Criminally Underrated: 8 Good Movies with Terrible Ratings

We all know that Rotten Tomatoes has become one of the primary authorities on what films are worth our time and energy. But have you ever noticed that sometimes their scores don’t quite do justice? It’s true—sometimes, no matter how hard we may try, we just can’t see eye-to-eye with Tomatometer ratings. That’s why today, we’re diving into some of the more underrated gems out there: the top 15 movies that (in our opinion) deserve higher Rotten Tomato scores than they’ve been given! 

1. The Boston Strangler

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One user shared, “The Boston Strangler—it has a lower RT score and IMDB rating than I expected. It is not an utterly brilliant movie, but worse movies have better ratings than this movie.”

The Boston Strangler movie depicts the name given to the murderer of 13 women in Greater Boston around the early 1960s. The crimes were attributed to Albert DeSalvo based on his confession based on his revelation in court during a separate case and DNA evidence linking him to his final victim.

2. Hot Rod

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One user replied, “Hot Rod is sitting at 39%. I understand that humor is subjective, but to me personally, it is in my top ten comedies, right up there with (but not above) Blazing Saddles and Airplane!”

Another user commented, “So? Cool beans?”

“Agreed. That movie is hilarious!” another user shared. 

3. M3GAN

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“How about a movie with a way too high RT score? I’m thinking of the predictable, trope-heavy M3GAN with a whopping 93%,” one user added.

Another user replied, “I don’t really understand why people call it a satire. It seems like it’s just not very clever in the first place. That being said, it was really fun to watch.”

However, one user disagreed and said, “That movie s-cked a–.”

4. Goosebumps

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One user added, “M3gan‘s score and consensus really set me up for a fun satirical romp in the vein of Cabin in the Woods, or You’re Next. What I got instead was a Goosebumps movie. I watched it with my young nephews and niece, and not even they were impressed by it. I’ve never seen another horror movie that felt so squarely aimed at children; it was really strange.”

5. Universal Soldier

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“I’m surprised the last two Universal Soldier movies have such low scores. They’re both direct-to-video low-budget action movies, so I gotta imagine most critics who reviewed them are ones who focus on that stuff, and within that subgenre, they’re both awesome movies—no idea how somebody who likes action movies wouldn’t enjoy these.

They also have good cult reputations in general. Both are highly recommended even if you’ve never seen any other Universal Soldier movies,” a user shared. 

6. Atlantis the Lost Empire

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One user posted, “Road to El Dorado is at 48%. That should probably be a crime. Also, Atlantis the Lost Empire is at 49%?”

When Disney Lost Popularity

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The OP replied, “The Atlantis example can be explained mainly by how people were getting tired of Disney back in the early 00s (Except for Pixar and Lilo and Stitch), which led to most of its animated movies flopping both critically and commercially

“However, it’s also why most of those movies (except Home on the Range) grew cult followings with the people who grew up with them at the time and weren’t paying attention to the Disney backlash.”

7. The Mighty Ducks

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One Redditor also added, “The Mighty Ducks. It’s not a great movie, but it’s an entertaining kids’ sports movie. Yet it has 26 percent on RT. I would think it should have gotten around 50. Maybe most critics aren’t hockey fans.”

8. Tron: Legacy

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Tron: Legacy, it’s 51%, which kinda shocked me. I was expecting high 60s at worst to maybe mid-70s,” exclaimed one user.

Sometimes You Should Ignore Reviews

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Another user replied, “Do people search for reviews before listening to a song? I watch movies before I read reviews. Reviews are just subjective opinions from random people. If RT has 70 or 100 reviews on a movie, I will assure you they do not represent the vast majority of over 7B people on Earth. What’s bad for some is gold for others, and vice versa. Reviews are rarely objective, and the aspect they might critique would have nothing to do with what you are looking for.

“If you just watch movies, you’ll start enjoying movies that are really good for you. I watch movies before and make my own opinion, and then I read reviews, both professional and audience, to compare. You’d be surprised. And then, many movies are critically negatively reviewed because they are misunderstood, perhaps for lack of depth from the critic, and then years later, when society is more consciously advanced as a whole, [they are] discovered as gems.

“The success of movies is subject to two things combined: not everyone likes them, but enough people like them, and; marketing. Many 100% RT are flops, and many 0-10% RT are hits.”

What do you think? Do you agree with the list above? Share your comments below!

Source: Reddit.

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