Unrequited Love: 20 Most Painful Reponses to “I Love You”

Love is powerful. It can move mountains, break down walls, and make us feel we can overcome anything. But the words “I love you” pack an even more potent punch—they carry the power to make us vulnerable and exposed. It’s hard to take that risk and say those three words aloud, so when someone finally does declare their love, a hurtful response from their partner could be infinitely damaging. We’ve compiled a list of twenty real replied with “I love you” that are almost guaranteed to break your heart!

1. Oh…

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One Redditor posted, “Oh…”

Another user added, “That’s what she said. It was never the same after that.”

One commenter replied, “Happened to me…”

Another Redditor responded, “Lol, it kinda happened to me once… he showed me this piece of art that said, ‘This gay priest loves you’ and I thought that was his way of saying he loved me (he was kind of a priest… worked with his church etc.) so I hugged him and said ‘Aww, I love you too’ and he was weirded out by it lmao…”

2. Silence

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One user shared, “Not replying at all.”

Another user commented, “The deafening silence. Ouch.”

One commenter added, “When nothing they do or say reflects that statement of love, no words are needed.”

Another Redditor replied, “This. Even if they say it, you can tell the meaning behind the words due to their facial reflexes.”

One user said, “Silence with a fist bump might be worse.”

3. So What?

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“So what?” one Redditor posted.

Another user responded, “That scene hurt my stomach.”

One user added, ‘I was having too much fun.”

Another commenter asked, “What movie or show is it from ?”

One Redditor answered, “Better Call Saul in the last season.”

4. I Heard You the First Time

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One user shared, “Yeah, I heard you the first time.”

Another added, “I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.”

One Redditor responded, “I once said it to a dog. He licked himself and left the room.”

5. As a Friend, Right?

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One user shared, “As a friend, right?”

Another added, “‘I love you…’ ‘Aw, I like you too!’ Ugh.”

One user replied, “Even worse: ‘As brother and sister, right?'”

6. I Love You, but I’m Not IN Love With You

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One user shared his story, “‘I love you, but I’m not IN love with you.’ Now she’s upset that I married someone else.”

Another user responded, “An answer like that is 100% the worst. Even ones that sound super scathing or awful can be obviously jesting if you’re in a healthy relationship. But this, there’s nothing but cruel truth in this.”

One Redditor replied, “The way to make it even more painful would be to add ‘anymore’ at the end.”

Another commenter responded, “She’s mad because you were her security blanket. Someone she could keep on the hook to make herself feel better. Good on you for getting off the hook and finding your person!”

7. Ew

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One user posted, “Ew.”

Another user replied, “This is so embarrassing for you. Why did you even tell me?”

One Redditor said, “Yeah, that’d crush their soul.”

8. That Sounds Like a You Problem

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“That sounds like a you problem,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “I have a mug that says this.”

9. Thanks Bud

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One Redditor shared, “Thanks, bud.”

Another jokingly added, “Followed by ruffling your hair like a golden retriever.”

One commenter said, “This is bad, but what might be worse is an ‘Oh, love you too, buddy’.”

10. Ok

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One user shared, “OK.”

Another user replied, “Thanks, Janet.”

“I recently started watching this. My new favourite show,” one user added.

Another commented, “Be prepared for some tears at the end.”

11. It Will Pass

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“Hot Priest: ‘It will pass,'” one user posted.

Another user commented, “Could’ve gone all night without ugly crying thinking about a fox running past a f—ing bus stop, you pr-ck…”

One added, “This hurt so bad, and I haven’t even finished watching Fleabag…”

12. I Love Me Too

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One user shared, “I love me too. Sorry, Dylan. We were like 14, and I panicked.”

Another user replied, “Poor Dylan.”

A third user added, “RIP Dylan.”

One commenter added, “… I’m sorry, this is a hoot.”

13. I Hate When You Say That

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“I hate when you say that,” one user posted.

Another commenter added, “You need to stop telling me that; also, how did you get into my house?!”

One user replied, “Damn, bruh, I feel this.”

14. I Know

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“I know,” one user shared.

Another Redditor posted, “Thanks, Han Solo! I remember watching something about Star Wars, and the women all went on about how that was the hottest line he ever spoke. If someone responded that way in real life, it would be hurtful as f—.”

15. I Don’t Have Emotions or Consciousness as an AI Model

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One user said, “Thank you for your kind words, but I don’t have emotions or consciousness as an AI language model. My purpose is to assist and provide useful information to the best of my abilities. Feel free to ask if there’s anything you’d like to know or discuss!”

Another commenter added, “Damn. Her, but the bot has no emotions.”

“How down bad would you have to be to propose to the chatbot,” one user added.

16. That’s Cool

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One user shared, “That’s cool.”

17. I Don’t Love You Anymore

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One Redditor posted, “‘I don’t love you anymore.’ True story.”

Another user added, “It hurts, but you’d rather have the truth than stay in a deteriorating, increasingly toxic relationship. If your partner says this, they care enough just to rip off the band aid so you can start healing.”

One commenter replied, “This partner cheated on me and got another girl pregnant. He told me there wasn’t another girl. I didn’t find out from him; I found out through pictures on Facebook. Now they are married, living the life I wanted with him. But yeah, I guess I would rather get the full truth, but at least that part helped.”

18. Awe Thanks

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One user posted, “Awe. Thanks.”

Another user commented, “This the worst one, omg.”

19. Thank You

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“Thank you,” one user shared.

Another user commented, “What if I do ‘the claw’? No one can resist ‘the claw’!”

20. So We Gonna Smash?

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One user shared his story, “Cool, cool, cool. So we gonna smash, or what?”

Another user commented, “Ouch.”

Do you have more rejections to add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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