Do you ever have that feeling of dread when faced with a situation or object? Or even if you’re not directly confronted, do thoughts of that one thing bring a certain tightness your chest? Chances are, if these feelings consistently arise as a response to the same triggers over and over again, then you may have a phobia. In today’s post, we’re exploring 25 common types of phobias!

1. Ophidiophobia

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One user shared, “I have a phobia of anacondas coming up the toilet while I’m taking a dump.”

Another user replied, “G-d, I’ve never had an original thought.”

One Redditor added, “The internet can be a humbling place.”

2. Amaxophobia

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“Driving. I drive every day. People go crazy out on the roads. Scares me to death,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “Familiar feeling.”

A third commented, “Driving is a very interesting thing. When you actually step outside and look at what you’re doing. It is probably one of the most or the most dangerous things that most people do every day.

“I can’t say that I’m afraid of driving. But I do think it’s a great example of something that people do so frequently despite the fact of it being dangerous. They fall into a level of complacency while doing it. Complacency in so many ways is the silent kill.”

3. Arachnophobia 

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One user shared, “Spiders.”

Another user added, “Especially with big paws.”

“A pregnant spider… with big paws,” one user commented. 

4. Thalassophobia

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One user shared, “Thalassophobia, the fear of deep bodies of water.”

Another user replied, “I have a weird branch of this: submechanophobia. It’s the fear of submerged man-made objects, like shipwrecks, plane wrecks and submarines.

“It’s a really weird irrational fear, but I had a panic attack once when I was scuba diving and noticed an old plane wreck nearby.”

5. Ephebiphobia

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One Redditor posted, “Teenagers. Scare the living sh– outta me.”

One user replied, “My Chemical Romance has entered the chat.”

Another user jokingly added, “THEY ONLY CARE AS LONG AS SOMEBODY BLEEDS.”

6. Gephyrophobia

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One user posted, “Gephyrophobia. I especially hate it when the traffic backs up and you are stuck on the bridge.”

Another user replied, “I have a mild case because my mom would go into hysterics when we’d go over a bridge as a kid. However, lately, I’ll find myself dissociating while driving over them, and I have to focus on being there in the moment so I don’t drive over the edge and drown.” 

7. Trypanophobia  

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“Needles,” one Redditor posted.

One user shared, “I always faint with needles. My blood pools into my legs, and I’m out like a light. I have to clench and squeal if I see a needle ANYWHERE (I used to get faintish but COVID flashes of needles actually desensitized me a bit).

“I’ve only had one nurse keep me conscious through a blood draw, and it was because she (Lowkey knowing I faint) started ranting about how her brother went to Colorado and got to smoke like snoop while she takes the other “high” road (nursing).

“Versus a nurse doing the cliche “What’s your favorite XYZ?” while drawing 6 vials. She apparently got to 4 when I told her I was going to faint. She got another vial in while I was out. I got help from my ex to a room as they checked my pulse saying I was coma levels.

“Shots, I’m alright if I can lay down or sit with my head between my legs. I have tons of piercings but no ink. Hell, I even pierced my labret. ‘Well, at least you won’t do heroin.’ Yeah, you know that comes in other forms? Lol.”

8. Emetophobia

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One user commented, “Emetophobia. I haven’t puked since preschool. Now I’m a college freshman.”

Another user replied, “Same. But for me, it’s more like I’m scared of others puking in front of me. I can handle myself puking, but seeing other people puke, jeez, gotta go.”

One user also replied, “Same, like I can ‘handle’ throwing up. Sure, I’ll cry and have a breakdown, but it’s not the worst thing. Someone else throws up/retches/coughs too much, and I get such an adrenaline rush that’s just pure flight, and I have to get out of there.”

9. Megalophobia

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One Redditor posted, “Megalophobia. I am pretty scared next to tall buildings and statues. For some reason, I can’t look up when I am close to it.”

Another user replied, “Same. Anything that is huge and shouldn’t be like a giant ship anchor or bolts on a bridge footing. But statues are the worst for me. And it only gets worse if they are in or near water. Subsequently, my friends will always send me pics whenever there is some new giant statue underwater piece of art they have discovered.” 

10. Trypophobia

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One user shared, “Trypophobia. Lately, on my FYP, those videos of people with tons of seashells (I think I didn’t get a close look) attached to their arms or legs keep popping up, making me physically sick. It legit ruins my mood … ”

Another Redditor added, “Idk why on social media, people seem to have a hard-on for this lately. I have had severe Trypophobia since I was a little girl, to the point my brothers would chase me with morel mushrooms, and it would bring me to tears, curled up in a ball. I can not handle anything in clusters or many holes in close proximity. It doesn’t only gross me out. It gives me shakes and anxiety. I have no idea why I still have it at 33, but it truly can be a debilitating fear. My husband is from a different country and never heard of this fear. He thinks it is so unusual. I didn’t even know it was a common thing until well into my adult years.”

11. Tokophobia

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One Redditor shared, “Childbirth.”

Another user replied, “Tokophobia! Pathological fear of pregnancy and childbirth.”

One commenter agreed, “Yup, decided not to have kids for this reason!”

12. Elevatophobia

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Another user shared, “Not sure if there’s a name for it, but I have a phobia of elevators. If there was a building with, let’s say, 15 floors. I’m walking the stairs. I don’t care how many floors there are. There is no way I’m taking the elevator. In a worst-case scenario, I think I could ride a glass elevator (where the elevator and the shaft are mostly made of glass). Then I feel kind of safe, and it feels open. But there is no amount of money you can pay me to go into that metal box that closes when you enter.”

13. Venephobia

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“I don’t know the name, but the fear of veins or arteries. They just gross me out, and I can’t even look at someone’s wrist if they have tight skin.”, one user shared.

Another user replied, “Interestingly, it excites some.”

One user commented, “You have Venephobia.”

14. Claustrophobia 

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One user posted, “I’m scared of heights and small spaces. Both totally terrify me!”

Another user commented, “I also have heights, but funnily enough, I feel completely safe in a plane and can watch out the window. But rode a hot air balloon once that just goes up and down with strings and all and couldn’t look out and was paralyzed on the verge of tears the whole time, can’t ride roller coasters either ofc or climb in nature …”

15. Acrophobia

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One user shared, “Heights.”

Another user replied, “Heights is way too far down. It’s weird. I can’t stand on the edge of something, and I get sweaty palms even on the big wheel.. but when I’m in control and secure with ropes, I can abseil no problem.”

16. Atychiphobia

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“Fear of failure,” posted one user.

Another user commented, “I read or heard a Ted Talk about failing. Our brain grows and learns better and faster when we fail. It might be worth a google. I’m a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist. I hear you and that fear sucks.”

17. Pediophobia 

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One user shared, “Porcelain dolls scare the hell out of me.”

Another user responded, “Even if it is very old.”

One user added, “Especially if it’s very old. I have had this fear since I was a kid. My grandma collected them, and she had 19 of them. When I would spend the night, I always felt like I was being watched. I hate them.”

18. Scopophobia

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One user posted, “Scopophobia. I can’t handle eye contact. Please don’t look at me. Thanks.”

19. Omphalophobia

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“Omphalophobia, fear of belly buttons,” one Redditor said. 

20. Automatonophobia

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One user posted, “Automatonophobia. I’m scared of things that resemble humans but aren’t. Mannequins, puppets, and animatronics are the worst.”

21. Necrophobia

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“Dead bodies. I have a whole post about it on my profile. Pre-warned on the nightmare fuel.” posted one Redditor. 

22. Trypophobia 

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One user posted, “Trypophobia or the fear of skin rashes/holes in clusters.”

23. Xenophobia

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One Redditor shared, “Ok, this is weird, but.. aliens. This phobia stems from my childhood when, one day, I walked in on my grandpa watching Fire in the Sky, a movie about alien abduction. I remember I briefly saw the scene when the main character was being experimented on by aliens, and it scared me. I started to think aliens were gonna fly into my house at night and experiment on me. This made me start using a night light as a kid, something I didn’t stop till 14. I’d also stack pillows against my windows, thinking aliens would fly into my windows at night to take me. It also made me extremely afraid of being in the dark at night alone.

“I’ve grown out of this fear somewhat, but I still get paranoid about the thought of life being out there, and stories of alien encounters give me the chills.”

24. Arachibutyrophobia

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One user posted, “Arachibutyrophobia. Shameful, I know.”

Another user added, “Really interesting and weird.”

One user asked, “What is that one? I’ve never heard of it.”

Another user answered, “It’s a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, it’s considered irrational, but I think that term is stupid as f—. It’s not irrational to be scared of something.”

25. Lachanophobia

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“I’m pretty sure my son has lachanophobia. Fear of vegetables.” one user posted.

Another user added, “Just wait until he discovers that cauliflower and broccoli drenched in melted butter is the closest you’ll get to heaven.”

What do you think about the phobias listed above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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