Can’t Live Without It! 15 Conveniences We Have to Have

Have you ever tried using something out of curiosity, and now you can’t live without it? Well, we all have some things that become extensions of our lives. And we may not be able to function properly without them now. Here are 15 things these people can’t live without anymore!

1. Eyeglasses

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Somebody stated, “Glasses. Seeing the world without them is like a pixelated 16-bit blurry movie, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to see it.”

The second person replied, “Same. I walked around for years knowing that I needed glasses. Couldn’t read signs, etc., but it didn’t bother me that much. I only got glasses right before I started learning to drive, for obvious reasons. It’s almost fine before you get them, but once you get them, you can never go back. I feel so uncomfortable without them now.”

Then the third added, “It’s actually scary to go without my glasses … if I’m in a crowd looking for my husband, I can’t see 2 feet in front of me. I feel really lost and vulnerable.”

2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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One person said, “Microfiber cleaning cloths for my glasses. I can’t stand streaks and always have one in my pocket at all times. Sometimes, I see people wearing glasses that look like they have had Vaseline slathered on them, and it just makes me cringe.”

Another person replied, “I am obsessive about my glasses. I see a streak. That sh– gets cleaned. I see a dot of something that I can’t tell whether it’s dandruff or dust. It gets cleaned. The problem is that I can never get them in like-new condition, and it pisses me off so much.”

3. Air Conditioner

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“Although I have had it for decades, I can’t imagine living without air conditioning. The older I get, the more the heat bothers me,” somebody stated.

“Floridian here. I’ve never lived without a/c long-term, but I have had it go out for up to 2 weeks after a couple of hurricanes, and it was absolutely miserable. Also, to be even more specific, central a/c. I’ve lived in a few places with window or wall units, and they don’t even come close to working like central,” the second person replied.

4. Back-Up Camera

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One Redditor shared, “Backup camera. I thought they were dumb until I had one. So nice to see exactly where my bumper and hitch are.”

Another commenter replied, “Yes! My new truck has the surround view, it makes parking lots a breeze.”

5. E-Reader

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“An e-reader. It’s too easy to get distracted using a smartphone or tablet. I love reading on my e-reader. So great to be able to issue or buy books without leaving the house,” said one.

“After two international moves. I love having a digital library,” replied another.

6. A Bidet

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Somebody stated, “I have a little squeezable bottle, one for vacations, works good enough.”

The second person replied, “After using the bidet, you literally feel perfectly clean and unbothered. After wiping with toilet paper while on vacation, you can constantly feel your ass not being perfectly clean.”

7. Wireless Earbuds

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One person commented, “Wireless earbuds. Being productive while on hold with companies changed the whole dynamic of ‘planning a call.’”

Another person replied, “Oddly, I have to say, the reason I got them is because I finally got a phone without a headphone jack. I wouldn’t have considered it otherwise, and now I’m insanely glad I did it!”

8. Cleaning Person

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“‘Maybe not ‘small’, but something I never considered for most of my life: a cleaning person/service coming once every few weeks. It’s definitely a luxury, but I’d cut a lot of my monthly expenses to make room in the budget for a nice clean house twice a month,” said somebody.

“This is a huge help with my mental health,” added someone.

Then the third added, “Same here. I used to think that it was a bit of an extravagance to pay for a cleaner, but now I’ve totally changed my mind on it. The way I see it is that I’m buying myself some free time at the weekend, and that free time is worth a lot to me. It gives me a chance to spend my Saturday morning doing something relaxing, rather than something like cleaning a toilet. Also, a cleaner is more likely to do a good job and in less time than I am. Those two hours I pay for may save me three or more hours worth of time.”

9. Spotify Premium

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One Redditor shared, “Spotify premium because ads s-ck.”

Then somebody replied, “I was an original beta tester for Spotify and loved it. However, I had to give it up because I can’t afford the monthly fee. I use the free version and yes, the ads s-ck!”

10. Weighted Blanket

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One person said, “Weighted blanket. Sleep horrible without it now, lol.”

The second person replied, “Freakin love these. I got one that’s 25lb and stacked it with the 15lb one I have. Makes me sink into the mattress.”

11. Dental Guard

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“Dental guard. I grind my teeth at night, and it got pretty bad. Could have used one sooner, will never not have one again,” shared somebody.

12. A Cordless Vacuum

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“A Cordless Stick Vacuum. Man, it is freeing to be able to do quick cleanup without having to deal with the chords all the time. It’s as easy as getting out a broom but miles better,” one person stated.

13. A Bike Repair Stand

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Somebody stated, “Sure, I could just turn my bike upside down to adjust stuff, but it’s so much better being able to work on it without breaking my back.”

14. Bathroom

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One person stated, “My own bathroom. My mother and I were homeless when I was growing up (literally on the streets and then put through the crisis housing system). You’d think that would cause me to have a higher tolerance for shared spaces and general discomfort, but I went the opposite way. I can’t tolerate being uncomfortable, and I can’t tolerate a shared house and the thing that bothers me most is sharing a bathroom. I live alone by choice, and I couldn’t have it any other way. I’ve done enough forced sharing of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., with 8+ other people I don’t know for a lifetime. I just can’t do it anymore. I need space that’s entirely my own and I think I’ve damn well earned it.”

15. Ibuprofen

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One person said, “Ibuprofen. It’s the only thing that can even touch the headaches caused by a damaged nerve in my head. It’s called Hemicrania continua. It’s incurable, borderline untreatable, and the only thing that works are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs—neurologists aren’t even sure why it works because it’s so uncommon and hard to diagnose. Without Ibuprofen, I’d be in pain literally all the time.”

Which of the things above did you think you couldn’t also live without? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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