Laugh Till Your Sides Split: 7 Corny Jokes That Are Still Funny

You think you’ve already heard the funniest joke there is? Well, you’re wrong! If you’re having a bad day or just want to unwind by surfing the net, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s all have a good laugh. Here are 8 corny jokes that are guaranteed to make your day lighter!

1. Yo Momma

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One person commented, “Yo momma so fat she had triabetes.”

A second person replied, “Yo momma so fat she turned a monster truck into a low rider.”

Then the third added, “Yo momma so poor she can’t afford to pay attention.”

2. Penguin Driver

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Somebody shared, “A penguin is taking a casual drive on a hot summer day. When suddenly, his check engine light comes on and the car starts making noises. He manages to pull into a mechanic shop just in time. They say they will check it out and come back later.

“So the penguin waddles off. But it’s a hot day, and as he’s an arctic bird, he gets hot. He sees an ice cream shop. Stops in and buys a triple cone of vanilla. It’s so good! But he’s a penguin, and his flippers aren’t good for holding ice cream cones. He gets messy, but he doesn’t care.

“After an hour or so, the penguin returns to the shop. The mechanic tells him, ‘Well, looks like you blew a seal.’ The penguin responds, “f— you, man! It’s just ice cream.’”

Another person replied, “Dude. That is a great joke!”

3. Ladies From Whales

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One Reddit user said, “Gentleman: ‘Excuse me, ladies. Where are you from?’

“Ladies: ‘Wales.’

“Gentleman: ‘Very well, then. Excuse me, whales, where are you from?'”

4. Are Your Parents Home?

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One Redditor shared, “A door-to-door salesman rings the bell, and a kid answers. The kid is wearing a woman’s nightie and high-heeled shoes and is holding a martini. He is also smoking a cigar. The salesman asks, ‘Are your parents home?’ The kid answers, ‘Do you think?'”

5. Damn, Genie

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One person commented, “A man walks into a bar and sees a tiny man playing a tiny piano on the bar. He asks the bartender what’s up with that, and the bartender tells him there’s a genie outside granting wishes. The man goes to see the genie, and the genie prompts him to make his wish. ‘I want a million bucks!’ Suddenly, a million ducks fly overhead, quacking their hearts out. Frustrated, the man goes back in and finds the bartender. ‘I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks!’ The bartender says, “Yeah no s–, you really think I asked for a ten-inch pianist?”

6. Sticky and Brown

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Someone shared, “‘What’s brown and sticky?’ ‘A stick.’”

Another one replied with an equally funny joke, “‘Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?’ ‘It died.’”

Then the third added, “That was one of my Father’s favorite jokes. He always followed it up with, ‘Why did the chicken fall out of the tree?’ ‘It was stapled to the monkey.’”

7. Chemist and a Plumber

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Somebody said, “How can you tell a plumber and a chemist apart? Ask them to pronounce unionized!”

Which of the jokes did you find funny? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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