From Myth to Reality: 11 Lies the World Needs to Stop Believing

There are many lies that we’ve come to believe since we were young. Whether we inferred them from our circumstances, or they were touted as true in a classroom or online, it's easy to hold these misconceptions if they're not being challenged. And while some lies seem to do us no harm, we should still investigate to find the truth wherever we can. Do you know any lies that you used to think are true? Well, here are some other stupid lies that the world needs to stop believing.

1. Farmers Cause Inflation

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It might be believable that farmers are causing inflation, but that's just not the case. Farmers are often subsidized by the government; all they're doing is trying to keep their farms afloat, and produce the food that America eats. Inflation is much more affected by the government itself, as it pumps new money into the economy trying to help struggling families, but only driving up the prices we all have to contend with. So, thank a farmer, and vote carefully!

2. The Food Pyramid is Healthy

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The food pyramid was initially introduced as a way of fending off starvation. In a place where food is scarce, grains are the easiest to preserve and the fastest source of energy. Fruits and veggies are next easiest to save, and meat is quite volatile unless it's frozen or smoked, etc. But after it was developed, the US adopted it as a dietary guideline to help eat up all the grains that were being produced in America. Since then, our whole way of eating has shifted around the food pyramid. Now it's time to shift it back! Veggies and fruits should be at the base, with proteins and complex carbohydrates next, healthy fats should be after that, and sweets still at the very top. Now you know!

3. You Can’t be Both Emotional and Logical

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A lot of people underestimate the role of our emotions in our decision-making ability. If we don't value or feel emotional about anything, then our decisions are going to be pretty cold and maybe even cruel. Yes, it's best not to make major decisions while you're overwhelmed with feelings, but emotions are also major indicators of the ways that events in our lives are affecting us. When we express emotions well, we can work through them to make very logical conclusions, and even more, if we use our emotions as signals to let us know when something is right or wrong in our circumstances, we can act very logically to change what's happening. So you can enjoy your emotions and your logical thinking all at once!

4. Company Loyalty to Employees

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Companies like to say they'll reward hard work and team involvement, but really the best most of us get is casual Fridays, or the occasional pizza party. There are some good companies out there, but they're few and far between. Most corporations, especially the large ones, just treat employees as completely replaceable parts to an overworked machine. It's great to work hard for a promotion or special recognition, but we also advocate for work-life balance, and don't really recommend giving extra hours of your day to a company that doesn't appreciate you.

5. Pharmaceutical Companies are Trying to Help

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One commenter said, “Well, they try to help us, when it benefits them. Dead people don't have prescriptions, so obviously they want to keep people alive so they can continue to rip them off. As soon as the costs of saving them outweigh the potential profits, they [stop caring].”

Another user added, “The government and university run labs that have scientists who do rigorous research and create life saving medications are trying to help us. The pharmaceutical companies that snatch up their technology are leeches on society.”

6. Mental Illness Isn’t Real

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One person said, “Yup there’s a whole chuck of Christianity that’s like ‘if you just pray hard enough!’ Or ‘it’s a spiritual problem, not a mental health problem.’”

Another commenter said, “‘You should just stop being depressed,’ or ‘You just need to smile more,’ or ‘Just stop worrying about it,’ are the dumbest advice you could give to someone who struggles with their mental health, yet there's always some idiot there to give you that advice.”

7. You Can Work Your Way to the Top 1%

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“To 20%? Sure… Top 10%? Maybe… Top 1%? It's going to take a lot of luck, and you probably need to be born on at least second base (but third base is preferred),” one user commented.

Another added, “Are we talking globally or in a certain country? Most Americans can get within the top 1 percent globally with an entry-level job.”

8. We Only Use 10% of Our Brain

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One Redditor said, “This was debunked so long ago, I can’t believe some people still believe it, lol.”

A second person replied, “The people that still believe it only use 10% of their brains.”

Another user added, “I've heard it at work a few times in the past few years, and the people saying it are very insistent that they're right. It's still a thing.”

9. You Need a College Degree

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“You need a college degree to become successful. The reality is if they go to a trade school such as plumbing, HVAC, etc., that's where the money is,” one user stated.

“Totally agree there. My husband has absolutely no education beyond high school and is very successful. I have a college degree, and other than helping him with his businesses, I don’t really work,” the second one replied.

10. The Economy Must Grow

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One Reddit user said, “Yeah… it really feels like this weird religion that we're all supposed to believe in, nevermind how much damage it causes.”

Another person replied, “Exactly. GDP is not a good indicator of human health or happiness in a country, as we run out of natural resources and jam everyone into townhouses they cannot afford while destroying the earth. There are other indicators like HDI, GPI, etc. that we should pay more attention to than GDP.”

11. The Subject of Your Degree Doesn't Matter

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One user commented, “I wish someone had told me this before I got my BA in anthropology. I spent a decade using bs explanations as to how it was relevant to anything.”

Another person said, “For Boomers, this was kinda-sorta true. But stopped being the case some 40+ years ago,” someone replied.

Source: this Reddit thread.

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