Songs So Good, They’ll Make You Cry: People Rated 10 of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever

When we talk about beautiful music we often think about songs from our regular artists, but it might not always be the case. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but in our case the ear of the listener. Here are a few that have been ranked, do these make the cut?

Sukiyaki by Kyo Sakamoto

Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese song written and performed by Kyo Sakamoto, which became a worldwide hit in 1963 reaching number one on the US Billboard hot chart. Apparently, the title refers to a beef dish. As one user stated, “His voice is lovely. Shame about the name being absolutely butchered and named after a beef stew, the original lyrics are so beautiful.” The song is a ballad that reflects on the theme of love and loss, with lyrics that are written in a melancholy and nostalgic tone. The original Japanese version of the song is called “Ue o Muite Aruko” which means “I look up as I walk.”

Lux Aeterna – Clint Mansell (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM)

Lux Aeterna is a song composed by Clint Mansell for the movie Requiem for a dream. This song is a choral Arrangement featuring the voices of a choir and a solo sopranist its known for its powerful and emotive nature. As one user commented on the beauty of the song: The song sounds beautiful in a sad way (melancholic). Masterpiece”

Due to the fact that the song has gained some notable recognition to feature in other movies and tv shows.

Stan by Eminem

Eminem at MTV Music Awards
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 Stan is one of Eminem's classics song, It is widely praised for the lyrics one user says “lyrical genius” but beyond the great lyrics, it portrayed Eminem as a great storyteller who was able to create a vivid character in a few verses telling the story of a fan who constantly sends him letters.

The Ecstasy of Gold

 Ecstasy of Gold is a melancholic Instrumental piece that captures tension and uncertainty mostly used in cowboy movies which is weird because it was made by an Italian and was featured in the Italian movie The good the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately, the song is overused especially in inappropriate places. “It's been pounded into the sand by the advertising world but The Ecstasy of Gold is a true banger.” said one objective user. This song is a powerful reminder that music can be used to capture the intensity of life.

Through the valley ( The last of us)

It's called ‘Through The Valley', a dark folk tune originally written by Shawn James and performed by the last of us Video game protagonist, Ellie, in a 2016 reveal trailer. A user said ‘Not sure if this counts but after finishing TLOU2 for the first time and hearing Ashley Johnson singing “through the valley” was so emotional and reflective on everything that happened throughout the game. Truly beautiful and I totally agree with that because it reflects one's struggles even when the odds are against them.

Over the rainbow

Written by E.Y Harburbug and Harlod Arien in 1939, for the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. And has been popularly associated with Judy Garland since then. The lyrics tell the story of a young girl named Dorothy, who was trying to escape her troubles by dreaming of a world of rainbows. The thing about the song is that it brings about a message of hope that we can all relate to. As one user said “what an emotional performance”.

Mama said by Lucas Graham

A bitter-sweet Ode to his mother's wisdom and advice. The song pays tribute to the thoughtful guidance his mom gave him. It's basically a tribute to his mom who has passed on, but it brings about this nostalgic feeling that kind of makes us reflect on certain areas of our lives.

San Francisco by Scott McKenzie

Written by John Phillips of the mamas and papas and sung by Scott Mckenzie. Released in May 1967 it became an instant success peaking 4th at Billboard hot 100. With time the song became an anthem of the Hippe movement of the 60s due to its symbolism of peace and love and its message of embracing diversity and personal freedom. In all the song was very beautiful as one user called it a “psychedelic rock”

One by Metallica

James Heltfield from Metallica playing guitar
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One is a song by the band Metallica released as the band's third and final single on the band's album the song had a lot of success charting in the US and won a grammy the following year. The song is about a wounded soldier whose unable to communicate with the outside world, he could only think of his past life and wished he could go back to it. Although it was heavy metal the song really gave off that feeling of helplessness. A user said, “beautiful but dark.”

We don't talk about Bruno

A mid-tempo song by Disney in their movie Encanto written by Lin Manuel Miranda. The song became a viral sensation when it was released which made it one of Disney's best songs. It's about how one man's gift has made him a stranger among his friends and family, the true beauty of the song is the catchy tune and wonderful description and storytelling. 

That's the list and I really hope you enjoyed this Reddit

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