Secret Captive: 15 Things We Won’t Admit We’re Addicted To

Are you sometimes too obsessed with checking the weather forecast or your smartphone notifications? Maybe you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from your favourite TV show for more than a few minutes. We’ve all got our vices, but what exactly are we comfortable admitting that we are addicted to? From video games and fast food to social media and online shopping, anyone who has ever wanted more of something knows how hard it is to resist. We’ve asked our friends on Reddit to uncover some of the most uncomfortable things to admit we’re actually obsessed with.

1. Being Alone

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One user shared, “Being alone, even though I enjoy the presence of others, I am quite addicted to the calm feeling of being on my own and doing whatever I please.”

Another user replied, “This is part of why I’m single. A partner has to be better than being alone, and that’s hard to find.”

One Redditor commented, “Even though I get lonely sometimes, I’d much rather be alone MOST of the time.”

2. Staying Home

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One user posted, “Hanging out at home. I have to force myself to leave the house for plans not related to errands or walking the dogs. I’ve got a WFH job, video games, streaming services, delivery services, books, cute dogs, a hot tub, a stocked kitchen, accessibility tools (I’m deaf), weed, and alcohol. Why would I want to leave my house?”

Another Redditor jokingly asked, “Need a roommate? I think you just described the perfect homebody’s place.”

A third user added, “Right? I’m gonna move in.”

3. Caffeine

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“Caffeine. Legal and widely acceptable in my culture and many others,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “The addiction really proves itself when I drink caffeine after a week of not drinking it (from being sick or something). That first drink feels like a high. Kinda scary.” 

“I had caffeine by accident two days ago after spending five years without it, and let me tell you, I almost passed out. This is coming from a Cuban who used to have a severe addiction,” one user said. 

4. Drinking

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One user shared, “It’s still alcohol. Six years sober.”

Another user replied, “I’m eight days into my sobriety. Wish me luck.”

One Redditor cheered and responded, “Good luck! I just crossed the 500-day mark! You can do it!”

5. The Internet

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“The Internet,” one user noted.

Another user replied, “At this point, it would be incredibly difficult to live without it.”

One user shared, “This website genuinely is not suitable for you. It keeps you constantly distracted by empty, dumb, forgetful content; a lot of posts are straight-up made-up, rage bait or misinformation just meant to hold your attention for an extra second. It makes you feel angry or outraged and paints this picture of the world that is a delusion that isn’t real.

“As you browse Reddit, notice how it affects you. Do you think it’s good to be in that state? Is it in any way good for you or productive? It’s probably going to be difficult because I’ve constantly been on this site for years, but I’d like to visit it less and less as time goes on.” 

6. Solitude

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“Solitude,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “Yes, Solitude is quite alluring; I still remember my dark brotherhood quests there.”

One user commented, “The listener is here.”

“It’s harder to be social the longer you are alone, and I’ve been alone a WHILE,” another Redditor replied. 

7. Sugar

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One user posted, “Sugar. Hooked early, conditioned in childhood that sweets are love and acceptance.”

Another user replied, “For me too. The only way for me to control my weight and eating seems to be to abstain from added Sugar completely, which sucks. ‘Why can’t I eat just one cookie?’ ‘Because then it’s all lonely in your tummy. It needs friends.’ I struggle with this, too…” Another commenter shared. 

8. Checking DMs

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“I’m addicted to refreshing my inbox, hoping for some validation in the form of that sweet, sweet orange envelope. It’s my little dopamine fix. Reddit is life, my friend,” one Redditor shared. 

One user replied, “So am I. Enjoy the fix … ah, that’s the stuff.”

9. Being Lazy

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One user shared, “Being lazy. I never liked going to school. I have never liked working. Everything is a chore to me. I can spend all day just lying around doing nothing. I’d prefer a life of not doing anything. Still, unfortunately, you have to do stuff to survive.”

Another user commented, “Not trying to diagnose you via a Reddit comment, but I felt this way constantly for most of my life. Literally every single morning when I woke up, I would sit on the edge of my bed, hold my head in my hands, and I’d concoct some elaborate lie so I could get out of going to school or work. And my school/job almost never sucked, but I still did this every single day. Most of the time, I would overcome that feeling, but not always. And this went doubly for chores, exercising, etc. Things that weren’t life-or-death, I just didn’t do.

“I was really resistant to taking any mind-altering substance (my family has a lot of substance abuse issues). Still, once I was finally convinced to get on antidepressants, this got SO much better. I wasn’t excited to go to work or do the dishes or anything, but I didn’t feel like it was this crushing impossible weight every single day.

“I think we tend to think of depression as just feeling gloomy or grumpy. But for me, it just manifested as extreme laziness.”

10. Technology

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“Technology. Sometimes I’ll turn my computer on, just to turn it on,” one Redditor posted.

Another user replied,” Yup. Turn the computer on. Get on the phone long enough that the computer goes to sleep.”

One commenter said, “You are an IT guy’s dream.”

11. Addicted to Love

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One user shared, “I might as well face it—I’m addicted to love.”

Another user added, “You like to think you’re immune to the stuff, but it’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough.”

A third user replied, “That’s maybe the scariest one. No rehabs for love.”

12. Video Games

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One user posted, “Video Games and my phone.”

Another user added, “I know that looking at my phone all the time is harmful to my sleep, but I keep doing it.”

13. Staying Up Late

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“Staying up late for no apparent reason.

“It’s taking a serious toll on my mental health, and yet I can’t seem to stop. Maybe my circadian rhythm is f—ed, but it looks like I do this completely by choice,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Are you staying up late because you only have a couple of hours to yourself after wasting the whole day waking up early, getting ready, commuting, working, and then returning? This was a thing for me in my late 20s/early 30s because I refused to have two hours to myself at night just to do it all again.

“But separately, you could very well just be a night person. I’ve been a night person my whole life, and getting through a day shift without passing out was always a challenge. Sorry for babbling a little; it’s been kind of a massive problem for my life historically, too.

“If you have plenty of time to yourself in the evening and you’re not a night person specifically, you probably can fix this by just forcing.”

14. Going To the Gym

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One user posted, “Gym.”

Another user added, “Pretty good addiction to have unless you use steroids.”

One user commented, “Or have an eating disorder.”

Another commenter shared, “I do have an eating disorder, but I’m actively working towards building a healthy relationship with food .”

15. Cat Videos

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One user posted “Cat videos.”

Another user replied, “They are the biggest stress relievers, period.”

One Redditor said, “Cats are the best; they are worth it.”

Do you have those kinds of addictions as well? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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