It’s no secret that television and movies make life look much simpler and more convenient than it actually is. We’ve all caught ourselves wishing we could replicate the effortless lifestyles of our favorite characters, unbothered by everyday annoyances like traffic jams, lineups at the bank, or difficulty scheduling meetings. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the reality isn’t quite as simple as what’s depicted on screen; most of us experience these mundane inconveniences all the time. Regardless of how annoyed you are with your daily commute, let’s explore some movie tropes that almost never happen in real life.

1. Broke People With Expensive Apartments

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One user posted, “People with [terrible] jobs living in spacious lofts and apartments in big cities.”

Another added, “Shows like The King of Queens and Married with Children had to put their low-wage families in middle-class houses. Those shows had to work hard to differentiate themselves from The Honeymooners, where Ralph and Alice Kramden lived in a (more realistic) crummy little apartment.” 

2. Amnesia

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One Redditor shared, “Amnesia.”

Another added, “Yeah, Changnesia is much more relatable even though we don’t know much about it.”

“Amnesia feels so cheap as a plot device,” replied another user.

One commenter added, “It is. Writers need to be more creative when explaining the backstory.” 

“Yeah, in the same category as ‘it was just a dream with the option of ‘..or was it?'” another replied.

3. Nobody Finishes a Good Meal

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One online user posted, “A meal is served, but no one finishes. They run off and leave everything.”

One added, “And it’s like $60 for breakfast food.”

Another replied, “Ugh, that makes me so angry—’ I’m running late’ and grabbed a slice of toast or chugs half a glass of orange juice, left the table of lovely bacon, eggs, and pancakes, and bolted out the door. Just get [yourself] together, wake up at a reasonable time, and enjoy some food with your family.”

One user commented, “They take one bite of toast and a sip of orange juice and run off, leaving pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, etc., just to be wasted.” 

4. People Get Knocked Out Too Easily

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One user shared, “I feel like people getting knocked out is made easy on TV. Just a quick bump on the back of the neck, and out they go.”

Another added, “And if multiple people were knocked out, they would all regain consciousness together.”

One user replied, “It’s funny because people will get their ears flicked and spend 3 years in a coma. Or they’ll get launched into the side of a building because their car exploded, and they’ll just get up and walk away. There is no middle ground.” 

5. Perfect Hair and Makeup After Days of Running

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One sharer posted, “In action movies where the girl spends days in the middle of nowhere, without taking a shower, having to fight and run, but her hair and makeup are impeccable.

Another user replied, “Or they wake up with perfect hair and makeup. Also, people spend weeks stranded in the woods, but somehow still being able to shave.” 

6. Accidentally Double-Booking 

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One Redditor commented, “Accidentally agree to go on two dates simultaneously and have to sneak between them both.”

Another user replied, “And then Brie Larson shows up to help you get away with it.”

One commenter said, “I knew someone who did this. Not only did they agree to 2 dates on the same day. They had invited them to the same venue. They never found out because there were other people and too much commotion to expose it.” 

One Redditor added, “While I’ve never planned two dates at the exact same time and date, there was a period in my life where I was guilty of lining them up consecutively (almost at the risk of overlapping). The first few times, it felt awesome as I was maxing my time. But do it enough, and it’s just really exhausting.” 

7. Immediately Finding a Parking Spot Right

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One user shared, “Driving to any destination in a city and immediately finding a parking spot right in front of the building you need to be at.”

“And leaving the windows down/ car unlocked,” another commented.

One user replied, “Okay, but imagine a totally normal movie is just derailed when the protagonist can’t find a parking spot for 10 minutes and then finally finds one that’s a 30-minute walk to their building. The entire plot just stops while we watch this person be frustrated for 40 minutes. Sounds like an interdimensional cable from Rick and Morty, tbh.” 

8. Happy Endings

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“As sad as it is to say, Happy endings. In many movies and TV shows, the story ends with a happy resolution where the main characters achieve their goals or find true love. While happy endings can certainly happen in real life, they are often much more complicated and may not come as easily as they do in fiction,” one user posted.

Another user added, “I always imagine how the relationship continues after the romantic ending in a rom-com. Super messy/toxic lead-up. They’ll last two weeks. Movies where they’ve known each other for only 15 hours? One political talk, and they’ll break up when they realize their views are completely different.” 

9. The Wreckage Superheroes Leave Behind 

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One user shared, “Superheroes destroying cities and killing tens of thousands of people battling bad guys and moving on as if nothing happened.

Another replied, “Superheroes.”

One user answered, “I think they had to deal with that in Marvel. So they set up an organization to deal with that.”

Another user added, “Also in The Incredibles. Apparently, a whole government bureau will deal with damages.”

10. Crawling through HVAC Ducts

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One user posted, “Crawling through HVAC ducts.”

Another added, “That one is so dumb. Ever looked inside a vent? Here’s what you’ll find: tons of dust, bugs, sharp metal edges, thin aluminum that can definitely not support your weigh, a tunnel far too small for a person… Here’s what you won’t find: light.

“And even if you did have a perfectly immaculate, enormous, well-lit vent tunnel, the noise would be absurd.”

One commenter shared, “A. Razor sharp edges inside B. Two inches of crud 3. Cannot support your weight at all.” 

Source: Reddit.

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