From Interest to Obsession: When Hobbies Become Your Personality

Do you have that one friend who seems to devote their entire personality or sense of self around a particular idea, trend, or thing? You know the type—their identity is inextricably linked to things like superhero movies, vintage clothing styles, fashion trends and so on. It’s almost as if they forget who they are without these external items defining them! While it can be fun, there comes a point when it goes beyond that. So let’s look at some silly fixations people put huge amounts of importance on that really shouldn’t matter all that much.

1. Astrology

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One user shared, “How come still nobody said horoscope, zodiac sign and all that stuff? ‘Oh yes, I cheated and acted like a crazy person, classic’.”

2. Sexual Orientation

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One user posted, “Sexual orientation. I’m all for the LGBTQ community, but it’s not a personality.”

Another user replied, “I was looking for this one!”

3. Donald Trump

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“Trump. Surprised I’m the first. It’s like asking, ‘Name something liquid,’ and people avoid saying ‘water,'” one user commented.

For or Against

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Another commenter replied, “He’s a trump card because both liking or disliking him is a personality substitute.”

4. A Special Diet

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One user shared, “Weed. Food. S-x.”

Another user asked, “Personalities revolved around food?”

One user replied, “Vegans. Vegetarians. Foodies in general.”

Good Food Snob

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Another Redditor added, “Food snobs are on par with vegans. I enjoy high-brow food, worked in the industry, and appreciate all the nuances, but a well-done grilled cheese or greasy burger sometimes just can’t be beaten.”

5. Generational Divides

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“Generations such as Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Z,” one user added.

Another user replied, “Maybe the other 2, but Gen Xers don’t give a damn about being Gen X. I’d say Millennials and Boomers are the two generations most obsessed with themselves.”

Generation Doesn’t Matter Much

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One user responded, “They are on TikTok and Facebook. I don’t really care what generation someone is from. It’s really if you are a good person or not.”

6. Fitness

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“Fitness,” one user shared.

Another user posted, “Not a bad thing.”

One commenter replied, “But it’s boring to hear people go on about it; we all know what it is. Maybe say a little bit about it, but anything more than that is boring.”

Fitness as an Interest

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However, one user replied, “Disagree, partly. People of similar interests will not find it boring to ‘go on about’ the topic they’re both interested in. However, I see your POV in that one person interested in something rambling on about it to somebody who’s not interested in that kind of thing is annoying, but that doesn’t mean they’ve made it their personality, lmao, so we run into another problem.

“I don’t automatically think someone has made something their whole personality just because I’m not interested in it. The word personality is another example of how much we’ve diluted it down to being used for something we disagree with or are not interested in as much… ‘Oh, it must be your whole personality’ is wrong; the person likes to do something and is surprised! That person likes to talk about something they want to do…what a discovery.”

7. Golf

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One user posted, “Golf. I have a coworker who brings his clubs into the office every day and shouts out, ‘That’s a real hole in one!’ to customers on the phone at least five times a day. Once, I even found a golf ball in the toilet, and I just knew it was him.”

8. Video Games

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“I think a ton of people, on a surface level, revolve their personality around things they enjoy. I’m guilty of it for video games and wrestling. I also lift weights, and that’s moving into my personality as well; it’s fun to talk about,” one Redditor shared. 

Do you agree with the things posted above? Share your comments below!

Source: Reddit.

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