10 Famous Celebrities Who Look Like They Smell Terrible

Oh, boy. While taking my daily scroll, I uncovered a thread asking, “Which celebrity looks like they smell bad?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Post Malone

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“It's 100% Post Malone,” suggested one. Another joked, “People wish he were Post Cologne.” A third shared, “He said in an interview, “I won't wear any deodorant or anything, but I have a musk, and it's just kind of, like, naturally enticing to females.”

2. Harvey Weinstein

“Harvey Weinstein, but he smells terrible, according to reports. Like rotten flesh and poopy,” alleged one. “He has Fournier's gangrene.”

Another confirmed, “My stepdad died of that. And yes, he stank to high heaven in his last few months. It wasn't his fault, and he was very hygienic. But when your colon is rotting, you stink—really awful way to go.”

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3. Bam Margera

One person said, “Bam Margera,” before another confessed, “When I met him, he just reeked of alcohol. Like he bathed in whiskey.” A third stated, “I met him while working at a Walmart. I can confirm he had an odor, but he was still very nice to me.”

4. Jared Leto

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Jared Leto looks like he uses his sweat as cologne,” one suggested. A second alleged, “I worked with Jared Leto on a film set > 10 years ago. I can tell you that he smells fine but was a HORRIBLE human.”

“He treated his assistant (for the film) like trash, was an entitled queen overall, and got a security guy fired because that guy laughed as Leto tripped out of his trailer while drunk. I was a huge fan until then.”

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5. Mickey Rourke

Someone volunteered, “Mickey Rourke. He was the first person I thought of when I saw this question.” Others discussed rumors of him smelling back in the 90s before one joked, “I assumed he smelled like Abercrombie.”

6. Kid Rock

“Kid Rock. He looks like he smells like he just smoked McDonald's,” said one. Another claimed, “I worked at a radio station, and Kid Rock came in for an interview. He smelled like a dumpster after a fire.”

Funny, he keeps saying he's a man of the people; Kid Rock's humble origin story took place on a luxurious estate in wealthy Macomb County, Michigan. Rock, whose real last name is ‘Ritchie,' grew up the son of millionaire William ‘Bill' Ritchie, who owned several lucrative car dealerships, and Susan Ritchie, who instilled in Rock ‘a spirit of philanthropy.”

“They raised Rock, who once claimed to be ‘straight out the trailer,' on six well-groomed acres, where he could pick fresh apples from his family's orchard.”

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7. Brad Pitt

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“My first thought when opening this post was that Brad Pitt always looks a little greasy… but I'm sure I'm just being ridiculous,” one confessed. Next, people reminisced about him reportedly having issues on the set of Interview With a Vampire with Tom Cruise.

However, one fan argued, “For what it's worth, I was an extra on a movie and stood next to Brad Pitt for a few seconds, and the man smelled incredible – to the point that it's still what I remember the most clearly years later. He was wearing some expensive-smelling cologne.”

8. Russell Brand

One user admitted, “Russell Brand LOOKS like he stinks, but I can vouch the man smells incredible.” Another added, “I hugged Russell Brand at one of his shows. He does NOT smell at all.” A third argued, “He looks like he smells like patchouli.”

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9. Pete Davidson

One user voted “Pete Davidson.” “He smells like cigarettes and stale pizza. I've met him several times and been in his hotel rooms. I can say he is a VERY nice fellow. But he chain smokes like crazy,” a second suggested.

Finally, a third said, “I get that he looks that way, but he didn't pull the women he did without smelling amazing. I will die on this hill.”

10. Johnny Depp

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“Johnny Depp looks like he forgets his deodorant a lot,” suggested one. “First person I thought of, and I'm surprised I had to scroll this far down to find it. All those scarves keeping the wine sweat insulated? No way he doesn't smell,” answered another.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite celebrity on the list? This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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