What Doesn’t Kill You: 24 of the Worst Things We’ve Stepped On

Have you ever had the misfortune of maneuvering through an unlit room in the dark, only to accidentally step on a Lego, or something even worse? The sensation can be anything from slightly awkward and embarrassing to downright gross and uncomfortable! Whether it’s a squished bug or a disgusting pile of soggy debris—chances are everyone has encountered their fair share of not-so-pleasant objects on the floor. So, here are the top twenty-five worst things we’ve ever stepped on!

1. A Puddle of Vomit 

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One user posted, “Slipped in a puddle of vomit covered with sawdust in high school and immediately fell into it. That was pretty bad.”

Another user commented, “Terrible then, hilarious story now!”

One user replied, “It sounds like you and I have the same amount of grace, lol.”

2. Decomposing Body Fluid 

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“I work in a hospital, and I sometimes take deceased patients to the morgue. One night, I was told to assist the security guard in the morgue, and I discovered a very obese dead woman lying on the floor in a perfect anatomical position. The body bag had burst when she fell off the lift, which is why she was lying there naked.

“Anyhoo, some unidentified decomposing bodily fluids leaked out and created a large pool on the floor, which all stepped in because it was just everywhere. I’ve stepped in pee, poop, blood, and amniotic fluid, but that one was the worst.

“Edit: By sometimes, I mean anytime someone dies on the night shift. The morgue is literally never cleaned, and I constantly joke that the zombie apocalypse will start with one of us schmucks getting infected by some super-pathogen that evolved in our morgue over the decades,” one Redditor shared. 

Another user replied, “That’s crazy! I feel like mine is grosser somehow, but yours is more unique!”

3. Large Blood Clots

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One user commented, “Nurse here: I had a patient come out of surgery for ENT-type cancer. He called out and asked for me because he spit out a blood clot. I RAN to his room. I immediately called the doctor and told him to get there quickly or we would be calling a code. We did reach a code.

“Thirty seconds after I walked into the room, his internal carotid artery blew. There was blood everywhere! Blood clots the size of baseballs were coming out of this man. I had to straddle him in the bed, holding internal pressure with 4×4 gauze on hemostats (shoved down his throat and to the right so he could breathe). All the way to the OR, with me staring into this guy’s eyes, reminding him to breathe. He left the hospital a week later.

“However, I had his blood and blood clots saturating my scrubs… [even] a softball-size clot… That was gross. As a nurse, I’ve had every substance in the human body squirted on me, including the liquid part of an eyeball.”

Another user commented, “You saved his life. You’re amazing. Thank you, awesome nurse b-d-ss! I’m teary-eyed (not even being sarcastic) because I imagine being him. Scared and dying, the nurse b-d-ss saves your life and holds eye contact with you so you get to go home to your family a week later…”

4. Three Snails With Bare Feet

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“I stepped on no less than three snails with my bare feet in the span of about ten seconds. I felt a crunch and panicked and stepped on another, and then on a third,” one Redditor commented.

Another user also added, “I went for a walk the first morning I ever lived in California, and it had just rained very hard and was still drizzling. I walked for a good while with my headphones in, just staring at the mountain ranges and all of the new sights and thinking about how happy I was to be there. Finally, after a few minutes, I took my headphones out, and after taking a few steps, I heard a crunch. I thought it was just leaves or something and move on. Then there’s another and another, and another until I look back at the absolute carnage I left behind.

“For some reason, snails flood the sidewalk when it rains, which I didn’t know existed in those numbers, and I have never seen one before. I must have killed about 50 snails when I walked back and saw how many I stepped on. I feel so bad about it.”

5. A Very Large Spider

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One user shared, “A very large garage spider. I felt all of its legs struggle for a second as its body was crushed beneath the bare sole of my foot. It made a slight wet popping sound in the milliseconds before I realized what was occurring. Once I did, I immediately did a jig around the house with one foot in the air, screaming like I had just been born. It still haunts my dreams.”

Another user replied, “As someone with a serious fear of spiders, this is my worst nightmare.”

6. Warm Cat Vomit

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One Redditor commented, “Grossest: warm cat vomit. Most painful: jellyfish.”

Another user replied, “I’ve also stepped in warm cat vomit. I got in between my toes and made squishy noises. It was disgusting!”

One user shared, “Same, woke up at 3 am having to piss, left the lights off to retain the sleep in my eyes, stepped barefoot onto a warm cat puke on the carpet. He must’ve puked minutes before I woke up to pee.”

7. A Toothpick

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“A toothpick. I was a kid and felt minimal pain after stepping on something. There was only a tiny dot of blood under my pinky toe, so I didn’t think it was a big deal. Walking hurt over the next few days, and later, the spot got a bit infected. And as I was scratching at it, I pulled out a whole toothpick. I had no idea it went completely inside my foot,” one user shared. 

8. A Flying Roach

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One user posted, “When I was roughly 4-5 years old, I was out back in the yard making mud pies minding my business when this big a– terrifying flying rad roach came skittering past and when I stepped on it all its nasty little sectioned-off babies came squishing out. I’ve been terrified of them since.”

9. A Butterfly

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“I unintentionally stepped on a butterfly at a butterfly sanctuary,” one user shared.

Another user commented, “There was a sound of thunder.”

10. A Scorpion

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One Redditor posted, “A scorpion, ugh. It stung me right in the middle of the bottom of my foot. It hurt so f—ing bad, but eventually it just went numb. Weird experience.”

11. A Hot Welder Bead

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“White-hot welder bead,” one user shared.

Another commenter asked, “Jesus, did it melt your skin?”

The first commenter answered, “A bit got stuck in my heel for a second.”

12. A Fishing Hook

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One user posted, “A carelessly discarded fishing hook.”

Another user added, “My answer is also fish hook! I was like 4-5. It was one of those 3 or 4 pronged ones, f—er was in there pretty good. I recall my grandpa carefully undoing it and getting it out. Ugh.”

13. A Banana Slug

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One online user posted, “Was walking barefoot outside and accidentally stepped on a banana slug. I shudder every time I think about it.”

Another user replied, “I call those slugs (and any large slugs) anacondas. I stepped on a tiny slug outside that caught between my toes and wouldn’t come out. I had to grab it out of there, and I’m traumatized forever.”

14. Rattlesnake

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“Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (edit: Barefoot),” one user shared.

One user replied, “I walked INTO a full-sized copperhead a few weeks ago. Like scooped up with my foot enough to feel its soft body. {{{shudder}}} it didn’t bite… I like to think it realized I didn’t want to kill it. (I’ve seen it around a few times but saw a turtle and got excited).”

15. A Rusty Nail

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One user shared, “It’s a tie between stepping on a rusty nail that went into my heel about an inch or so and stepping on a shard of a broken cup that made a deep curved cut. OUCH!”

Another user commented, “I can feel the words ‘deep curved cut’.”

One replied, “The stitches hurt! They just started sewing it up before the ‘numbing agent’ went to work! At least it went numb shortly before they finished. I also discovered that I’m allergic to codeine and returned to the ER that night! 16-year-olds shouldn’t have symptoms of having a stroke.”

16. A Three-Ring Binder


“My daughter’s three-ring binder. Late at night it was very dark as I walked through the living room on my way to the bathroom. It was lying open on the floor, and I didn’t see it—the middle ring went deep into my heel. I went down, and it stuck. I had to twist it to get it off,” one commenter shared. 

17. A Cockroach

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One Redditor posted, “I was staying at a hotel (where guests stay in small cottages) in Ethiopia and put my boots on one morning before going out for the day—something felt a little weird at first but went away when I started walking so I didn’t think anything of it and went out for the day. When I took my shoes off later that night, I noticed a weird colour on my socks, so I looked in my shoes to find…

“A giant squashed cockroach. I’d been walking around all day with a dead cockroach right under my foot. I still feel uncomfortable when I think about that day.”

18. A Red Wasp 

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One user shared, “A giant red wasp. I’ve had bee stings before. They hurt for five minutes and then mostly go away. I iced that sting for at least an hour. It was hellaciously itchy for a few days, too.

“I haven’t walked barefoot in the grass since.”

19. Kitten Poop

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“Kitten poop that my daughter didn’t clean up in her room, and it got in between my toes and smashed into the carpet…” one user added.

Another user commented, “Oh honey, no. I’m so sorry. Yuck.”

20. The Pin of a Security Tag

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One user shared, “I work in retail. Once, I was wearing thin shoes and stepped on the pin of a security tag. It went through my shoe into my foot. The worst part was I was serving a customer, so that I couldn’t react. I just called my colleague and asked him to continue the transaction as I needed to excuse myself. I then had to try and walk normally to the back of the store (tills were at the front staff room at the back). When I finally got there, it took 5 minutes of deep breathing and coaxing to remove this pin from my foot. There was blood all over my shoe, and it was all over the floor. It was the most unpleasant experience of my life.”

Another user replied, “When I was a store manager, I had to pull a big one from my associate’s foot because every time she touched it, she would ‘chicken out.’ I felt so bad hearing the noise she made when it pulled free… I’m usually not squeamish, but that day got me.”

21. Fire Ants

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“A nest of fire ants,” one Redditor added.

Another user replied, “Same. The pain persisted for hours…”

22. Broken glass

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One user added, “Broken glass. Fun fact: glass cuts on the way in. And it cuts on the way out.”

Another user responded, “I fell and broke a glass mirror with my ass/thigh, got a 1-2 inch gash, and bits of tiny shards were embedded. I couldn’t get to the ER (I was housesitting, and the nearest ER was an hour away, and urgent care was closed). I was so freaked out and thought I was going to get sepsis. I still have a nasty scar from it that is super elevated, so I’m not sure if I dug all the glass out.”

23. A Used Condom

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“I stepped out of my truck onto a freshly discarded used condom at a hiking trail dirt parking lot. Pretty close to nearly puking about it for quite a while afterward,” one Redditor commented.

Another user replied, “Thank God, NO! Hiking boots. Barefoot, or even sandals, would have put me into PTSD territory forever. I don’t have a strong stomach on my best days…”

24. Black Spiny Urchins

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One user shared, “I think I stepped on one of those black spiny urchins in the Caribbean while snorkeling without shoes. They were pretty hard to avoid, especially with the waves pushing you back against rocks covered in them. They didn’t start hurting until later, and I also didn’t know if they were just venomous enough to hurt or if they could be deadly. I went to the cruise ship doctor to get checked out and noped outta there when he told me it’d be $100+ for a checkup, even with my insurance. But I lived b–ch!”

Have you also experienced something like the ones listed above? Share the below!

Source: Reddit.

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