From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Discovering Bliss in Everyday Pleasures

Pleasure can be found everywhere, and it varies between people. Most people think of pleasure as intimate, or related to luxurious things, but pleasure can also be found in seemingly simple things that most people overlook. Simple pleasures are everywhere, and we're exploring some of them in this post! Do you have some to add?

1. Clean, Cool Sheets

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“Clean linen sheets, a down comforter with a flannel cover, after a warm shower, so I’m clean and warm. Mmm,” one person said.

“Especially with fresh shaven legs. It’s like lying on a bed of silk, it’s so soft,” another Redditor added.

2. Waking Up Naturally

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One user shared, “Waking up without an alarm and knowing you don’t have anywhere to be.”

Another Redditor replied, “I retired three years ago, I longed for the day I could sleep in. Now I wake up earlier than I ever did. I get to relax and enjoy my coffee though, which is nice.”

One user commented, “Call me insane, but sometimes on weekends I set an alarm just so I can wake up, turn it off, and go back to sleep knowing I don't have to actually be anywhere. It's like your mom waking you up for school and then telling you it's actually a snow day.”

3. Coasting Down a Hill on Your Bike

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Have you ever tried bicycling around your neighborhood, and after a hard climb, you just went downhill with no effort anymore? It’s unarguably one of the most enjoyable parts of riding bike.

One Redditor said, “Wow didn't think I'd find this at the top here, but yeah, no other dopamine peak has yet surpassed the feeling of my first downhill with a MTB at the local forest reserve, I couldn't stop smiling and laughing on the way down.”

“This still makes me feel like a little kid again. I am 53,” a second person replied.

“The downhill after the [Going-to-the-Sun] road in Glacier National Park is probably the happiest I've ever been. Was doing a cross-country trip, and it felt like I'd conquered the Rockies. Hour downhill and just couldn't help but sing the whole time,” another one added.

4. Listening to Music

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One person stated, “Music. Really just everything about it. Listening to your favorite song. Or finding a REALLY good new song you’ve never listened to before.”

A second user replied, “Heard a quote once that I've always loved. ‘Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.' Of course music is an art but that phrase always sounded cool to me.”

Another Redditor added, “I’ve always liked ‘when words fail, music speaks.’”

5. When a New Concept Clicks

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“Finally connecting the dots when you're really trying to learn something. When it ‘hits you' and you grasp full comprehension, that sh*t is like a drug,” one Reddit user shared.

“OMG,YES! Had that moment in like 3rd grade. Teacher had everyone read a paragraph from the textbook out loud. I'm in a panic! To myself ‘What is a paragraph?’ After like 6 kids read, I saw the indent pattern, and BOOM, that light switch just flipped! Not as big as other enlightenments, but yeah, it's pretty special when it happens,” one person replied.

“It's even better when you're teaching someone and you witness it in their eyes the moment it hits them. Extremely satisfying and rewarding,” another user added.

6. When Your Dog is Happy

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Nothing can beat the moment your pet dog is happy to see you.

One user commented, “Seeing my dog get happy and run around at random moments.”

A second person replied, “There's nothing else in the world that makes my heart warm like this. Watching my old pup play and learn and having so much fun through it all, best feeling ever.”

“My husband just got back from a business trip, and seeing how ecstatic our 10 month old puppy was to see him made him so happy!” another Redditor added.

7. When Your Cat is Comfortable With You

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Cats can be really distant when they don’t know you. But wait until they're finally settled and comfortable—that’s pure bliss.

One commenter shared, “Your newly adopted cat finally comes out of her shell, plonks herself into your lap, and begins purring like a buzz saw.”

Another person replied, “Wait til you get your first head bump. BLISS.”

One user added, “It took a year, but my adopted cat laid against my legs in bed one night, and I almost cried. My dogs were in the bed too, and she’s pretty wary of them, so I was so happy and proud of her for being brave.”

8. A Deep Tissue Massage

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One person shared, “More like when the deep tissue massage stops, I tear up a bit during it, but ohhh, I feel goood for the next few days. It’s like the volume dial on my nerve endings is turned down to quiet, and I can hear myself think again.”

The second person replied, “This is what I do for a living. Makes me happy to make people feel better. So happy to see it mentioned!”

Another one added in agreement, “Absolutely this. I've had neck/back pain for awhile now from tight muscles. I got a deep tissue massage for the first time a couple of months ago, and it was life changing. I was literally drooling on the table while that lady was crunching all my knots. Was definitely kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I have never had my whole body feel so relaxed before.”

9. The Final Mortgage Payment

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“Seriously! We were in the fortunate position to pay off our home in February of 2020. Just a few months before the shit hit the fan. We both worked throughout the whole mess, but it was one less thing to worry about,” one person shared.

“Looking forward to this! Congrats,” a second person replied.

10. Relaxing at Home

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“Having a cup of coffee, a hot meal, and listening to soft music while it's cold and rainy outside,” one person stated.

“Oh man. Yes. Take my upvote,” another Redditor replied,

A third commenter added, “With a really good book you’ve read a million times and still love.”

11. Sunsets on the Beach

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Another one shared, “I love when it's twilight and you can see the light in people's houses and them going about their nightly business, the ocean in the background. Very nice.”

12. Getting a Hug and a Kiss From Your Child

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One person shared, “My 1 year old recently started hugging me around my neck. That intentional embrace melts me every time.”

The second one replied, “I sit on the floor of my kitchen with my arms and legs spread and tell my son to ‘bring it in’ and he goes across the room and runs and laughs and collapses into a hug. Literally makes me well up every time and we do it every day.”

Finally, the third added, “When my little baby girl says ‘dada’ and blows me a kiss, uggghhh damn, I melt each time. Nothing fills my heart the same way.”

Source: Reddit.

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