Hollywood’s Dark Side: The Most Notorious Celebrity Figures

Ready to take a deep dive into some of the most outrageous, frustrating, and downright hilarious celebrity meltdowns? We’ve rounded up twenty of the worst celebrities in history—from Caesar’s insane antics to Aquaman’s willingness to wear spandex. Get ready for one wild journey! Whether you love or hate them, these famous faces are the stuff of legend when it comes to sheer bad behaviour, whether intentional or not. Put on your seatbelt, grab a snack (if you can stomach it!) and let’s start with our countdown of the top 20 worst celebrities of all time.

1. Ian Watkins

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One user posted, “Ian Watkins, lead singer of Lostprophets. He s-xually abused babies.”

Another user commented, “It’s either Watkins or Savile for the UK title.”

“I’m edging towards Savile. He did it for far longer, had his crimes covered up by the higher-ups at the BBC and died without punishment. At least Ian Watkins was charged and imprisoned and had to deal with the penalty and fallout of his actions,” one Redditor added. 

Another commenter responded, “And they caught him before he could do what he was planning next. The judge’s comments are… harrowing from that case.”

Another user commented, “True, but people were trying to tell police about what he was doing for five years before he was actually arrested. Reports were made to British and American police about it, but they did nothing.

“And the fact that people like his ex-girlfriend knew for so long and were trying to get the police to do something leads me to believe that his bandmates weren’t as innocent in the whole thing as they like to make out.”

2. Jimmy Savile

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One Redditor shared, “Jimmy Savile. What’s worse is that he was never charged with any of his crimes. Died with zero consequences.”

Another user replied, “He was well connected and protected.”

One added, “Number one. Even H- wouldn’t want him.”

3. Josh Duggar

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“I don’t know if he’s considered a celebrity, Josh Duggar,” one user posted.

Another user responded, “One of the people on the case (I think an FBI investigator?) He said he has some of the vilest and most evil CP they have ever seen. Like notoriously evil. And just absurd quantities relative to other predators they’ve seen. Jared from Subway is also evil. There is a documentary on Hulu about him, and it’s hard to watch at times.”

Another Redditor shared, “I remember following the trial and someone saying that one of the CP videos included a months-old getting [tortured]. it’s absolutely disgusting.”

Another user shared, “I almost downvoted this because my brain reacted so quickly and viscerally to that sentence before I could comprehend that you’re just sharing facts. My brain just went no, no f-ck no, and my thumb wanted to react. Ugh,… I guess I won’t be watching that documentary.”

4. R Kelly

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One of the users pointed out, “R Kelly! I’m glad that sick [man] is rotting in prison!”

5. Kenneth Copeland

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“Kenneth Copeland,” one user shared.

Another user commented, “Probably the one thing that both Christians and atheists can agree on.”

One asked, “You mean the devil himself?”

“Just his face is a [hecking] nightmare. I saw it once during John Oliver’s segment on televangelists, and it legit scared me,” one Redditor added. 

6. OJ Simpson

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One user responded, “OJ Simpson is a good choice. Double murder, almost decapitated his ex while their children were sleeping in the same house… Horrible.”

One added, “I still can’t get over how much audacity he had to write that book, [hypothesizing] how he ‘did’ commit the murders.”

Another added, “He wasn’t even charged, even with piles of evidence against him. We had a whole lesson in forensics about how the forensic examiners f-ed up the case because they didn’t do their f-ing job and package the evidence properly. He probably would have been convicted if the evidence was handled correctly.”

7. Andy D*ck

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One Redditor commented, “Andy D*ck.”

One added, “It’s common for LA residents to have their own ‘Andy D*ck story.’ He’s just all over the place being the scum of the earth.”

One replied, “Yeah, he came through my window with his manager one night looking for booze…never met the guy before. Not even joking, lol. He found a bottle of Jack way in the back of my cabinet that I didn’t even know I had, then drank nearly the entire thing and took off to go party with my neighbours (whom he also just met).”

One user answered, “I have heard that he is somehow responsible, but I don’t know how. Care for a little storytelling time?” 

One user explained, “Brynn Hartman was a mess. She was physically and verbally abusive. She’d destroy things around the house. Phil sometimes had to take the kids and leave the house during her rages. She was paranoid and convinced that Phil was sleeping with every woman he worked or interacted with. She’d sometimes go as far as threatening them.

Brynn struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years. She went to rehab a number of times. I want to say three times in total. She’d been sober for about ten years. Andy D*ck offered her cocaine at a party six months before the murder. She relapsed. This was her 3rd time in rehab.

It’s also important to note that Brynn was also turning 40. Her career had gone absolutely nowhere. Brynn may have even been in rehab for her 40th birthday.

Brynn had an unstable marriage. She lived in a town where youth and beauty were super important, and she was getting older. Her career went nowhere. She was paranoid, jealous, prone to threats of violence, and actually violent. Andy giving her the coke didn’t help. He probably hastened things, but Brynn was a ticking time bomb that would go off…”

8. Dr. Phil

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“Dr. Phil. Exploiting mentally ill people and people at their most vulnerable in front of millions of people? That’s f-ed up, bro. Not to mention these shady ‘ranches’ he sends teenagers to,” one user commented.

Another user added, “Loved the guy from the b-m fights episode.”

One Redditor asked, “Ranches????”

Another commenter replied, “Yes, like the one he sent Bhad Bhabie/Cash me Outside girl to. She’s since come out to speak about how abusive and terrifying the experience was and how a girl died under the ranch’s care.”

9. David Geffen

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One user added, “David Geffen and Harvey Weinstein… Unfortunately, Geffen is 1 billion times worse than Weinstein and still hasn’t been caught. I’d love Reddit to do an expose bringing him down like they did Ellen or minor celebs. It will honestly help bring Hollywood titans down and bring about healing. What he’s done to so many people (mainly men and… boys) needs to be exposed while he’s still living.”

One user asked, “What did Geffen do? To be honest, I don’t follow the guy. I just know the name Geffen Records since it’s popular. If he’s worse than Weinstein, then… Jesus.”

Another user answered, “Everything Weinstein did + much more (murders, threats,… ruining people’s lives, getting boys on drugs,)… A billion times worse.”

10. Suge Knight

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A user posted, “Suge Knight.”

One commented, “Bruh! This dude has probably had SO MANY people killed. It is WILD.”

One user added, “There was a point in time where literally EVERYONE in Hip-Hop hated this guy… Snoop Dogg f-ing dipped on him, Dr. Dre, Nas, Eminem, JAY-Z and other Hip-Hop legends kept themselves distanced from him as well. Also, apparently, he and his group of goons held Vanilla Ice on the VERY TOP of a D–N SKYSCRAPER because Ice was reaching levels of success Suge wasn’t okay with. And above all, I read somewhere that Eminem, 50 Cent and some members of the D12 Rap Group were going to jump his a-. LM–O. Piece of c–p definitely deserves a beating for all that [stuff] he did.”

11. Jared Fogle

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“Subway guy,” one user shared.

Another user commented, “Jared Fogle is the name you’re looking for.”

One user replied, “I’m still impressed by how quickly Subway erased that man from their marketing. Within 24 hrs, it was like he never existed.”

12. Roman Polanski

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One user posted, “Roman Polanski.”

Another user replied, “Also horrifying how many Hollywood actors and directors commented or behaved regarding him. So many were excusing what he did (and Tarantino even blamed the girl) and did not face any backlash.” 

One Redditor explained, “One reason the whole thing went down was that Polanski and the Prosecutors had a deal, and the judge decided to say ‘Nah.’ The victim’s attorney arranged a plea deal for probation and time served.

“In exchange for pleading guilty to a lesser charge, Polanski was supposed to get probation. The judge said, ‘I’m not going to follow this recommendation; he will get prison time, followed by deportation,’ so Polanski leaves it to France, where he’s a citizen.

“Polanski also had a lot of sympathy from Hollywood because his wife had been horribly murdered by Charles Manson’s flunkies AND because he was a victim of the holocaust.

“Swiss courts, when looking at this, focused on the deal and refused to extradite because there were some questions about the deal. LA Courts hold that Polanski still had a lot of resources available to him, like appealing his case.” 

13. Phil Spector

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One user shared, “Phil Spector. He carried guns around and threatened clients with them. Imprisoned his first wife in his castle until she escaped, adopted two boys to load his wife down with parenting responsibilities and then locked the boys in their rooms all day. Then he murdered Lana Clarkson in his home.”

14. Chris Brown

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A user posted, “Chris Brown is up there. Even a quick Google of his arrests, and it is glaringly apparent that he is a monster. It’s sickening. He deserves to be in jail, and the fact that he keeps getting away with [things] is appalling. He’s going to kill someone soon.”

15. Nancy Grace

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“Forgoing all the really bad ones that have already been mentioned, I’m going to say Nancy Grace. God, she’s so annoying and awful lmao,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “She is awful.”

One user added, “Every time I see her name, I get TOT MOM! echoing in a loop in my head, she’s such a [terrible woman].”

16. Kevin Spacey

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One user commented, “Kevin Spacey. I used to like his movies. There was a time when I admired him as one of the all-time great dramatic actors, with films like Se7en and American Beauty proving his talent, but those days are long gone.”

Another user added, “Turns out there’s a reason he’s so good at playing a creepy lecherous piece of s-.” 

“Just read an article about how a couple of his victims died right before their trials, and it made me sick to my stomach,” one Redditor added. 

17. Tom Cruise

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“Gonna avoid all of the popular answers here and say Tom Cruise. The man is literally one of the head figures of a cult, and he gets no flack at all,” one user commented.

Another user replied, “Tom Cruise gets plenty of flack for it. But so many others in Hollywood are also a part of the cult, so he keeps getting cast in big-budget movies. And he does well enough acting. But he absolutely gets [crapped] on for it.”

18. Jerry Falwell

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One user posted, “Jerry Falwell… nearly single-handedly united Catholics, Christians, and every branch of western Christianity against queer people and abortion and created the demographic we now know as Trump supporters. Before him, Catholics and Christians didn’t get along, and many of them held relatively progressive views. They also founded Liberty University, which has some of the most archaic codes of conduct of any modern university. His son is a [terrible person] too.”

Another user corrected, “*Catholics and Protestants.”

19. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey
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“Oprah Winfrey. The whole anti-vax movement started with her. Not to mention Dr Oz and Dr Phil,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “I’ll never forget her interview with Charla Nash. Oprah was downright disrespectful. I don’t get why so many people revere her when she’s peddled a lot of b-s-. Oh, and also trying to get Nathan Lane to come out as gay when Robin Williams swooped in and handled the situation perfectly. RIP Robin.”

20. Mark Wahlberg

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One user commented. “Nowhere near the worst, but a friendly reminder that Mark Wahlberg has committed multiple racial hate crimes.

“• On at least two occasions, he pelted groups of black children with rocks while calling them racial slurs

“• He attacked two Vietnamese men, one of them being disabled. They were reportedly called [some pretty terrible] racial slurs

“He was charged for both crimes and only served 45 days in jail. He didn’t have it in him to apologize until 2014, but it was a pretty half-hearted apology. You see, he franchises a chain of fast-food burger restaurants with his brothers. They wanted a liquor license, but that wouldn’t be fully possible with Mark’s charges. So he asked for a pardon. That’s the only reason he apologized.”

One user exclaimed, “I did not know that he was like that d-.”

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