Do you know some odd smells that you weirdly enjoy? You’re not alone; these folks have confessed to loving some truly peculiar scents! From the unexpected aroma of freshly laid asphalt to the divisive scent of gasoline, it’s intriguing how personal and diverse our olfactory preferences can be. Dive into this list and discover if your unique scent-crush makes the cut or if there’s a new aroma you might come to adore!

1. Snow

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One person stated, “Snow. Open the window in the morning, and you can smell if it snowed overnight. Beautiful.”

The second replied, “It’s something about that ‘ice’ smell in the air when winter sets in.”

2. Fresh-Cut Lumber

Home Depot lumber
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“The lumber section of Home Depot,” one user shared.

“That’s not weird at all the sap from some trees is great smelling,” replied a second person.

“For some reason, smelling Home Depot’s lumber section makes my mouth water. Like I want to eat it,” added a third Redditor.

3. Smoke From a Wood Fire

Wood fire smoke
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One person stated, “Wood fire smoke.”

Another one replied, “I was going to say this too, with my second being a house that smells like ammonia/Clorox. Either they’re covering up pet smells, or the owners are really clean.”

Then the third added, “I burn a ton of cherry, sugar maple, and birch. Nothing like walking the dog and getting a whiff of my own delicious wood stove.”

4. Burned Black Powder

Black powder
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“Burned black powder,” said one.

“Yep, the smell of fireworks and firearms being shot is really something quite enjoyable,” replied somebody.

“I agree, it’s probably because of nostalgia, it reminds you of a party or New Year’s Eve, when you usually are having a great time,” added another.

5. Napalm

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“I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” said one Reddit user.

“Smells like victory,” replied another.

“Ah, reminds me of the far cry missions,” added the third.

6. Gasoline

A woman smelling gas canisterOne person said, “I was just going to say gasoline! Do you think we need to see a doctor?”

Another person replied, “Me2, I think it’s super common.”

Finally, the third added, “It can be a symptom of iron deficiency, but you need to consult a physician to confirm.”

7. Books

Image Credit: Shutterstock – Dean Drobot

“New books do smell good, don’t they,” said one.

“Old ones too. Can’t resist,” replied another.

“When I started reading on my Kindle more often, I actually bought a perfume/cologne that smells like books because I missed the smell so much. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was nice! Lol,” added another.

8. Crayons

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Somebody said, “I love the smell of crayons.”

The second person replied, “Reminds me of kindergarten! Which I loved.”

9. Freshly Printed Paper

Woman standing beside a photocopy machine
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“Fresh copy paper, when it’s still warm, and something is printed on it. I like to rub my fingers against it and all that sh–,” one user commented.

“It smells kind of sweet, depending on the paper and ink used,” replied another.

10. Pencil Shavings

Pencil shavings
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One person commented, “No. 2 Pencil shavings. Fresh-cut grass. And pool floaties.” 

Another one replied, “Omg yes!”

11. Potting Soil

Planting tomatoes
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Somebody said, “I love the smell of tomato stems.”

Another user replied, “Ooh this one, but tomato plants remind me of when I used to help my grandad in his garden. There was a massive greenhouse older than him and the whole place smelled gorgeous to me. Thank you for reminding me of that smell.”

12. Freshly Extinguished Candles

Extinguished candles
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“Freshly extinguished candles,” commented one.

“I love this smell. Those cheap birthday candles…THE BEST!!” Replied another.

13. Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke/smoking
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Somebody shared, “Cigarette smoke. I’m not talking about a house that someone has smoked in for 30 years and the walls are yellow, or someone’s clothes—I’m talking about the fresh burn. Bonus points if it’s a rainy car ride. I’ve always gotten flak for that lol but I think it makes me nostalgic. Can’t stand kissing a smoker, though lol, and I don’t smoke myself, so it begins and ends with the initial burn lol.”

14. Bleach

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One person commented, “I love the smell of bleach. In fact, I only buy white bedding so I can use bleach when I wash it and smell it while I sleep. I use it to clean the house. It smells like ‘clean.’”

The second person replied, “Yesssss, me too! I love pools too, because what I really love is actually ‘chlorine’ scent. Bleach is the easiest way to get it, usually lol.”

Which of these odd smells do you enjoy too? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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