When You Grow Up: 15 Jobs That Aren’t as Fun as They Seemed

Do you still remember your dream when you were a kid? Oftentimes, these dreams aren’t realized, and we just laugh at them now. Those days we didn’t know much and we would just decide, “I want to be like that,” out of nowhere. But then reality hits us, and we change our course.

Here are 15 jobs that aren’t as fun as they seemed when you became an adult!

1. Tornado Chaser

Tornado on a Road
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Somebody said, “Tornado chaser. I’d be terrified IRL.”

The second person replied, “There was a good long period of time in the early 90s where I wanted to be a tornado chaser. Now sometimes I have displeasing dreams of tornadoes destroying my home or some stuff.”

Then the third added, “My wife was a storm chaser for the University of Oklahoma (she went to school for meteorology). She loved storm chasing, but wouldn’t go back to doing it. She says the worst part is being stuck in a van with other people for 3-4 days at a time, with no showers in the hot and humid storm season.”

2. Stay-At-Home Wife

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One Reddit user said, “Stay at home wife, because my mom seemed so very happy. Seriously. Now, I think I’d blow my brains out.”

Another person replied, “I wouldn’t mind being a stay at home dad, but there’s also something I don’t like about being financially dependent on someone. That’s how you end up dealing with bad stuff because you have no other choice.”

3. Astronaut

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“Astronaut. Used to think it was some grand pioneering job where you’re on the forefront of the unknown. Now I realize it’s a glorified office job with zero gravity and bad freeze-dried food,” shared somebody.

“On top of that, you are trapped with other people in a very confined space with zero privacy, constant BO mixed with other unpleasant smells coming from other humans. Yeah, it is glorified at first, and the view of Earth from space is spectacular, but the shine wore off after a day or two,” added another.

4. Famous Singer

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One person said, “I wanted to be a famous actress/singer. Now that I’m an adult, I see that most of them are sleep deprived, have zero privacy, and not to mention the sickos out there that obsess over them. Ever since the death of Christina Grimmie, I’m reminded of just how dangerous it is in almost every aspect. Plus, the guy who wanted to have a baby with Miley Cyrus while she was still a teenager and went to extreme lengths to attempt to make that happen.”

Somebody replied, “I’m an actor. Not famous. I don’t regret it, but there’s definitely a lot of bad stuff to deal with even if you aren’t famous, like disrespect from egotistical directors who think they’re god.”

5. President

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Somebody replied, “President. No thanks, I’m a terrible liar and public speaker.”

The second person replied, “And, presumably, you have a soul.”

6. Teacher

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One person commented, “Teacher. Pay is horrible, and kids misbehave because there are no consequences.”

7. Dolphin Trainer

Dolphin trainer
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“Dolphin Trainer,” said somebody.

“I work as a manager at an aquarium, and we are actually hiring for a general animal trainer right now. You need to be able to handle dolphins, seals, and the penguins,” another one replied.

8. Mechanic

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“I wanted to become a mechanic and tow truck driver as a kid. I already liked thinkering why something doesn’t work or how it works when I was very small. Now I’m glad I’m not in those fields. They work under bad conditions and you get treated a lot better in industrial service jobs than when you work with entitled private people,” somebody said.

9. Comic Book Artist

Comic Drawing
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“Comic Book artist—it’s not that it’s ridiculous, it’s that I definitely do not qualify. I work too slowly and like to do a lot of detail, it just wouldn’t work,” said one.

Then somebody replied, “I had the same dream as a comic-addicted kid. I seriously thought that when I grew up, I was just gonna walk into Marvel Comics’ office and show Stan Lee all these weird homemade comics I’d drawn in ballpoint pen and he’d go ‘Brilliant! You’re hired!’”

10. Pilot

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One person said, “Pilot. Turns out my motion sickness did not go away as I got older.” 

11. Cashier

Tired cashier
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Somebody said, “Cashier. I thought they got to keep the money people handed them, use a cool machine, and get to use the thunk-thunk credit card carbon paper thing. When I was a bit older, I used to play ‘office’ by myself. I had notebooks of charts that I made full of squiggles and random lists. Both my parents were teachers, so I had absolutely no idea of what people did in an office other than look very busy.”

12. Archaeologist

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“Archaeologist/historian, I realized it wasn’t nearly as cool as portrayed in Indiana Jones movies. Archaeologist are still pretty cool in my opinion, tho,” said one.

13.  A Princess

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One person said, “Princess. I had some kind of obsession with long hair when I was a kid and wanted to be like Rapunzel when I grew up.”

14. Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver and Passenger
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Somebody shared, “I wanted to be a taxi driver ever since I saw that scene in spy kids when Carmen handed the taxi driver like thousands of dollars from one trip ’cause she didn’t know. I told that to my dad (minus the spy kids part), and he laughed at my dreams.”

15. A Samurai

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“I thought I could be a Samurai and teach other people that stuff whilst also simultaneously being a Ninja in the dark of night. I actually believed this hahahaha,” shared somebody.

Which of these jobs did you also dream of having when you were a kid? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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