Have you ever been curious about something, and when you did try it, it just wasn’t fun? It could be going to a new bar, eating a popular food, or doing something that YouTubers have hyped up. Well, there are things that others may enjoy but just don’t work for these people.

Here are 15 things that sound fun but have turned out to be terrible ideas.

1. Taking Your Children to the Beach

Mother and daughter at the beach
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Somebody commented, “The beach as an adult with kids. It was so fun as a child. Took my oldest to the beach last year. Dropped the macaroni salad in the sand. Wagon got stuck in the sand. Sand in all of the food. Sand in my ass. Sand in my eyes. Sand still in the trunk a year later.”

Another person replied with an excellent suggestion, “I feel you I freak out because I know how dangerous and deadly the beach can be as a parent with small kids, but the sand thing is quite an easy fix. Just make sure you have baby powder. It helps get the sand off of you.”

2. Going for a Run

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“Jogging or running. Everyone’s photos look amazing while they run or after they finish. Not me. I hate it,” said one.

“Likewise. I made the mistake of joining a Ragnar team. They made it sound fun. I was miserable from starting my training until the end of the race,” replied another.

“Right!!! My wife runs 5ks and loves it. I am like, this is the worst thing ever,” added the third.

3. Painting With a Twist

Confused woman with a silly painting
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“Painting with a twist. That place you go to paint a pre-determined painting and drink wine. I’m always excited to go, but get super bored halfway through the session,” one person stated.

“The music is so frickin loud in those places. Especially for someone who doesn’t drink between the music and the talking, it’s just an overload to my ears,” the second person replied.

4. Skiing

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One Reddit user shared, “Skiing. I was cold, miserable, and my body hurt.”

Another commenter replied, “I planned a week-long trip for my boyfriend (now husband) and I to go skiing and for me to see real snow for the first time. He’d gone snowboarding before and was super excited. We spent the whole ski day arguing because I couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. I’m way too clumsy and not coordinated at all…come to find out, I ruined my proposal. He had the ring in his pocket ALL DAY and wanted to propose at the top of the mountain. He waited a few days and proposed the last night in our cabin. So yeah, I hate skiing.”

5. Roller Skating

Roller skating
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Somebody shared, “Bro, no one said rollerblading, rollerskating, and all the sh– that move over small wheels. I tried twice in my life. First, when I was 8 and I almost broke my back. Second, when I was 42 and I almost broke my back. 0/0 no recommended.”

6. Concerts

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“Concerts! Way too many people, too loud, and bands usually sound like hot garbage live. I keep trying though, but thinking concerts just aren’t for me,” said one.

“In my experience, the best concerts are favorite bands who are lesser known that play in smaller venues. Concerts at stadiums or whatever? F that. I’d rather blast them on my system at home, and it’d definitely sound better,” replied another.

7. Socializing in a Crowd

Socializing with people
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Somebody said, “Socializing in large-ish groups.”

Another person agreed, “Yeah, I’m autistic, and I’m inclined to agree. Sometimes, it goes fine, but I don’t love making small talk with 30 people. I do enjoy real conversations (like I met someone at a party recently, and we had a shared interest in urban planning), but a lot of people just wanna talk about nothing of any real significance.”

8. Skydiving

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One person commented, “Skydiving. Ride up in a plane with a bunch of random people. Jump out of perfectly good plane with random dude strapped on your back. Some people like the thrill, but I kinda hated it lol.”

The second person replied, “Came here to say this. Hated it. So happy to have my feet back on good ole Mother Earth.”

9. Solo Camping

Solo camping
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“Solo camping. It’s romanticized a lot by Youtubers and others, but it was one of the most boring, terrible experiences I’ve ever had,” shared one.

“It’s only boring because you don’t find your inner peace. Your mind wants to do something. The exercise is to get out of that stressed everyday-life mode we always run in. It’s like a meditation,” replied another with a different view on the matter.

10. Trying Open Mic Comedy

Stand up comedy
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One person commented, “Open mike comedy. You have to sit there watching other mostly bad standup, only get 5 minutes and I never felt comfortable on stage. Oh and writing jokes is hard as hell too.”

11. Scuba Diving

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“Not saying that this is horrible by any means, just not for me. I was excited to go scuba diving. Until I was like a two whole feet underwater and just couldn’t. It was weird. I knew I could physically breathe, but I still felt like I was drowning anyways. It psyched me out too much,” somebody shared their experience.

12. Hiking

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Somebody stated, “Hiking. I thought it looked fun and everyone I talked to who hikes talked about how great it was, so I tried it. 1,000% not for me. I enjoy my leisurely nature walks, but not hiking.”

13. Wooden Rollercoaster

Wooden rollercoaster
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One person shared, “Wooden Rollercoasters. There was one at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast when I was a kid. It looked so much fun, people screaming and laughing and having a wonderful time! But when you rode it, it was so rickety because it was getting old and it just slammed around the rails and gave you a terrible headache because you’d slap your head on the sides of the seat. The gravatron was much more fun, lol.”

14. Dating as a Single Parent

Young mother/single parent
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“Dating as a single parent,” commented one.

“Yup. If you’re a single mum, there’s a lot to be gained by finding a decent single man with a stable job who wants to be with you. Whereas if you are the man in question (like me, I’m 35)… you really have to want that life. Her life is going to be all about her kids and you better hope the family all like you. And you can’t really travel or do anything spontaneous. It’s not for me but it might be for some people. If you’re a single dad, it may be a similar story. But it’s probably easiest if single parents date each other.”

15. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping
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One person shared, “Bungee jumping. It was like 1 second of adrenaline followed by a sprained shoulder and waiting 3 minutes for someone to come get you.”

16. Prom

Going to prom
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“Prom. Went my junior year to say that I went, and skipped my senior year, which was the best decision I’ve ever made. Terrible music, sweaty teenagers everywhere, bad food, raging teenage hormones, and so much money spent for a mediocre night,” shared somebody.

Which of the things above have you tried and had the same disappointment? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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