10 Ridiculously Common Things Women Do That Completely Baffle Men

While enjoying my daily scroll, I encountered a question in one of my favorite internet forums with answers that made me laugh. The question was directed toward men, “What is something we women do that baffles you?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Talk Soft, Then Get Angry

Someone shared, “Talk like we're sitting in a library and then get mad when I couldn't hear what you said.” Another added, “My wife always turns away from me as she's talking, and I don't catch what she says, and she gets so mad at me. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this affliction.”

Finally, a third stated, “Talking at low volume directly into an open kitchen cabinet is my wife's specialty.”

2. Take Forever to get Ready, Then Rush You

“Take whatever time you need to get ready, whether 30 minutes or three hours, then rush us when we're about to leave to put our shoes on,” one man suggested. “And then once you get your shoes on, having been ready for 30 minutes just waiting to lace them up, she needs another 5 minutes of shuffling with bags and stuff while you're standing by the door, keys in hand,” a second added.

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3. Hair Loss

“How many hair strands do they lose per day? It's a lot,” replied one. Another shared, “I dated a girl with her hair dyed bright, candy apple red. That stuff would weave its way into my clothing and be noticeable because it stood out so much. There were tumbleweeds of it in my place. It was nuts.”

A third reminded everyone it's not about gender, “This is a long-haired person thing, though, not a girl thing.”

4. Hair Clumps on the Shower Walls

“How they stick those clumps of hair to the shower walls,” replied one. “Rather they are swirled onto the wall than clog the drain. But wow, that's funny. Every relationship I've had has included regularly cleaning hair off the shower walls. I didn't even think about it until now,” another confessed.

5. How Much They Share With Friends

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One person said, “It always baffles me how much they share with their friends, especially around adult relations. As someone who's worked with many women, they had me straight blushing a few times, and I'm far from a prude. They think guys always talk about adult relations, but usually, ours is limited to – Yeah, we hooked up.”

6. Flirting and The Signs

“The signs, it's hard to know whether someone is hitting on you. Recently, I thought my Door Dash driver was flirting, but it's impossible to tell,” one man confessed. “YES. And they all think they're being incredibly obvious. For example, one girl will smile and think she's being flirtatious, and you're a dummy for missing it.”

“Meanwhile, another girl will rub your arm and rest her head on your shoulder, but she's just being friendly, and you're a dummy for thinking there's more to it,” agreed another.

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7. The Fight For Me Approach

“Thinking that ‘fight for me' is a valid approach,” replied one. “I once had a girl turn me down for a second date. I wished her well and went on about my life. The next time we met, she was super standoffish and rude. I asked one of her friends about it, and she said ‘she's been complaining that you didn't fight for your love.”

“She had an amazing time on the first date and had been picking out places for you two to vacation together.' Less of a bullet dodged and more like a Mack truck.”

Another confessed, “Legit had a convo with a girl who told me she had a guy ask her out but said no because she wants him to put more effort into it—baffled when I told her that it is wrong on many levels. Seriously? Can you tell the difference between no and no?”

8. Being Mad for Dreams

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One person stated, “Being mad at me for something “I” did in your dreams.” A second shared, “My wife doesn't get mad, but she'll get visibly distraught the next day. One time I woke up in the middle of the night to her ugly crying because she had caught me with a girl named ‘Loren' in her dream(spelled precisely that way, according to her).”

9. Dressing for the Arrival and Not the Occasion

“How they don't dress for the occasion. They dress for the arrival. And then after five minutes, they aren't comfortable,” answered one. Another shared, “Going to college in a state with winters. Girls will wear mini skirts, heels with a crop when it's 15 degrees out, and no jacket because they don't want to have to carry it around/have it get stolen in the club/bar. It's crazy.”

10. Pillows

Finally, someone shared, “Pillows. A bed for two people needs eight pillows. Why? Couch seats four. Twelve pillows. Guests come over. Move the pillows. Cleaning? Move the pillows. Straighten pillows and fluff pillows.”

“Complain pillows aren't the correct shade. Buy new pillows. Keep old pillows. Arrange pillows – old and new. By shade, ruffle, design, thickness, softness, emotional attachment, place of purchase, and vibe. It's like a Dr. SUESS book of pillows.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of things women do that baffle man.

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