You’re Wearing That? 12 Items of Clothing That Are Always Cringe

We can all agree that some clothing items have gone out of style and look weird. Granted, there are a lot of styles that depend on whether they suits the wearer or not. But often, clothes just lose their relevancy (or never had any) and look rather universally stupid. Here are 12 clothing items and fashion choices that are always going to be questionable at best.

1. Cringe Phrases on T-Shirts

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One person shared, “Oh god, I f—ing hate the ones that say ‘Alpha wolf’ or ‘Trust no one’ or ‘Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness,” like shut up.”

The second person replied, “‘Only God can-.’ NOPE I’M JUDGING YOU WAY MORE THAN THE BIG MAN YOU DUMP.”

2. Flesh-Colored Leggings

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Somebody commented, “Flesh-colored leggings. Especially when worn with a tight t-shirt that barely covers the stomach.”

Another one replied, “I saw a lady with both skin-colored leggings and shirt at the train station like a week ago. I did I double take as I swore she was naked for a minute lol.”

Finally, the third added, “I work at a school, and this staff member wears flesh-colored leggings with loose tops and straight up looks like she’s walking around a school full of children with her banjingo out.”

3. Political Names or Slogans

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“Anything that has a politician’s name or slogan on it,” said one.

“Idk I think young people wearing shirts from elections they weren’t alive for is pretty funny,” replied the second person.

“Agreed, I don’t care how much I agree with a politician’s stance, I am not wearing their name on my clothes,” added the third in agreement.

4. Fedora with Safari Flaps

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One person said, “That sounds absurd enough to become some futuristic fashion trend.” 

5. Drop-Crotch Pants

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One person commented, “Those weird drop-crotch pants. Comfy? I’m sure. But they make you look like you dropped a load your pants can barely handle.”

Another one replied, “Turdcatchers, we call them. Drollenvanger in Dutch.”

6. Price Sticker on a Hat

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“Leaving the sticker on your hat. Yeah, you bought a hat. You’re cool. Take the f—ing sticker off,” shared somebody.

“I’m guilty of this one. I don’t even know why it was a thing, but it was a thing. Sorry mom, I guess I would jump off a bridge too if all my friends were doing it,” the second person replied.

7. The Punisher’s Logo

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Somebody commented, “98% of the people with the logo have no idea what The Punisher is about. Looking at you, police bootlickers.”

Another person replied, “The Punisher from the comics would throw most of these mf off a building. There is even a comic I’ve seen of cops telling him that they admire him, and he is disgusted that people who are supposed to uphold the law the ‘right way’ would want to emulate him.”

8. High-Heeled Crocs

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One person shared, “IDK if that’s a real thing, but the mental picture made me laugh.”

The second person replied, “I am imagining very big Crocs covered in mud and worn off with a nice, thin, shiny heel under them. Please tell me these don’t exist.”

9. Stetson and Cowboy Boots

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Somebody commented, “If you are in an urban environment if I catch you wearing a stetson and cowboy boots, I will think you are a tool. You are not a cowboy on the frontier. You are Steve from accounting who listened to too much hick-hop.”

10. Tattered Mom-Jeans

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“Women who wear those mom jeans with the entire front of the legs shredded out as if they were attacked by a wild animal. Sorry ladies, you look stupid!” one Redditor shared.

11. Yeezy Shoes

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One person commented, “Yeezy shoes. So ugly.” The second person replied, “Some people care about the clout, though but the yeezy 450 looks alright even without the name.”

12. American Flags

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“American flags and Confederate flags. One just makes you look trashy; the other makes you look like an uneducated racist,” said somebody.

Which of these clothing items do you agree look stupid for everybody? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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