Beyond the Headlines: Stars Who Haven’t Been Called Out About Their Scandals

Everyone loves a good celebrity story—the dazzling red carpets, the breathtaking performances, and sometimes… the scandals. From Justin Bieber to Meghan Markle, each star brings their own set of controversies that make us scratch our heads in disbelief. But what's worse than a scandal is when an influential celebrity gets away with toxic behavior without facing any repercussions. 

In today's blog post, we're counting down 20 celebrities whose questionable deeds mostly flew under the radar. So if you want to learn more about who wasn't caught in these webs of drama, keep reading!

1. Nicki Minaj

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One user posted, “Nicki Minaj and oh god where to begin…. She paid for the bond of her brother, who was convicted of s-xually assaulting his 12-year-old step-sister, and years later went on Twitter and accused the girl's mother of extortion, but let's just say the forensics evidence in court made it VERY clear the child was not lying.

“She dressed as a fairy princess and ‘demanded' a woman in a wheelchair walk.

“She married a man who had broken into a 17-year-old girl's home, put a knife to her back and attempted to assault her… She then went on to her radio show and told over 10 million people that the victim was a white woman (she was not) who was lying to an innocent black man due to spite. The victim has been harassed by her fans since, even receiving death threats.

“She gloated in a now-deleted tweet about how she fires her employees who ask for days off. When asked, she would tell them to think about the days she wanted off but never got, and if they still wanted the day off after her spiel, she would fire them.

“She's consistently a very vile person, and it seems no one cares enough to say anything about it.”

2. Kirk Douglas

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“Kirk Douglas. R*ped Natalie Wood and probably more. Still regarded as a legend,” one user shared.

Another user added, “It was a violent [too], from what I read. He was a horrible man. Comparing women to dogs.”

“…And maybe killed a pregnant girlfriend. I don't think they ever found her body,” one commenter replied.

3. Jack Nicholson

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One Redditor said, “In 2000, Jack Nicholson beat a woman so severely that she sustained permanent damage to various regions of her brain.”

Another user asked, “Why haven't I heard of this? What a [horrible human].”

One user replied, “Nicholson is getting up in years as he's in his mid-eighties now, and rumour has it that he's got Alzheimer's—hasn't made a film in several years. If some of the more unsavoury and sinister stories about him are true, it's likely to come out after he passes. Once he's gone, I don't know whether his several adult children would have the clout and influence to suppress something like an exposé biography.”

4. Oprah

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One Redditor commented, “Oprah. Oprah started the anti-vaxxer movement by bringing on Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield and didn't bring out an actual scientist to dispute the claims. She gave them the voice that they should never have had, and because of it, she has the blood of every person who has died because of their anti-vaxxer beliefs on her hands.” 

Another user added, “Oprah and Meryl Streep enabled and supported Weinstein for decades. I've even heard stories about them directing young hopefuls in his direction, knowing full well what he would do. Somehow they haven't had a word said against them for their behaviour and are treated as modern-day saints.

“No amount of wearing a ‘Times up' button and espousing girl power nonsense will cover up the fact that they were complicit in his crimes. But because they are so powerful, rich and (most importantly, women), they have gotten away with it without much mention. I get you can't be held responsible for someone else's actions. But they knew, and they were fine with it.”

5. Charlie Chaplin

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“Charlie Chaplin treated his children and teenage wives with relentless cruelty,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “There was a documentary on Chaplin where they tried to wave all these ‘[abusing] teenage girls' [claims] away by basically saying: ‘Oh, women in Hollywood are all jaded cynical;… Charlie just appreciated the pure innocence of young girls before they corrupted themselves.' I remember thinking they should have just ignored the issue entirely if that was the best they could come up with.”

6. Ellen DeGeneres

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One Redditor posted, “Ellen got away with it for a long time.”

Another user shared, “Ellen always had a nasty streak, all the way back to her Carson appearance. Her humour was always based on pain, but she crossed a line when she went from exploring it to inflicting it on others. I honestly think she had some incredible insight into modern culture, but it's all [thrown] away by being a sh-thead. Losing her sitcom really seemed to have broken something in her.”

One user replied, “Remember when she tricked a celebrity (don't remember who) into revealing she was pregnant on her show, which is a massive breach of privacy in a world where famous people need to fight to keep anything private.

“Then the woman had to announce sometime later that she suffered a miscarriage. Sure, it's not Ellen's fault that it happened, but if she had just minded her own business, this person would not have to deal with her trauma publicly. There's a reason some people wait a few months to announce a pregnancy.”

7. Paul Walker

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“The internet still seems to go all lovey when Paul Walker comes up, but he was literally mid-thirties when he started hooking up with his 16-year-old girlfriend. I never understood why he got a pass for that,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “Cause he died young and starred in a successful franchise.”

8. Antony Starr

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One user shared, “[Antony] Starr, who plays homelander on The Boys, was harassing women at a restaurant. A 21-year-old chef tried to be diplomatic with him, and Anthony smashed a bottle against his face; when he literally had glass shards implanted in his eyebrows, Anthony said, “You don't know who you've messed with, you don't know who I am and what you've done. You've committed the mistake of your life, and I'm going to look for you. I want to kill you.”

“There's a reason why his co-stars say he's most like his characters. The way he got so violent after someone being diplomatic with him and the desire to continue wanting to destroy him, as indicated verbally by him, are clear signs of someone on the psychopathy spectrum and someone with the wealth and status to habitually and casually get away with treating people terribly.”

9. Victor Salva

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“Victor Salva. Director of the Jeepers Creepers films. Less toxic, more convicted [child abuse] behaviour, but nobody seems to care and keeps giving his films—which are clearly him living out his fantasies of tormenting young boys—the time of day,” one user commented.

Another user replied,” (Not so)Fun fact. He filmed jeepers and creepers right next door to an elementary school and high school. I was at the high school when it was filmed. Total piece of sh-t.”

10. Dr. Phil

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One user shared, “Dr. Phil. He literally sent troubled teens to an abuse camp (‘ranch') to ‘fix them.' The workers physically, emotionally and s-xually abused those kids.”

Another Redditor responded, “You can just call him “Phil.”

11. Phil Spector

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“Phil Spector used to point guns at everyone in the studio and would threaten people on a daily basis. He made a gold coffin for his wife in case ‘she would ever leave him.' Yet, people were surprised when he murdered someone.”, one user shared.

Another user added, “He held Ronnie Bennett captive and abused her for years. She gave up custody of her children and all future earnings on her recordings during the divorce out of fear he would hire somebody to kill her. His kids all say he s-xually abused them and kept them captive.”

12. Kobe Bryant

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One user commented, “Kobe got away with r-pe…

Kobe's defenders claim Kobe is innocent by citing something the victim allegedly said after the trial, ‘I'm going to make so much money off of this,' even though every publication that initially reported this eventually had to take their article down. And even then, maybe it's ok to be happy considering what Kobe's PR team, the media, and celeb worshippers who say the same stuff you're saying put her through?”

13. Steven Tyler

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One user posted, “Steven Tyler makes me want to vomit. I hate how Aerosmith is still played all over.”

Another user added, “I am almost certain that when their guitarist went solo in the 80s, Tyler's BS was part of the issue, and only part of the band wanted to sober up. Amazing what a large contract with tons of money can make some people come back to, though.”

14. Joan Crawford

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“Joan Crawford, in her lifetime, physically and emotionally abused her children, and it was not a secret to those close to her. Woody Allen is still welcome in some social circles though he is a [predator] and a sociopath who has groomed and… abused his own children. He married his stepdaughter, a child when they began living together… There's a long list,” one Redditor posted. 

15. Jimmy Page

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One user shared, “Jimmy Page. He [abused] a lot of children.”

One user asked, “Wait, what? Really?”

One user answered, “Dude was even caught red-handed with hard drives of child [images]…”

16. Heidi Klum

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“Heidi Klum. She's literally abusing minors on camera AND is making money off of that, but nobody is talking about it,” one user posted.

One user replied, “I couldn't agree more. I'm from Germany, and just about every woman over the age of 10 watches her show ‘Germany's Next Top Model.' In school, my classmates would just talk about this show all the time when it was on, and some of my friends still watch it. I've never watched it, and I'm not going to.

“It's really disgusting what happens there. You are allowed to participate from the age of 16. The participants even have to pose [in nothing] or only in their underwear. Anyone who refuses will be kicked out. There are countless things I could list now, but that would be too much for me. I can not understand how something like this can still be produced and shown. Heidi Klum is a terrible person, in my opinion.”

17. Cardi B

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One Redditor asked, “Didn't Cardi B admit to drugging and robbing guys she had met at the strip club? I was pretty surprised at how quickly the media let her off the hook for that one.”

Another user answered, “Didn't one of the victims say that being drugged was still a better experience than listening to her music.”

One commenter responded, “That's hilarious if true.”

18. Woody Allen

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“Before Allen v. Farrow HBO came out, Woody Allen used to have supporters on Reddit who would go hard at defending him like the Al Franken supporters do these days. They would link to bullshit publicans and weird pdfs claiming to be from the court case. People would usually give up arguing with them because they were so many, and they were extremely knowledgeable about the case, so they could just keep citing shit whenever people would critique Woody Allen.

“I would keep talking shit about Woody, and sometimes there were no defenders, but weeks later, you would have someone come in and start a point-by-point breakdown about how Woody was innocent and was framed by Mia.

“Then Allen v. Farrow HBO came out, and suddenly, I don't see these types of comments anymore. I suspect a social media astroturfing campaign was a part of Woody's PR budget, but then it became exhausted after Allen v. Farrow,” one user posted. 

19. Sean Penn

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A user also commented, “Sean Penn tied [up] his wife, Madonna,… and beat her. No one seemed to care. Most people don't even know it, I bet.”

However, one user disagreed, “According to her, it never happened. There are many documented instances of him being an asshole, but I'm inclined to believe her on this.”

20. Billy Joel

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“Billy Joel. Dated a 19-year-old Elle McPherson in his mid-thirties. Then moved on to Christie Brinkley. He treated his band, who was co-writing and arranging his songs, like absolute garbage. He then unceremoniously fired them at a producer's insistence.

“They protested fishing limitations imposed on fishermen on Long Island by getting purposely arrested. The thing is, there were dangerous levels of chemicals in the fish. The restriction was so people didn't get sick and die.

“He was allowed to play Moscow during the height of the Cold War. They proceeded to act like a total asshole because the film crew documenting it wanted to light the audience. Also, years of being a fat, drunken slob and terrorizing Long Island.” one Redditor posted.

Another user added, “My Father owned an appliance repair company on the south shore of Long Island; he sold it in '95. Billy Joel was a customer, and my Dad said the man was always a huge [jerk]. He hated doing service calls for Joel and always tried to pawn them off on his apprentice, but that didn't always happen, and he'd have to go there himself. I wondered why the guy didn't just buy a new washer, but whatever. Apparently, his brother was a nice man.”

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Source: Reddit.

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