I’m Not Telling: 17 Secrets People Kept From Their Family

We all have secrets we keep, no matter how close we are to our friends and family. We bury them inside and keep our mouths shut to protect us or the people we love, or sometimes for reasons we can’t even name.

If you love secrets, continue reading, and you’ll be shocked by what you read here.

1. I Don’t Enjoy My Family

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Somebody commented, “Most of the time I don’t really wanna be around them. It’s definitely a ‘me issue.’ I love them and like being around them for a little while, but I always regret it once I’m stuck with them. It kinda sucks to not enjoy the people you wanna enjoy.”

A second person replied, “I’ve recently moved back home and am experiencing this. It’s not them; it’s definitely me. It’s like I’m an angry, frustrated 15-year-old kid again? Is it muscle memory to be a miserable one? Is it just energy in the house? It’s a mess, haha.”

Finally, the third added, Yeah, I just moved back home for the first time since leaving for college, and it’s wild how short my fuse is with my mom.”

2. I Cry in Secret

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“Everyone thinks that I don’t cry. I haven’t even cried at my grandpa’s funeral or my mother’s funeral, Even when I told my dad that my ex and I separated, or when I had to put my dog down, or when I had to sell my mom’s car. On all those occasions, I cried alone in my room,” said one.

“It’s ok to cry alone. At least you do it. It took me a long time to allow myself to cry over my sadness/grief without feeling weak (I was constantly telling myself to man up). The day will come when you’ll trust other people to cry in their presence,” somebody replied.

3. I’ve Been an Addict

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One Reddit user shared, “Drug use. Been in recovery since 2017.”

Another person replied, “I’m in rehab now, just got out of detox on Friday, good luck on your journey, and hope you have a great life.”

Then the third added, “It gets easier. A day will come where you don’t think about using. The hard part is getting to that point.”

4. I’m Struggling, and People Expect Me to Just Move On

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Somebody shared, “My mom recently died, and she was my best friend. I hide how sad I am. I feel like it has been 5 months, and people act like I should be getting on with it. I can’t even put together a celebration of life because I am overwhelmed with grief and sadness. No one knows how badly I am struggling mentally. Faking it is exhausting, and I dread every minute of it. Hiding depression and intrusive thoughts is a full-time job.”

“Only 5 months? Oh, my dear. You have my deepest condolences. My old daddy died a year and a half ago, and my heart hurts every time I think about him. Please give yourself time to grieve as long as you need to. You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your mother. Big Hugs,” replied another.

5. I’m Secretly Depressed

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“I got past their future sadness, but stuck on ‘who is well fitted to love my dogs more than I do’ gang,” one user shared.

“My suicidal relative says she won’t do it because she knows her dog will go straight to the pound. Thank God for that dog,” the second person replied.

“It is interesting how pet responsibility changes our decision-making. For a while, I was becoming okay with the idea of being homeless, but because my birds were under my care, I turned my life around so they would be safe and comfy at night, with a nice window to look out from,” the third added.

6. I Don’t Feel Connected

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“That I don’t feel as loved or connected to them as they think. They adopted me when I was 10, and I’ve kind of always felt distant from most of them. I don’t know if it’s normal or some kind of mental health/trauma response,” someone shared.

“Also adopted, but I was adopted at birth. There’s this book called The Primal Wound that was recommended to me when I was younger that addresses this whole feeling. I’ve gone through phases of feeling very connected and not connected at all to my family. I think it’s just part of being adopted, especially when other people straight up don’t understand what adoption really is. If you don’t feel ready to talk to someone about it and maybe want to look more into it, I’d suggest trying to read the book,” replied another.

7. I’m Keeping Up for ‘Family’

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One user stated, “The only reason I keep up with most of my family is because they are family. I would have cut most of them out of my life years ago.”

“It’s not for everyone, but I decided a few years ago that chance and biology aren’t a promise. No one is entitled to a relationship with me. I hold my family to the same standards of mutual respect as anyone else I spend my short life with, which is why I no longer speak to one of my siblings. It’s freeing,” added someone.

Then the third added, “I cut ties with my remaining family. They were all toxic, and after my dad died, I just couldn’t stand the environment and poor treatment anymore. You’re not obligated to them, and hopefully, if and when you do change your mind, you’ll get a big relief like I did. I’m rooting for you!”

8. I Feel Like a Machine

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Somebody commented, “I don’t feel like I have a self or any self-identity—years of derealization and depersonalization. I just feel like a biological machine. There doesn’t seem to be any intrinsic self or meaning. I dissociate for long periods of time.”

Then another one replied, “Sometimes I feel like that, I had a horrible relationship, I suffered from domestic violence, and after getting out of it, I feel like I’m just trying to imitate who I was before the said relationship. I’m just here, existing. I did manage to find a partner that treats me very well; I guess that what I currently do, is for her. She makes it bearable.”

9. I’m Tired All the Time

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“That I am so, so tired. Literally all the time. It doesn’t sound so bad, but after a while, it really does start to feel like some big secret. Maybe I have some autoimmune thing going on, but I’m so fatigued and I have to kind of brush it under the rug around my friends and family,” one person commented.

“Definitely get some blood work done. It could be a myriad of things (B12 deficiency, iron deficiency, thyroid issue) that have relatively simple and effective treatments. Don’t neglect yourself and your health. Your body is telling you something is wrong,” somebody replied.

10. I’m Not Allergic to Seafood

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Somebody shared, “I lied about being allergic to seafood 3 years ago because I hated it so much. Now my friends are broadcasting it to everyone new or old I meet, making it impossible for me to eat seafood anywhere and everywhere. I don’t hate it anymore, so I began eating it behind closed doors when no one was around. Heck, even my family started believing that I was heavily allergic to it. There’s no turning back now.”

11. I Feel More Connected to One of my Children

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“I feel more connected to one child than I do the other, and I don’t know how to fix it. They’re still young, so I desperately want to strengthen my relationship with her. But I know she feels the disconnect too and is desperate for a better relationship,” said one.

“It’s pretty normal to relate to one kid more than another, as they all have unique personalities, and some personalities get along better than others. Just relax, spend time with the kid one on one, and appreciate the kid for exposing you to a different way of looking at things,” replied another.

12. I Don’t Want to Work So Hard

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One person commented, “I have a ‘great’ life, but man, it is way too f—ing busy. I’d rather lower my standards and just hang around. My wife has limitless ambition and an insane work ethic. I have no desire to keep working as hard as we have been.”

Another one replied with sarcasm, “Thanks for validating my extreme laziness and introversion.”

Then the third added, “I really feel this. I’m on the verge of quitting my job and giving up on the CPA exam, and just getting a job at the post office (I know they work hard too, but mental and physical work are different) because I’m tired. I just want a small house on some land. To clock in and out of work and not have to face the daily dread.”

13. Pushing “God” is Why I’m Not Religious

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“Pushing ‘god’ on me is the reason why I’m not religious,” shared one.

“It’s always funny how it always ends up the opposite of what parents think will happen. Growing up with a single Lutheran mom that had to take care of my special needs brother, she never really pushed religion on me, but I decided to take it up myself. Unlike my cousins that strayed away due to being forced into it from a young age.”

14. I See Things

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“That I see things and have visions about my death, it’s a mental health problem, but my mum has schizoaffective disorder with psychotic tendencies, so I don’t want it to get out so people don’t treat me like I need hospital treatment. I’ve been visiting her in hospital all my life, and I refuse to be that one everyone looks down on,” one person stated. 

“I used to be an intern in psych. It must be lonely to feel like you can’t share this. If it helps, you are not alone. Many, many more people have a mask but have mental disorders. It is actually more ‘normal’ than you might think. What I learned from my internship is that people with all sorts of disorders can have great lives. Many of these people I encountered were talented, unique, and amazing. I hope you get the support you need. Wishing you all the very best,” the second person replied.

15. I Feel Unloved and Unlovable

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Somebody stated, “How unloved and how unlovable I feel.”

A second person replied, “Same, always wonder what’s wrong with me.”

Another commenter added, “Well I love you. Genuinely. As someone who’s been an outcast and black sheep all my life, I know your struggle. I especially have a special place in my heart for others who know that pain.”

16. I Keep Everything From My Parents

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“I’m not close with my parents because they’re neglectful and never took an interest in things I /do/like/whatever. So I guess everything is a secret, because I never told them anything,” said one.

“Yup, feel that. And they (the parents) look at you as if you’re crazy,” replied another.

17. I Don’t Want to Date

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One Reddit user said, “I’m single, not because I can’t find anyone (because there’s always someone that wants to pursue me), but because I’m too afraid to let anyone close to me anymore. I’d rather be lonely than be hurt again. In a perfect world, I’d get married and have a few kids, but I’m sad that it probably won’t happen because of my trust issues.”

The second person replied, “I’ve been there, gotten happy to be alone and by myself. Someone happened to pop into my life and taking dating extremely slow and knowing I don’t ‘need’ this is very freeing to have in my head. Try and heal yourself. (If you want someone around) and remember that a new person will not be the last person. Don’t go into a relationship thinking that way. Clean slate.”

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Source: Reddit.

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