Ah, millennials, the generation of vast cultural and technological change. Though often misunderstood and misinterpreted as lazy slackers by their predecessors, millennials have been hardworking pillars of change that have shaped our contemporary world in ways unique to their own generation. So what is the millennial version of “back in my day”? What sets millennials apart from earlier generations? 

1. Downloading Lord of the Rings

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One user commented on the thread, “Back in my day we spent 2 weeks downloading the first Lord of the Rings movie, and it turned out to be Russian fetish corn.” 

Another replied, “Don’t disrespect your elders. We would verify by watching portions of the file as soon as they could play on anything. Like… only 2 hours after taking up all the bandwidth :(….”

“The sequel gets less heavy-handed,” one commenter added. 

2. Computer Mice

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One user reminisced, “When I was young, computer mice had balls.”

Another replied, “Mice still have balls. Very prominent ones on rats, too. Even though you’re an older computer, you should be able to look that up no problem.”

One commenter replied, “I was Fully Aware male Biological Mice had balls, however, the Technological Ones were the ones being discussed.”  

Another Redditor replied, “Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh.”

3. Endless AA Batteries

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One user commented, “Back in my day, we put 6 AA batteries in the Game Gear, and it only lasted 3 hours before we needed 6 more.”

Another added, “3 hours… optimistic.” 

One commenter confirmed, “So true.”

Another Redditor asked, “How many batteries did it take to beat The Lion King?” 

“Trick question,” someone replied, “The Lion King is impossible to beat.”

4. Family Computer

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One sharer posted, “Many houses had ‘computer rooms’ that the entire family shared and had to take turns using the family computer. We also had to share the house phone line so someone could sneakily listen in on your convo from another room.”

Another added, “You could unscrew the mouthpiece and remove the microphone from those older rotary phones….much easier to listen in.”

5. Internet Used the Phone Line

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One Redditor shared, “You had to get off the internet if someone needed to make a call.”

Another jokingly commented, “So, THAT’S what happened to all the Kleenex… 😉 XD” 

6. Texting Cost 25 Cents

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One sharer commented, “Back in my day, it cost 25 cents to text someone on a different phone provider and 5 cents if they were on the same provider.” 

Another added, “Oh man, I had completely forgotten that. Autokey wasn’t a thing, either, so you just had to click the phone button for 1 four times to write ‘c’.” 

7. 1-Hour Download

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One user shared, “Back in my day, it could take hours to download one song.” 

One added, “Modem noises, not being able to use the internet if your mum was chatting on the phone, 3D Space Cadet Pinball.” 

8. Gamespy

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One user shared, “Back in my day, we didn’t have matchmaking [for online games]. We just played against whoever was on the Gamespy Quake and Counterstrike servers, and we loved it.”

Another added, “Gamespy. Now, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. I lived on that… back in the day. Played Quake2 more than any other game in my life.”

One Redditor responded,” Quake 3 was my jam.”

9. Connecting to the Internet

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A user shared, “”Alright, time to get on the internet…


“GneeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEuuuuuuuu bbbbbWEUHWEUH gggggggggggggh clk clk wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuw “EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHE.

“Alright, now just a short 3 days before that new Spice Girls CD is all downloaded.”

“I had to wait 45 minutes to download a song, audio only! And half the time, it was the wrong song labeled differently! Or had random sounds added to it to ruin it,” another replied. 

10. Phonebook


A user commented, “Back in my day, phones only made calls, and if you weren’t privileged enough, you had to call your parents collect, leave you a message in the name and hang up before they accepted, or they would be charged $20 a min.”

Another user added, “Phonebook, dial-up, stationary mice, letters in the mail, no earbuds, cordless phone, wow!” 

One replied, “In the 90’s.”

Source: Reddit.

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