Some waves of millennial pop culture simply passed us by, whether due to personal principles, unique tastes, or just a disconnect from the trend itself. Here are 15 pop culture phenomena that these millennials happily skipped! See if any of these resonate with your own selective surfing through the trends.

1. Twilight

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One person said, “Twilight but mostly in an ‘I’m not like other girls’ kinda way. Now at 32, I enjoy them as comedy cause they’re so awkward. But I am also secure enough in myself if I legit liked them at 32, I would be wearing the t-shirts and telling everyone I know. Well, because at 32, I realize I am like most girls and will drink my pumpkin spice lattes this fall proudly.”

Another one added, “I enjoyed Twilight until it became a fad, lol. I read the first book within a month or so, [of] it was actually releasing, and read the series. But once it became a movie and was quite literally everywhere, I just couldn’t stand it anymore.”

2. Boy Bands

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“I was too old when Pokémon made it to middle America and then again too old when Harry Potter books came out. The one I avoided at the time was boy bands. Now I look back at N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, New Kids, etc. and really enjoy the campy music of my childhood,” somebody shared.

“I used to avoid 90’s pop with a vengeance, and now I’m in the top 0.05% of Britney Spears listeners on Spotify,” replied another.

3. Card Games

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One user commented, “Card games like Magic The Gathering. Idk if it’s cause my friends [were terrible] or cause I just played Video Games too early on but they were never that fun to me. Like I’d rather play Mario Party or Need For Speed together than Magic. I think those games are super interesting, just not my cuppa.”

The second person replied, “This. I’ve always thought CCGs were dumb. I’d rather play a traditional tabletop RPG.”

4. Taylor Swift

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Somebody mentioned, “Taylor Swift lol. I fully bought into the emo music and had moved on to pop punk by the time she really started being a household name. I still thought I was way too cool for her/absolutely hated anything considered country music. I do think she has some good bops, but I’ve still never really bought into the hype.”

Then somebody else replied, “Oh thank god someone else, lol. But I never liked her music. I was more into rap, rock, 90s alternative, and like techno pop. Come to think of it, I haven’t really changed.”

5. Podcast Obsession

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“The podcast obsession. No matter how hard I try I just find myself turning them off like 15-20 minutes in and just listening to music instead,” shared somebody.

“Some are great for long drives. I got into them when listening to them after shows when I’m playing music for 4 hours. The last thing I want to do is listen to more music on the ride back. [What’s terrible] is that a large amount of podcasts are controlled by the same company,” replied another.

6. Friends

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“I hate the TV show Friends. I always did. I literally can’t stand how f- stupid it is,” somebody stated.

“I definitely love Seinfeld and enjoy rewatching Seinfeld way better than Friends, but I did like Friends as a teenager (especially Ross and Chandler) and have good memories of watching it, and Golden Girls, on summer nights with my grandma. Friends is definitely not that fun for me to rewatch nowadays though, and the whole Ross and Rachel thing was such an annoying thing for people to actually like,” replied another.

7. Reality TV

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One user commented, “Reality TV, the Kardashians including Kanye, most music trends. The thing with Kanye is that I’ve always disliked him. Now that he’s unpopular, I feel sorry for him. It feels weird to wish for his downfall only for it to happen in the worst way. Take your meds man.”

“Loathe reality TV. Ruined my favorite network history channel and discovery channel,” the second person replied.

8. Preppy Aesthetic

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“As an elder millennial who graduated HS in 2001, I despised the preppy aesthetic of the late 80’s-early 2000’s and anything with a brand name or logo pattern on it. Like Tommy Hilfiger with the huge flag, polo shirts, conservative boot cut jeans, ‘fresh face’ makeup with ultra straight hair and bangs.

“Now that GenZ is recreating 90’s-00’s looks, it’s all about the trends that weren’t hugely popular in mainstream, middle class America. And I love it,” commented one.

“Oh man, I hated that preppy look, too. I remember hating khakis and those dumb GAP commercials!!” replied another.

9. Dubstep

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Somebody stated, “I was an odd kid, so I never really fell into any pop culture phenomenon. Besides the ones already mentioned, like Pokémon, etc. I never liked dubstep.

“My senior year of high school 2009, is when dubstep went mainstream out of nowhere. Also some fashions from the early 2000s, like Super baggy white Ts and cargo shorts.  Everyone wanted to look like a rapper or like they couldn’t afford a fitting pair of jeans, or a belt! No one wants to see your drawers hanging out! A few years later, skinny jeans were popular!”

10. Pop Punk

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“I hated pop punk. Now I find myself rocking out to Sum41 on alt music radio while I drop my kid off at summer camp every morning. A lot of music was very background to me at the time, but I find myself loving it now,” somebody said.

Do you agree? Which one is your least favorite from the list? Let us know in the comments!

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