Keep it Simple: 10 Things We’ve Vastly Overcomplicated

People brag about some things about how complicated or difficult something is, but many of those things shouldn’t have to be so complex. Here are 10 things we overcomplicate more than we should!

1. Pregnancy

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Somebody commented, “Pregnancy. My wife liked to complain about it, but I didn’t mind it.”

Pregnancy, a natural and age-old process, often becomes ensnared in a web of overanalyzed advice and societal expectations. While each journey is unique, and some face genuine challenges, the surrounding narrative frequently amplifies anxieties unnecessarily. We should embrace its innate simplicity more, rather than drowning in a sea of supposed ‘dos and don’ts’.

2. Being Polite

Being polite
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Being polite, at its core, is about showing respect and consideration for others, yet it often becomes entangled in a maze of cultural nuances and unwritten rules. While understanding varying etiquettes has its place, the essence of politeness can be overshadowed by fear of minor missteps. True courtesy should stem from genuine kindness, rather than an intricate dance of “right” and “wrong” gestures.

3. Driving a Forklift

Driving a forklift
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“Driving a forklift. It’s WAY easier than it looks,” one user stated.

“Not for me!” Replied another.

Driving a forklift, while requiring specific skills, often gets encumbered by exaggerated tales of its complexity. Yes, safety and precision are paramount, but the task is straightforward with proper training. We should focus on mastering the essentials rather than getting daunted by the mystique of its supposed intricacy.

4. Talking to Women

Talking to women
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Talking to women, just like conversing with any other human being, often becomes overburdened by societal stereotypes and unfounded anxieties. At the heart of it, meaningful communication is rooted in genuine interest and mutual respect. Overthinking or seeing it as a complex puzzle only hinders authentic connection.

5. Apologizing

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Apologizing, a simple act of acknowledging a mistake and expressing regret, frequently gets mired in ego and over-analysis. While sincerity is key, many dwell excessively on the “how” rather than the genuine “why” of the apology. A heartfelt “I’m sorry” without the surrounding theatrics often suffices.

6. Marriage

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One person commented, “Marriage, when you’re with the right person.”

Marriage, a union of two individuals, often gets overshadowed by societal pressures, grand expectations, and an overload of unsolicited advice. While relationships naturally have their dynamics, the essence of marriage should be about mutual understanding and growth. Yet, we often divert focus from the simple joys, instead getting ensnared in a web of supposed “norms” and “should-dos”.

7. Going to College

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Somebody shared, “University in general. Of course, there are some really hardcore studies like becoming a doctor or doing the most complex math problems. But these studies kind of overshadow the vast selection of studies that are simply high school level but with a bit more independency from the student. This mostly depends on which university you apply to and your own skills, but for me, by computer science bachelor was definitely not that difficult than I expected it to be. Then again, maybe computer science in general isn’t that difficult I don’t know.”

8. Cooking

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One user shared, “Cooking. It’s not as complicated as they make it sound.”

Cooking, at its essence, is about combining ingredients to create nourishment and pleasure, yet it’s often surrounded by fears of culinary faux pas and the quest for perfection. While exploring complex recipes can be rewarding, the basic joy of creating a meal gets overshadowed by over-hyped techniques and tools. True cooking thrives in simplicity and the personal touch, not just in cookbook precision.

9. Having Babies

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“Having babies. If it was bad, women wouldn’t be doing it multiple times,” somebody said.

Having babies, a natural phase of life, often becomes a whirlwind of unsolicited advice, societal timelines, and inflated expectations. While it’s true that parenthood brings challenges, the fundamental act of welcoming and nurturing life should be viewed with more simplicity and intuition. Yet, many are swayed by the barrage of ‘perfect parenting’ ideals, rather than embracing the organic ebb and flow of the journey.

10. Being Considerate

Being kind
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Being considerate, fundamentally about showing kindness and understanding towards others, often gets entangled in societal expectations and the fear of misjudgment. While nuances in social interactions exist, the core act of empathy becomes overshadowed by overthinking every gesture and word. True consideration should stem from an authentic place of care, rather than a choreographed dance of ‘right’ behaviors.

Do you also find these things to be overly complicated by other people? Let us know in the comments!

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