doing with their lives. Some people even have their posters and have watched their movies countless times. They’re just perfect! 

Here are the 16 celebrity crushes of these millennials that once stole their hearts!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

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Somebody shared, “I loooooved Leo.”

Another one replied, “Oh man, I remember being so in love with him in middle school but knowing I was too young for him. Now I’m too old. Go figure.”

Finally, the third added, “When I was 7 or so, I printed 5 pictures of him onto a piece of paper (took approximately 2 hours) and carried it around with me everywhere! I’d take it out, unfold it, and just gaze upon his angelic face. In one, he was shirtless, so I hid it from everyone because I thought I’d go to jail.”

2. Christina Ricci

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One person said, “Christina Ricci. Doesn’t matter the media, just totally into her.”

Somebody else replied, “My wife looks like current Christina Ricci, and she was my childhood crush. I am pleased with my lot in life. For many other reasons, of course. That’s just a brag of mine.”

Then the third added, “Same here! When she played Wednesday and when she was in Casper. Those 2 movies were on repeat mainly cause of her.”

3. Orlando Bloom

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“First celebrity crush was definitely Orlando Bloom as Legolas. High school I was really into Gerard Way and Jack Black,” commented one.

“I had a life size Legolas cardboard cut out in my room for years as a kid then the Aragorn poster went up and you knew puberty had hit lol,” replied another.

4. Lil Wayne

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“You might be the first person I’ve ever heard say Lil Wayne. I still have the biggest crush on him. Idk what it is. He’s just so fine,” somebody said.

Then the second person replied, “Lol, the crazy thing is that me and my sister are nearly 10 years apart (she’s Gen Z), and she went through the same phase at a completely different time in his career. Lol, l and people try to say this man isn’t the GOAT. I was in love with baby Wayne. I was going to go look for him when I turned 18. It was the first thing I was going to do after becoming a wrestler. Right after I was a storm chaser.”

5. Vanessa Hudgens

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Somebody mentioned, “TBH I was stuck on Vannessa Hudgens from the time I was like 13 back in 2007. That was baby V right there. Straight stuck on that girl lol.”

6. Jennifer Love Hewitt

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“Jennifer Love Hewitt until I got older and realized Jennifer Connelly was the superior Jennifer,” said one.

7. Billy Joe Armstrong

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One person shared, “Billie Joe Armstrong and Jake Gyllenhaal. Mmmm.”

The second person replied, “You have excellent—or at least my exact—taste! Lol, Billie Joe is still on my bedroom wall as an adult.”

8. Brad Renfro

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Somebody mentioned, “Brad Renfro. RIP. Tragic life. Abused by predators that continue to walk free.”

Another person added, “Yes! I had a huge crush on him! That movie The Cure is so good and always brings me to tears! He was great, and his life was such a tragedy!”

The third also shares their experience, “I first saw him as Huck in Tom and Huck, which is still one of my fav movies. He played the role of a character that Disney tried to simplify with such underlying complexity. He was so talented.”

9. Keanu Reeves

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One user commented, “Keanu Reeves.”

Somebody else replied, “And I love him still.”

Then the third added, “Lol yeah he was fine as [anything] in Speed. Lol, I was so young but I knew he was fine.”

10. Jonathan Brandis

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“Jonathan Brandis was mine,” said somebody.

“I love The NeverEnding Story II a tiny bit more than the first one, and I’m pretty sure it’s his fault. My mom would let me watch SeaQuest with her too, and he was just candy for pre-teen me, lol,” replied the second person.

11. Ryan Merriman

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One person shared, “Ryan Merriman. Much later in life, my brother worked with him on a film. When I went to the premiere, he introduced me to Ryan Merriman. Right before he was like, ‘Oh, this is Ryan, our lead actor, let’s go say hi’ and I was like, ‘Bro, I was a teen in the 2000s; I know who he is.’”

12. Michael Jackson

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“Michael Jackson … my mother thought I was so weird,” shared somebody.

“A millennial crushing on MJ is wild,” the second person replied.

13. Eliza Dushku

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Somebody shared, “My young lesbian celebrity crushes were mostly on Eliza Dushku starting when I was a kid and Avril Lavigne when I was a preteen and teen.”

The second person replied, “Omg, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Rodriquez always made me question my sexuality.”

14. Josh Hartnett

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“Oppenheimer completely re-ignited my crush on Josh Hartnett. I had almost forgotten that I wanna bite on his [rear],” shared somebody.

15. Brandon Boyd

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One user commented, “Brandon Boyd, but now, with the hair and the face fuzz.”

Then somebody else replied, “Omg, I forgot about my Brandon Boyd phase.”

16. Justin Timberlake

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“All the usuals listed here. Lord, the hold Timberlake had on me when I was a teen. I lived and breathed him. It was truly pathetic. My mom still talks about it over 2 decades later,” somebody shared.

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