We all love great movies—the summer blockbusters, Oscar winners, and cult classics that stay in our hearts forever. But how many times has a movie been hyped up for months, only for you to come out of the theater scratching your head? Movies with too-perfect stories, wooden dialogue, or cheesy endings can be…overrated. So let’s dive into some of the most over-hyped, under-delivering movies according to our friends on Reddit. 

1. The English Patient (1996)

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One user posted “The English Patient (1996). Won nine Academy awards, including Best Picture, beating out a little-known film I’m sure you’ve never heard of called ‘Fargo.’ I’ve never heard of anyone watching English Patient a second time, and very few have seen it once, unlike Fargo. I bet you can come up with a quote from Fargo right now.”

Another added, “‘Is it Jerry? You ask those three poor souls up in Brainerd if a deal’s a deal.'”

One user replied, “‘Oh, for Pete’s sake. He’s fleeing the interview.'”

Another commented, “Considering how many people hate The English Patient, I’m almost embarrassed to confess that I’ve watched it at least a dozen times and loved it each time. It’s probably because I first saw it during an especially difficult emotional time for me, and the movie hit all those spots. And every time I’ve rewatched it, I’ve relieved all those emotions again, which has been very therapeutic. Although I haven’t watched it in a while, maybe it served its purposes for me, but I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing it again.”

2. Fast and Furious

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One user posted, “Fast and furious 1-78.”

Another user asked, “What’s so good about 79-1000?”

A third added, “In 79, a character develops, and that leads to a story eventually, somewhere in the triple digits.”

Another user commented, “I’m really sick of most franchise films—Marvel, Star Wars, Fast and Furious, etc.”

“Fast & Furious should’ve stopped after Tokyo Drift. I don’t understand how the storyline changed the way it did, going from street racing to CIA intelligence, & recently they were in space,” one user confirmed.

3. Marvel Cinematic Universe

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One user said, “I was a huge MCU fan from Iron Man 1 through at least the early Phase 4, including the Netflix and ABC shows. I extensively researched the lore, made chronological order lists with both the movies and shows, and eagerly awaited each new release. At this point, it feels like the tank has run out of fuel despite movies and shows coming out left and right. Phase 4 was the make-or-break phase to see if the MCU was still worth keeping up with after the climax that is Endgame (also a perfect stopping point), and it had far more misses than hits imo, even compared to something like Phase 2, which, by the way, had much less to keep up with.

“If Quantumania, the movie that adequately introduces the Kang as the new big bad villain (not counting the Loki show) and that is kicking off Phase 5, is just as bad as the reviews suggest, then I think I’m just going to stop caring about it altogether and have Endgame be the last MCU movie in my headcanon. It was fun during the peak, but the MCU’s prime years came and went. There are other things to fanboy over these days anyway.” 

4. Star Wars

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm.

One Redditor shared, “I love Star Wars, but over the last few years, every time there’s a new movie or series announced, I kinda roll my eyes. It’s getting to the point it’s overdone. Same with the Marvel stuff for me, too.”

Another replied, “I feel you, but just popped in to say… Andor. That show is exceptional.”

One commenter added, “I realized halfway through that it’s exactly the Star Wars product I always wanted but we never really got. Galactic political intrigue, the stirrings of rebellion, the empire being empire-y.” 

5. Crash (2004)

Crash - Sandra Bullock
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One user commented, “Crash (2004)—the laziest takes on racism in America are effective Oscar bait.”

Another replied, “My immediate response after seeing that was to think—I just spent 2 hours finding out people in LA are —h–es? I knew that before I wasted 2 hours.”

Another user responded, “Maybe give 1996 Crash a go.” 

6. The Twilight Movies

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One user posted, “The Twilight movies should have completely bombed. They are absolutely horrendous.”

Another added, “Twilight is hilarious. It helps if you don’t try to take it seriously.”

This is the real way to watch Twilight. Just assume everything is a joke,” one user responded.

One commenter shared, “I watched every single one out of morbid curiosity. There is one thing I liked out of all the films—when Bella is sad that Edward breaks up with her the camera rotates around her, and the seasons change outside the window. I thought that was a really neat effect. But really. If someone close to me wrote that story between Jacob and the baby, I’d suggest they start therapy.”

7. Frozen

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One user shared, “Frozen. There are tons of good animated films out there, but I still can’t figure out why this movie is so immensely popular.”

Another added, “I mean, ‘Yoohoo, big summer blowout!’ alone rockets it up my list, so…”

One commenter replied, “I remember the first time I saw this movie. I was babysitting my niece and cousin. They wanted to watch it, and I figured it’s easier to babysit two kids if they’re watching a movie. That line came up, and I started dying laughing, full of tears in my eyes. The girls didn’t get the humor or why I thought it was so funny.

“I still quote that line to this day. But Brave is probably my favorite animated film.”

8. Avatar

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One disappointed user shared, “Avatar. I thought it was enjoyable but not a ‘worldwide sensation’ when it came out. It is literally Dances with Wolves with aliens.”

A user responded, “Don’t think about it as a movie. Think about it as an exhibition of what James Cameron can do with special effects and just visuals in general.”

9. Gravity (2013)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

One Redditor shared, “Gravity (2013). It made a lot of money.”

One commenter added, “I have a fair amount of friends in the film and TV industry, and they both liked it and trashed it the most. It’s basically just an amazing tech demo.”

Another user responded, “I don’t like the fact that Sandra Bullock was a ‘reluctant’ astronaut. Like people prepare and study and train for their entire lives and still don’t make the cut and THIS timid [woman] gets the job?” 

10. The Notebook

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

One user posted, “The notebook. [It’s terrible].”

Another added, “Yeah. I used to think it was good, but now I just think it’s this guy who can’t take no for an answer and probably should’ve gotten therapy.”

One commenter responded, “This, and what they did to my boy Lon Hammond, was just unacceptable. Man did nothing wrong…”

Source: Reddit.

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