Mirror Mirror: 6 Surprising Things People Have Learned About Themselves

There are some things that we’ve figured out ourselves a bit late. Some people just found out that they actually have a skill they never suspected and have been proud since. While it may be a great thing for others, it might be a different case for another. Maybe you just learned about a vice you didn’t think you were guilty of. Today we’re exploring some of the things people have just recently learned about themselves!

1. I’m Struggling Because of Bullying

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Somebody commented, “I’m a mentally f—ed person because of bullying. People don’t understand what bullying is like until [they’re bullied themselves].”

Another one replied, “I hear you. I was bullied by exclusion in school about 25 years ago, and it changed me. I never really understood how much until recently. I lost all confidence in my social skills, became reluctant to take the initiative in social interactions, and I can spiral really quickly if I feel like people don’t want to spend time with me or decline my invitations. I know I am loved and appreciated, but the trauma response is fast and strong.”

2. I Have an Addictive Personality

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One Reddit user shared, “Despite getting sober, there’s almost nothing I can’t turn into an addiction. I’ve picked up a lot of hobbies, and I inevitably partake in them until they start getting in the way of more important things. Working out? Oops I gave myself tendinitis. Shopping? Oops I spent my paycheck. Playing music? Oops the neighbors are telling me to turn down my amp. Video games are my current addiction. I’ll play for hours after work and then I’ll suddenly realize it’s past my bedtime and I forgot to have dinner. At least I’m recognizing this behavior and trying to correct it, is what I tell myself. When I drank, this issue was conveniently out of my mind.”

3. I’m a Disappointment

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“I’m more of a disappointment than I anticipated,” said one.

There are times that we can really be hard on ourselves when all we do is survive, so let us remember that we all have our lowest times and that we can always turn the tables around.

4. I’m Not a Lesbian

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One user said, “That I’m not actually a lesbian. I had a sneaking suspicion, since when asked, I always said I liked women but would give a man a chance if there was already a connection there. And sure enough, my now boyfriend asked me on a date and I took the chance. We’ve been together for nearly 6 months now. Also, I knew I was a doormat for longer than a year. But I discovered the full impact of that recently. Now it’s something I want to work on.”

5. I’m More Self-Aware

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“I’ve become more self-aware as I’ve gotten older. Just reconnected with a friend, and we were going over stories in high school where I was hot mess, and really didn’t know it. Now she says that since we reconnected, I’m more self-aware of my actions and why I did what I did back then. I think it’s an accomplishment, honestly,” shared somebody.

6. I’m Afraid of Death

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One person stated, “That I can hate one nationality so much, even if it’s children or the elderly. And that I am afraid of death. A little explanation: I always thought I wouldn’t be afraid of death, or at least I wouldn’t react so panicked if it suddenly came. But in reality, I am afraid of death. And also loud noises.”

Do you have some things that you’re afraid of that have been discovered recently? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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