From Fame to Shame: Celebrities’ Most Outlandish Remarks

It’s no secret that celebrities have said some wild and outrageous things—both on-screen and off. From ridiculous demands to understanding complicated topics, these famous people will make you shake your head in disbelief. Whether it was a misinformed statement or something downright silly, prepare to be amazed by what they had to say or did! So get ready for an entertaining read as we explore the dumbest statements uttered by our beloved stars of stage and screen.

1. Not Fake a Hate Crime

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One user posted, “Jussie Smollett. Tracy Morgan said it best: ‘Yeah, they gave me a role on “Empire.” Contractually, they gave me millions of dollars. Contractually, all I gotta do is not fake a hate crime.'”

Another user replied, “Dave Chappelle’s bit about Jussie Smollett was pretty funny too. ‘The black community supported Jussie Smollett by keeping our mouths shut.'”

“This is the top one for me. It took so much careful planning and effort,” one commenter added.

2. If I Did It

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One Redditor posted, “Making a book called ‘If I Did It’ after being acquitted of murder.”

Another user replied, “The family of OJs victims got the rights of the book and made the ‘if’ incredibly small.”

One commenter added, “Also, the forward they added is called ‘He Did It.'”

Another Redditor said, “Kids today will never understand what a BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL the whole OJ thing was, from the car chase to the trial. So really, if it weren’t for OJ, we wouldn’t have The Kardashians.”

One user explained, “OJ was one of those athletes who managed to cross over to pop culture. He was on TV often between his acting and product endorsements. In addition to being considered one of the best football players, he had a squeaky-clean image. The closest parallel I can draw today is if Peyton Manning killed his wife and went on a police chase. Of course, there probably wouldn’t be a racial component as there was with OJ, but as far as images are concerned, OJ and Manning would be similar.”

3. Joining Scientology

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One user posted, “Joining Scientology, promoting it, and defending it.”

Another user replied, “Just look at Danny Masterson, they tried to cover up his [sexual] scandal, and thankfully he was convicted.”

4. Performing an Ukulele Apology

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“Playing the ukulele to ‘apologize’ for being creepy to kids you met on the internet,” one Redditor posted.

Another user commented, “There’s no quicker way to make people think you’re diddling kids than writing a song about it!”

One commenter responded, “I saw a meme about it today, and it was like ‘Common playing in A minor got you in this situation in the first place’ and I was crying laughing.”

5. Trying to Bring a Controlled Substance On an Airplane

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Another user added, “Former NBA player Damon Stoudamire tried to get over 1 ounce of [drugs] onto an airplane, but got caught at the metal detectors because he wrapped it in Aluminum Foil.”

One user asked, “Is that what happened to him?! I was wondering why he just got up and disappeared.”

“He’s the head coach of Georgia Tech,” one Redditor answered. 

6. Being Bill Cosby

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A Redditor shared, “Bill Cosby for being Bill Cosby. Millions adored this man as the father figure they always wanted. Until he wasn’t the father figure anyone wanted.”

One replied, “This one hurt severely. The public loved him. He had great stand-up routines and tv shows. I got to see him perform once.

“Then, Boom. It turns out he’s [sexually assaulted and] drugged women. Ugh.”

Another user added, “It was absolutely heartbreaking. I watched every episode of The Cosby Show, some more than once. It made me feel good; happy memories; everything was okay. Until it wasn’t.”

7. The Streisand Effect

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“Barbra Streisand created Streisand effect. She didn’t want her home to be known on the internet, so she did everything in her power to remove pictures and addresses but wasn’t successful, and in return, her home became a hot topic,” one user added.

One user replied, “It seems dumb today, but the internet was pretty new and kind of unknown to most people. I imagine this was thought the same way as going after a tabloid. But instead, we witnessed an entirely new phenomenon.” 

Another user added, “The funny thing was, prior to her lawsuit, the picture featuring her house had been viewed five times. Presumably, one of those was Streisand herself, and another was her lawyer. IIRC, the offending picture was part of a project to photograph the entirety of the California coastline. So thousands of images. One of which happened to show the back of her house. There was nothing in the picture that identified the house as hers.”

8. Antonio Brown Incidents

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One user posted, “Here’s a list of Antonio Brown incidents from another thread. He could have legit been a potential Hall Of Fame player, as he was arguably one of the best WRs in the NFL. Then… he took crazy to a level that makes Kanye look sane. The dude has a lot more time to add some stupid [things] to it, but here goes:

Edit: The newest is buying an Arena Football Team to be an owner/player then not paying league dues… currently the target of a class-action lawsuit for withholding paychecks to players as well.

“•Kicked out of Florida International University after fighting a security guard…

“• ⁠His second year in the league, he took a personal stretch limo to a charity event, had them open every single expensive bottle of wine, and rejected it. They refused to pay for it (charity, remember), then left. -credit Nduguu77…

• ⁠Trashed a condo and threw furniture out a window 14th-floor window, which almost hit some people, notably a child…

“• ⁠Threw a fit over Juju winning team MVP and trashed him on social media…

“• ⁠Held out and refused to show up to training camp because the NFL would not approve his helmet because it was too old for their safety standards…

“• ⁠Got fined by the Raiders for not attending camp…

“• ⁠Tried to fight Mike Mayock, called him a cracker, had to be held back by Vontaze Burfict, then punted a football down the practice field and said, ‘Fine me for that.’ [He was fined.]…

“• ⁠Released a video where he used audio of Jon Gruden, who didn’t know he was being recorded, which is illegal in California (full disclosure, Gruden has said he gave permission, but the generally accepted theory is that he said that in the hope that it would help get him to show up to the facility and not alienate him.)

“• ⁠Demanded a release from the Raiders…

“• ⁠Made a lot of crazy tweets saying stuff like ‘Devil is a lie,’ a proverb about burning down a village… he made a lot of crazy tweets around this time is the point here…

“• ⁠Signed with the Patriots…

“• ⁠The sexual assault allegations came out (the one where he’s getting sued)

“• ⁠The sexual harassment allegations came out (the one where he’s not getting sued)

“• ⁠Threatened the woman not suing him in a group text that included his lawyer and had a picture of her kids in the text

“• ⁠Got released by the Patriots after one week

“• ⁠Went off on a tweet storm and said a lot of crazy [things] about a lot of people, and was supportive of people sending threats to the writer of the article detailing the sexual harassment allegations

“• ⁠Said he was done with the NFL

“• ⁠Went back to college via online classes

“• ⁠Tried to outsource his homework to Twitter

“• ⁠Wants to come back to the NFL

“• ⁠Filed several grievances to try and get more than $40 million from the Raiders and Patriots…

“• ⁠Tweeted a couple of bizarre tweets about the Raiders using him for HBO ratings and the Patriots trying to steal his stuff and kept using this weird chicken-based metaphor

“• ⁠Tried out for the Saints and brought an entourage and film crew to shoot a music video with him when specifically told not to do that…

“• ⁠Tweeted ‘No more white woman 2020.’…

“• ⁠Used a bunch of slurs and profane language toward cops in an Instagram video he posted

“• ⁠A police youth football league cut ties with him and returned a donation after the release of the video saying there was an ‘irreparable rift’ between the department and AB…

“• ⁠Was involved in a dispute with movers at his home, where he allegedly threw rocks at the movers and moving vans. He is currently being investigated for battery by the police…

“• ⁠Warrant issued for the arrest of AB…

“• ⁠Rumors spread about AB signing with Tampa or Seattle

“• ⁠AB announces his retirement (for what I believe is the third time, it’s hard to find a good record of the rest of them.)⁠ Two days later, AB wants to play again and is asking for the league to wrap up its investigation

“• ⁠The NFL announces an eight-game suspension for AB… under investigation for the bike-throwing incident

“• ⁠Allegedly acquired fake covid-19 card. Confirmed to have acquired a fake covid-19 card and subsequently suspended for three games

“• Removed jerseys and pads and threw them in the stands before exiting the game verse the Jets. Was subsequently cut from the Bucs for stripping on the field…”

9. Praising the Third Reich

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“Losing a billion-dollar shoe deal b/c he couldn’t stop talking about how much he loves Hitler,” one user added.

Another user replied, “When Alex Jones is trying to reign you in, you know you’re spouting some crazy [things].”

One commenter shared, “That was such a bizarre interview. Alex REPEATEDLY gave him outs like, ‘As a fashion designer, surely you just appreciated their uniforms, RIGHT?’ And Kanye pretty much says, ‘Nah, I just like Hitler, man.’ W-?”

10. Staging a Hate Crime

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One user answered, “[Jussie Smollet] is a contender, although many choices exist. He stages a hate crime to gain leverage in contract negotiations… He hires meatheads to do the deed and pays them with a check. Of course, he lied the whole time, then the video turns up, and the DA figures it out.

“But being famous, he pulls strings and escapes prosecution for making a false claim. THEN…the political tide shifts, and he runs his mouth and refuses to reimburse the county for the cost of the investigation. And so the new DA says f- it and prosecutes him, and he gets convicted because he was obviously guilty.”

11. Posting a Video of Violent Death

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“Logan Paul posted a full YouTube video of someone hanging in a forest,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “Well, his whole family seems like c-, so no surprise he’s a huge [jerk].”

One Redditor added, “Even worse was that he was in Aokigahara, the ‘suicide forest’ in Japan. It’s unclear why that forest is such a popular place for people to un-alive themselves, but to revel in such a horrible event for internet fame is despicable.” 

12. Saying You Could Have Saved Flight 11

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One user posted, “Mark Wahlberg saying if he had been on flight 11 (like he was supposed to), it wouldn’t have crashed because he would have killed the terrorists then figured out how to land the plane.”

Another user replied, “So he said what every person in Boston says daily.”

13. Debating Word Definitions

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One user shared, “That time Jennifer Garner corrected Conan O’Brien on the word snuck is one of my favorites. The fact that she throws in the bit about him going to Harvard makes it extra delicious.”

Another user replied, “His laugh when pulling out the dictionary to prove her wrong lives in my mind rent-free.”

14. Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop

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“Gwenyth Paltrow and everything she promotes. Here’s a tea made with echinacea, random plants I got from cutting my yard. I stirred it with my [privates]. It’ll cure ED, lung cancer, whatever. Now available at Goop,” posted one user.

Another user replied, “Doesn’t everyone want a $100 candle that smells like my [body]..?”

15. A Math Called Terryology

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One user posted, “Terrance Howard ‘invented’ his own math called Terryology.”

Another user replied, “‘How can it equal one?’ he said. ‘If one [times] one equals one, that means that two is of no value because one [times] itself has no effect. One [times] one equals two because the square root of four is two, so what’s the square root of two? Should be one, but we’re told it’s two, and that cannot be.'”

Do you agree with the statements listed above? Share your thoughts!

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