Flush with Cash: 8 Ways People Would Spend Lottery Winnings

We’ve all daydreamed of winning the lottery and the things that we would do with the money. Some of it involves buying a new house, car and traveling the world. We’ve all got plans, despite our one-in-a-million chance of winning.

However, if you’re also wondering what others would do when they won the lottery, just continue reading!

1. Find a Lawyer

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Somebody commented, “My parents had a friend win a $1 million scratch off. Called their cousin who was a lawyer that put them in contact with an accountants took the $769K payout to take care of taxes and paid his house and youngest child’s graduate study loans off. He now is in good standings to enjoy the rest of the $500k on his own.”

Another person replied, “A tax lawyer to be exact. And a financial advisor / wealth manager. You’ll be quickly needing to make the decision whether you’re going to take a lump sum payment or have your winnings paid out in installments.”

2. Buy More Lottery Tickets

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One person said, “Spend all my winnings on more lottery tickets. Double or nothing!”

The second person replied with another idea, “Wait to cash it. Divide the money up into trusts so it can’t be plundered by anyone, including myself.”

3. Bide My Time

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“Absolutely nothing until all winnings are confirmed to be in my bank account. Then probably get some high class [s-xual fun] and a frightening amount of [drugs],” somebody replied.

Another person added, “And then back to work a month later with a raging coke habit you can no longer afford?”

4. Quit My Job

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One person stated, “Quit my job, just tell them I’m checking myself into a psychiatric hospital before they have to lock me up there after I totally lose it.”

The second person replied, “My colleagues would totally believe I need it.”

5. Buy Mom a House

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“After the usual stuff. (Lawyer, accountant etc) I’d buy my mom a house,” one person shared.

“I’ve been saying this similar answer for years.. Haha. Buy my parents a house, get them all moved in, and spend some time with them, get them everything they want/need for the house/property. Then I’m off on my travels for a while,” the second person replied.

6. Pay Loans and Medical Bills

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Somebody said, “Paying student loans and medical bills.”

Clearing such debts offers more than just monetary freedom; it lifts a heavy emotional burden. These debts often loom large, affecting life choices and daily stress levels. With them gone, many envision a life with fewer constraints and greater opportunities.

7. Disappear

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One person stated, “Disappear.”

Then somebody replied, “Somebody may do that for you.”

Winning the lottery brings sudden attention and potential pressure. For some, the instinct is to disappear; to maintain privacy and avoid scrutiny. It’s a momentary retreat before navigating newfound wealth.

8. House With a Swimming Pool

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One person said, “Buy a house with an indoor swimming pool, drain it. Take the prize in cash. Fill the pool with the money and Scrooge McDuck it.”

Winning the lottery means realizing dreams. For many, it’s buying a house with a swimming pool, a symbol of luxury and comfort. It’s about securing an ideal living space and enjoying life’s pleasures.

Which of these things are you going to do first after winning the lottery? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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