Whether you’re a foodie or simply enjoy the occasional meal, we all have our favorite foods that hit just the right spot. However, there are also those meals that can ruin your day instantly—leaving you with regret over even tasting it. Below are some of the top 25 most hated foods from around the globe:

1. Food That Waiters Bring to the Next Table

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One user shared, “You know when the waiter comes from the kitchen, with a plate that looks just DELICIOUS and—more importantly—yours, but then at the last moment veers away and brings it towards another table? Yeah. Well. That. I hate that food.”

Another user replied, “Especially if your dish is different and instant food order regret. The other day, my favorite restaurant ran out of the dish I wanted, and I saw someone eating it that obviously got the last one. Instant resentment.”

2. Zucchini

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One Redditor posted, “This is very specific, but when I’m eating a veggie soup and take a spoon of potato cubes excitedly only to find out it’s mf zucchini, still the greatest betrayal my mother keeps committing against me.”

Another user added, “It’s like the betrayal of an oatmeal raisin cookie when you think you’re getting chocolate chips. Now, don’t get me wrong, Oatmeal raisin is *awesome*, but it’s about the expectations.”

3. Parsley 

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“It’s funny. I’m like the least picky eater in the world, but the one thing I cannot stand is parsley. People find that odd because it’s just so innocuous/barely has any taste, but I find it revolting. (And no, I’m not mistaking it for Cilantro. People often ask me that, but I love, love, love Cilantro. It’s parsley I cannot stand,)” one user shared.

Another online user replied, “It does have a distinct funny taste. I don’t mind it so much, but it has such a specific character that I can see it rubbing people incorrectly.”

4. Gefilte Fish

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One user posted, “Gefilte fish … grew up very Jewish and when I would go to Ashkenaz temples/homes always with the Gefilte … oy vey even as a kid I hated it. Sefard food is so much better.”

One user added, “We once paid a coworker $150 to drink the leftover gefilte fish goo from the jar after Rosh Hashana. He did, and it was worth every penny to see it, but there is no money in the world I could have been paid to do it myself.”

5. Pig Esophagus

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One Redditor posted, “Pig esophagus. I had it in Hong Kong, which is the one thing I won’t have again. And I have had heart and eyeballs.”

Another user replied, “I don’t even know what animal I ate one night in Hong Kong. We were starving, and only about halfway through the meal, we realized no one could identify the meat, and I was with a very diverse group.”

6. Gristle

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One commenter posted, “Gristle.”

Another user then added, “People who are able just to eat gristle like it’s no big deal are WILD to me. I’ve always gotten remarks of ‘you’ve left so much meat’ when eating things like chicken, beef, etc., but I don’t care. I want the enjoyable parts of the meat. I don’t want to eat gristly nasty stuff lol.”

7. Tripe

“Tripe. I was forced to eat it as a kid. Can’t stand even to see it now,” shared one user.

Another user replied, “My love of pho and menudo will not be shaken.”

8. Liver

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One Redditor posted, “Liver.”

Another commenter replied, “Tastes wrong, feels wrong, smells wrong. Liver should stay in the body.”

One added, “Years ago, I vowed never to eat anything an animal used to process its bodily waste.”

9. Mushrooms

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“Mushrooms,” shared one user.

One user commented, “FINALLY! Me scrolling like, how the f- hasn’t anyone said mushrooms yet! Can’t stand ’em, and I met a lot of people who didn’t like ’em either.”

One user responded, “Yeah, people always look at me like I’m crazy when I say it. Hate them!! Lol.”

10. Durian

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One user commented, “Durian.”

However, one user disagreed and commented, “Smells bad, tastes good. Kinda like the opposite of shower gel.”

11. Star Anise

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One Redditor shared, “Anything that tastes like licorice, star anise, fennel bulb. I can’t stand that flavour if it is prominent in a dish.”

One added, “Omg I loathe fennel!”

12. Offal

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“Offal,” commented by one user.

Another user replied, “Today I learned I’m probably not a fan of offal either.”

One user asked, “What’s offal?”

Another user answered, “It’s a term for organ meats from various livestock. If you’ve eaten sausage, you’ve probably consumed offal.”

13. Coconut

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A user shared, “Coconut because of traumatic reasons.”

One user asked, “Oh, care to elaborate?”

14. Celery

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One Redditor posted, “Celery. The Devil’s toothpicks.”

One user commented, “Crunchy water with hair.”

A user added, “It tastes vile and has the worst texture. My mom was trying to lose weight and couldn’t eat it, so she asked me to try it. I agreed it tasted horrible. We both tried it with peanut butter, as seen in the movies. I didn’t know until that point anything could make peanut butter taste so vile.”

15. Cow Stomach

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“Olives and cow stomach,” one Redditor shared.

One user added, “Yes, olives! I get why people like them. But I absolutely hate them to the point where I would spit/vomit them out if I had to eat one. I’ve heard all of the ‘well you haven’t had (this prep) of olive! You just haven’t had good olives!’

“Yea. I hate olives. Fresh, brined, etc. HATE And suitable for everyone else! More olives for them! I never had a cow’s stomach. I’ll reserve my judgment there.”

16. Grape Nuts Cereal

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One user shared, “Grape nuts cereal. Bowl of dirt and gravel.”

Another user added, “I love grape nuts. Powerful bowl for powerful fibre poops for days!”

17. Blood Sausage

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“Blood sausage,” one commenter added.

Another user responded, “Holy s-, I hadn’t thought about or heard anyone mention blood sausage literally since I was a child. I had completely forgotten its existence. My family made it, and they could never make me eat it. That stuff is absolutely vile.”

18. Foie Gras

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One user posted, “Foie gras. Didn’t like the taste and hated its existence once I realized how it was made.”

One replied, “Gotta admit, I love it, but it is very cruelly obtained.”

19. Lima Beans

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One Redditor posted, “Lima beans.”

Another user asked, “Why are Lima beans not pronounced as Lima beans and Lima, Peru pronounced like Lima, Peru? Anyone answer that?”

One user answered, “It’s pronounced like Lima, Ohio.”

20. Canned or Frozen Peas

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“Canned/frozen peas. The most disgusting thing to my palate. Snow Peas/Snap Peas are a bomb, though,” one user posted.

21. Cilantro

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One user shared, “Cilantro. I have that gene that makes it taste like soap!”

Another user added, “I hate Cilantro. I must have my gene turned on high because I can smell Cilantro. When I walk by the masses of Cilantro in grocery stores, I get a massive nostril full, and it reeks. Blech. No thanks.”

22. Vegan Cheese

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One user posted, “Vegan cheese.”

One user commented, “A vegan friend of mine has offered me vegan cheese in the past. It’s not so much that it’s ‘bad’ as much as cheese is a complex flavour to replicate without any animal involvement AND one of my favourite things to eat.

“Vegan cheese often only gets as far as ‘The texture is vaguely cheese-like, and the colour is vaguely cheese-like, so mission accomplished!’ it entirely skips the step of ‘tasting like cheese.’

“I’ve had other vegan things that are good (like a BBQ jackfruit sandwich, which was a pretty acceptable stand-in for pulled pork, but it was carried on the quality of the sauce, bun, and other addons since it was not like there was any actual meat in it). Cheese is just a hard thing to replicate without any dairy.”

23. Airplane Food

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One user commented, “Airplane food. What’s the deal with airplane food? Am I right, people?”

One user answered, “The problem isn’t actually airplane food in and of itself, but drastic differences in altitude, air pressure, and humidity hugely affecting our sense of smell and taste Unfortunately, our tastebuds’ sensitivity to sweet and salty flavours takes the biggest hit, whereas our ability to taste sour and bitter flavours remains largely unchanged. It’s kind of like eating when you have a common cold, I guess

“(That being said, airplane food is typically drenched in tons of spices, salt, and/or sugar to compensate for our weakened senses, so I can’t imagine it would taste spectacular at ground level.) Edit: I googled it, so you don’t have to.” 

24. Beets

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“Beets,” posted one user.

Another user replied, “Any particular reason why? I say that because I’ve heard it before, but I can’t really understand it. I get why people don’t like lots of foods, but beets are just so sweet and crunchy, like how people just out here don’t like BEETS.”

Another user responded, “They taste like eating dirt. Like walk outside, pick up a handful of whatever dirt is in your yard and eat it. That’s what beets taste like. Not ‘earthy’. Just plain dirt. My wife loves them. They must just taste totally different to her.”

25. Raw Onions

Chopping Onions
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One user shared his frustration and posted, “I can never understand how people can eat raw onions unless it’s in a burger, then maybe, but apart from that, no.

Edit: If it’s in a relish or something similar, that’s also OK.

“EDIT 2: I think this deserves to be in r/unpopularopinion at this rate … ”

Another user exclaimed, “I feel attacked Sometimes, I like a little spicy pain in my life … and like with raw garlic, it helps with inflammation in the body.”

One user replied, “Bro, I ate a piece of raw onion once, and that stuff gave me the worst heartburn I’ve ever had in my life, instantly. Stanley and Zero made them look so good up on that mountain, so I wanted to try it.”

Do you agree with the food listed above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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