What is life without a social life? If you’re wondering whether you have enough of a social life, here are some top signs that you need to get out more!

1. A Night in With Your Cat

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One person commented, “Me. Every Saturday night. Alone in my apartment with the cat.”

Another person replied, “Hey! That’s me, minus the cats.”

A third Redditor added, “I consider time spent with my cat as socialising.”

2. Your “Normal Life” Looks Like “Lockdown”

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“Not noticing the difference between ‘normal life’ and lockdown,” somebody commented.

“What about enjoying the lockdown? Would that count,” replied another.

“I realized right before covid that my life was completely boring and consisted of pretty much just video games and TV, made a promise to change that. It was delayed because of the pandemic but I’ve made such an intense turn-around since,” somebody added.

3. No One Calls

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One user shared, “No one phone calls me (at least most of the times).”

Another person replied, “Hey, it’s me! I’ve bought a brand new iPhone 14 in November. Got 0 phone call/0 texts. Still paying 45 a month for the carrier. Yes, I’m a f—ing clown.”

4. Figuring It All Out Alone

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Somebody commented, “When everything I want to do, be it travel, sports or trying new restaurants, I have to figure out how to do it alone.”

Then somebody replied, “I do so many things alone, but I never feel alone. Setting your own schedule and pace can be a blessing. I’m just now wrapping up a 3 destination, 10 day road trip mega solo vacation. It’s been challenging but worth it.”

Then the third added, “I keep going back and forth on feeling alone. Somedays I am able to conquer it all on my own, but there are days when I long for meaningful company.”

5. Reddit Moderator

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“Reddit mods are power hungry nerds,” said one.

“When people say they don’t think I’m that introverted I always remind them I spend my free time on Reddit,” somebody added.

6. Lots of Book Stacks

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One Reddit user stated, “Currently looking at my ever growing bookshelves.”

Another person replied, “Tbh, I’d pick my books over a social life any day of the week (and twice on Sunday).”

7. Sharing Facebook Posts

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“Sharing quotes multiple times a day on things like Facebook,” said one.

“Oh my god! One of my friends on IG does this and it’s all like, single people affirmations about holding out for someone who deserves you and stuff, and talking about ‘what god has in store for you’ type sh–. It’s seriously 20-50 story posts A DAY. I’ve only been following her for a few weeks and I just had to mute her because I couldn’t take it anymore,” somebody replied.

8. Not Traveling for Holidays

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One person shared, “5 days of long holiday and not going anywhere.”

A second person replied, “I feel this. I take PTO just to sit at home and not do anything for a day.” 

Another commenter added, “F— that, I just came home for summer [break] (uni), and I literally don’t have any plans, for the whole summer. Not a single person I can go out with, not even for a single night, let alone to any vacations or to a beach. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself, and how not to die of boredom (I have already watched 10 movies in this week).”

9. You Share Everything You Do Online

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“You post normal stuff everyone does because you are excited. You are in the Cinema? You post. You are in the gym…you post. You are drinking Beer….you post,” somebody stated.

“It’s nice to see the joy in the simple things,” the second person replied.

“Oh, so this is considered normal? Well f— me, I have no social life then,” the third added.

10. Constantly on Social Media

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Somebody shared, “Constantly being on social medias.”

Another person replied, “Responding to your own threads haha.”

Then a third added, “Liking your own FB-posts.”

12. Having Few Stories About Friends

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“Not having many funny stories involving other people,” commented one.

“I got those too I’m just so funny I get good stories when I’m not limited by the morals of friends,” another one replied.

“Well there was the time when I walked past that one guy in the street, good times,” the third added.

Did you agree with the things listed here? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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