10 Actors and Actresses Who Are Immediately Recognizable by Their Voice

There are several notable voices in Hollywood. Which actor or actress is instantly recognizable whenever you hear their voice? After polling the internet, here are the top-voted recognizable voices.

1. Kristen Schaal

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Kristen Schaal. Watching her raunchy stand-up after watching Gravity Falls is the most surreal and disturbing thing,” one confessed. “She was also Carol in The Last Man on Earth and Louise in Bob’s Burgers,” another added. 

2. Chris Rock

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“Chris Rock. His voice is immediately recognizable. As Marty on Madagascar and Everybody Hates Chris,” one stated. Another joked, “I don’t know. Michael Scott does a pretty good impersonation.”

3. John Goodman

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“John Goodman. Easily one of my favorite actors. He was so good in Cloverfield Lane and The Big Lebowski,” replied one. Another shared, “We watched Emperor’s New Groove this past weekend, and when Pacha started speaking, the room goes, “Oh, John Goodman!”

4. Patrick Warburton

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Patrick Warburton. Someone asked, “You mean the voice actor for Kronk? The voice actor specifically chosen to play Kronk? Kronk’s voice actor?” Another replied, “I always hear David Puddy from Seinfeld. You stole my Jesus fish, didn’t you?”

5. J.K. Simmons

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“J.K. Simmons, aka J Jonah “Omni-Man” Jameson himself,” one shared. Another confessed, “I watched the entire series of Legend of Korra without realizing he was Tenzin.”

“In his other roles, Simmons speaks in an immediately recognizable fashion, Like Omni-Man or Cave Johnson. With Tenzin, he has that same tonality but different speech mannerisms, and I had no clue. That’s top-class acting.”

6. Gilbert Gottfried

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“Gilbert Gottfried. That one is almost unfair,” replied one. “He’s one of those guys whose face you can hear,” another added. Finally, a third suggested, “His podcast is excellent, and he was great reading 50 Shades of Grey.”

7. Alan Rickman

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“Alan Rickman was my first thought. So distinctive,” replied one. “Alan Rickman! I want him to voice my maps app so badly.” Another quote, “By Grabthar’s Hammer, how could you forget about Alan Rickman?”

8. Christopher Walken

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Someone replied, “I can’t believe nobody’s said Christopher Walken yet!” Another joked, “Or, as Christopher Walken would say- Wow! I can’t believe — I forgot — about him — either.” Finally, a third person admitted, “I hear him reading Green Eggs and Ham in my head,” before another ended, “I gotta fevah…. And the only cure is more cowbell!”

9. James Earl Jones

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James Earl Jones came in as the second most recognizable voice. “I was re-watching The Lion King recently, and when he said, “My son,” I instantly heard Darth Vader breathing,” someone stated.

While one claimed, “James Earl Jones sounds different in the Star Wars movies as Darth Vader than he does in the Jack Ryan movies,” others disagreed. One added, “I came here to verify Morgan Freeman was number one but also pleasantly surprised to see James Earl Jones listed alongside.”

10. Morgan Freeman

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“Morgan Freeman. I can recognize this voice in one second. And you read Morgan Freeman’s name in Morgan Freeman’s voice in your head,” someone confessed. Then, another admitted, “I clicked on this post thinking the top comment would be Morgan Freeman. Did not disappoint.” Finally, someone joked, “Did anybody say, Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones?”

Honorable Mentions: Sean Connery, Fran Drescher, Sam Elliott, and Tom Hanks.

Source: Reddit.

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