The Earth is Flat: and Other Conspiracy Theories That Are Obviously False

Conspiracy theories are entertaining stories—they’re the “other side of the story” and go against the grain of obvious public media stunts. While some conspiracies have believable explanations and even communities, others are just baseless rumors spreading faster than wildfire. Here are 10 conspiracy theories that are widely believed but clearly not true!

1. The Moon Landing Was Faked

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One user commented, “People I know still think the moon landing was faked.”

Another person replied, “If it was, I would imagine the Russians would be shouting it from every rooftop.”

Then the third added, “When I was a young kid, like 11 or 12, I thought it was cool to go against the grain, so I pretended to think the moon landing was fake just to seem unique, then my Grandpa said pretty much what you said, and I realized I wasn’t being unique or cool, I was just being stupid.”

2. The Earth Is Flat

Flat Earth conspiracy
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“The easiest way to disprove this is to go to the shore or a large open field and bring a ladder with you. As the sun sets from your perspective, quickly go up the ladder, and you will continue to see it setting…curved earth,” somebody stated.

“There’s are YouTube videos where they all gather, but the channel owners delete anything that goes against their beliefs, even if it proves their theory is wrong. They’re a sad bunch of individuals, truly,” replied another.

3. Kurt Cubain Was Killed

Kurt Cobain
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One user shared, “Kurt Cobain being m-rdered. If there’s anything we know about miserably depressed [drug addicts], it’s that they have an overwhelming will to live.”

The second person replied, “First ‘theory’ I remember hearing was that Courtney hired El Duce from the mentors to do it, but that guy could barely put on his shirt without help.”

Then the third added, “Plus, it’s not like he had attempted [taking his own life] in the past or something.”

4. Your Eyes Will Stay Crossed

Eyes crossed
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Somebody said, “If you cross your eyes they will get stuck like that.”


Another Redditor replied, “I knew this to be true in my younger days and I’m still scared it’s true.”

Another one added, “My grandma used to say that if I crossed my eyes and a fly flew across my face that my eyes would stay like that.”

5. Mattress Stores Launder Money

Mattress stores
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“Mattress stores are money laundering fronts. Literally google ‘why are there so many mattress stores,’ it’s not complicated. And money laundering doesn’t even work that way,” said one.

“This one makes me laugh. They only have to sell like 3 beds and the rent is paid. Plus everyone needs a bed,” replied another.

6. The Jews Rule the World

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One user shared, “The Jews secretly rule or run the world. Perhaps not widely believed, but there are scary amounts of antisemitic people who do believe it.

Another commenter replied, “Jewish people flocked to the careers they were PERMITTED to have: entertainment and banking. Like…duh.”

Another one added, “This one is wild to me. If you actually look into the demographics of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world it’s disproportionately white people. Just white people. There are extremely wealthy and powerful Jewish people, Asians, Africans, Arabs, and every other demographic. But there are a ton of people of European descent riding the economic momentum that came from being in the dominant world power during the Age of Colonialism and the Industrial Revolution. It turns out if you’re looking for for the wealthy people who actually control the world they’re exactly where you’d think they’d be.”

7. Facial Recognition Photo Challenge

10 years challenge

“The 10-year challenge, which encouraged Facebook users to post photos from 2009 to the present day in 2019, was essentially a ruse used by programmers to gather information and examples for facial recognition and age progression software training,” somebody commented.

“That honestly doesn’t sound far fetched,” another person replied.

“Maybe that’s how the TikTok aged filter was created,” added the third.

8. FDR Knew About Pearl Harbor in Advance

Franklin Roosevelt
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One Reddit user shared, “That FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor in advance. It makes 0 sense whatsoever.”

One person commented, “From what I read, intel suggested that some sort of attack was coming. I don’t think he knew the date, but he probably knew the month.”

Another one added, “I heard that it was Winston Churchill who knew about the attack in advance but kept quiet in hopes that it would bring the US into the war and give England a much-needed ally.”

9. JFK Assassination Was an Accident

John F Kennedy (JFK)
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“JFK assassination story – people don’t believe it was a sharpshooter with an excellent shot,” said one.

Somebody replied, “Yeah that’s the bit I don’t get the most. The FBI literally tested whether it was possible to do the shot during the actual investigation. Since then hundreds of professional and hobbyists have tried to recreate the shot, and confirmed its not that hard to pull off for a trained marksman with the rifle he used. People regularly overestimate what’s possible for a sniper. Why is a near direct shot, from the fifth floor of a building almost straight down at a slow moving target suddenly impossible?”

10. Justin Trudeau Starving Canadians

Justin Trudeau
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One person shared, “Here in Canada, I work for someone who is convinced that Justin Trudeau is trying to starve the Canadian population by banning fertilizer, so he can become a dictator or something like that.”

Another person replied, “Honestly, the amount of Canadians who believe insane conspiracies is frightening.”

Which one of these conspiracy theories are you most familiar with? Do you know of any other conspiracies out there? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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