“If given a chance to date anyone on earth, who would you date?” We’ve all asked ourselves this question at some point, letting our minds wander through a list of movie stars, musicians, fictional characters, or even people in our everyday lives.

It’s a fun and intriguing exercise that often reveals more about our values, desires, and fantasies than we might expect. Well, in this article, 11 people are revealing their secrets!

1. My Classmate in College

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One user commented, “A girl I went to college with 15 years ago. Had such a crush on her and never saw it through though, genuinely wonder how she’s doing nowadays.”

Another one replied, “Yup. For me, it is Ruth, who played volleyball at my university. My crush on her crushes most of my other crushes.”

2. My Childhood Classmate

“The guy whom I’ve had a crush on for over 20 years, so since we first met in primary school,” said one.

“Life’s too short to pine. This is your sign or nudge to tell him, or hint at it at least, so you can finally move on to someone who adores you as much as you adore this guy!  Unsolicited advice from a stranger, lol. Good luck!” replied the second person.

“Yeah, nah, he’s happily engaged, and I’ll absolutely never jeopardize our friendship like that,” the original commenter replied.

3. Ana de Armas

Ana De Armas
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Somebody commented, “Ana de Armas.”

Another one replied, “Her eyes, man.”

Then the third added in agreement, “Came here to post Ana de Armas. She’s incredible.”

4. Taylor Swift

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“Taylor Swift. It’d be nice to have a song written about my incompetence as a lover by an actual professional this time,” said one.

“She’s got years of experience; I wonder what genre she’ll shoehorn you into,” another person replied.

“She seems way too high maintenance,” a third added.

5. My Girlfriend

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One person said, “My girlfriend. After years of relationships that didn’t work, I feel extremely blessed.”

6. The Girl That Ghosted Me

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“The girl that just ghosted me. We got along really well and we both expressed at some point how much we enjoyed the conversation, but there was about 1 mo+ until she would come to my town for studies and she also went on holiday so talking got difficult. I also kinda panicked, and the quality kinda of conversation kind of went down. I just sent a text the other day to maybe get things back on track sadly, no response,” stated someone.

7. Myself

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Somebody shared, “Myself, I’d be so good to me. And frankly, I deserve someone who would treat me right. Too bad I’m in a long-term relationship with a crushing lack of self-worth.”

8. Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney
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“Sydney Sweeney. Just give me a month with that smokeshow and I’d be a happy man,” said one.

9. My Wife

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“Anyone on earth? No limits, they’re just as into me as I am them? Well, this is easy! I’d date my wife. She’s exactly my type, hotter than [heck], shares my interests, and someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. Lucky me, I’m still dating her 10 years into marriage,” somebody stated.

10. Memelous

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“Alright, this might sound a bit weird, but I have reasons. Memeulous, and yes, that commentary YouTuber from like 2016.

“He’s well off from his job, he’s anonymous so you wouldn’t get hassled in the streets if you were on a date with him, he’s not racist, s-ist, homophobic, transphobic and all those basic a- h- things, he has a sense of humor; he’s not horrifically far away from where I live (just because you’re dating someone, doesn’t mean you’re next to them lol), he has pretty eyes (please hear me out on this one), he’s short (I like short guys), he doesn’t crumble when someone questions his masculinity (e.g. he likes the Barbie movie and stands by that); he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

“Anyway, there are a bunch of other reasons, but those are the main ones,” somebody stated.

How about you? Who will you date if there are no limits? Let us know in the comments!

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