10 Actors and Actresses People Refuse to Watch Ever Again

Is there an actor or actress whose movies you will not watch? If so, who and why? After polling the Internet, here are the top-voted responses.

10. Jennifer Lopez

Someone stated, “Jennifer Lopez. She's a lousy actress and, from what I've heard, a terrible person. One of the stories I think about whenever I'm reminded of her existence is when she insulted an airline stewardess because she couldn't make her a double espresso and told her her shoes looked cheap. She's also known for being a bad tipper. Need I say more?”

9. Woody Allen

“Woody Allen. A hard pass on anything he is involved in,” said one. “To be fair, he just keeps remaking the same film,” a second person joked. Many others also agreed that marrying his young stepdaughter was too much to overlook.

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8. Amy Schumer

“Amy Schumer. She reminds me of that one person at a party that will do the cringiest things for any amount of good or bad attention. You know those slightly annoying people who want you to take pictures of them and put them on your social media stories?”

“Because they want everyone to know how silly, crazy and spontaneous they are? And when they're not doing that, they're telling the people you're talking to a really basic story that they think is funnier than it is.”

“So after the long-winded explanation, followed by a mediocre joke ending, everyone is uncomfortably chuckling, “yeah “-ing, and there's an awkward silence for about 10 seconds? So that. Amy Schumer reminds me of that, and I refuse to watch her movies.”

7. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is so “difficult now mainly because of how many of his significant roles are creepy, twisted, and manipulative. I can’t watch them now without thinking, how much of this guy's real personality am I seeing? It’s just too close to what he did to separate the artist from the art,” shared one.

6. Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen DeGeneres. What's sad is people have known for a decade how rude and terrible she was to her staff. But, unfortunately, it took them being off the show due to quarantine for it to come out,” someone suggested.

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5. Roman Polanski 

“Roman Polanski is a very hard pass from me,” stated one. “Yep. My dad tried to excuse it, ‘He was probably drunk and had been through a lot recently.' Many people get drunk every Friday and have experienced significant trauma that doesn't end up raping a child and consequently fleeing the country.”

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

One confessed, “Gwyneth Paltrow – can't separate her acting from the Goop nonsense. She sells scam health products and peddles conspiracy theories.” Another admitted, “I knew her as Pepper Potts from Marvel before I knew about all the weird Goop stuff. So now I think of Pepper as her cooler sister who doesn't like to be associated with her.”

3. Steven Seagal

“Steven Seagal. He's a terrible actor, director, and screenwriter,” answered one. “And those are his good points,” another joked. A third added, “Steven Seagal inspires everyone looking to make it in the entertainment industry. He sets the bar so low how could you not reach it?”

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2. Scientology Actors and Actresses

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“Most Scientologist actors,” suggested another. “Especially Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Moss. How do you star in a TV show about a cult taking over a country when you're in a cult that wants to take over the country?”

Finally, someone said, “Agreed. I've been interested in watching The Handmaid's Tale, but knowing the lead actress is a Scientologist ruined it.”

1. Salman Khan

Finally, someone shared, “Salman Khan (Bollywood) is an overall bad overrated actor. He also killed a few homeless people on the streets as he ran over them in an accident. Then, he framed his driver for that, and the driver died unsupported by anyone.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite celebrity on this list?

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