Quentin Tarantino: 10 of His Greatest Movies and Cameos

Do you have an appreciation for quality cinema? If so, then you already know the name Quentin Tarantino. He is a famed filmmaker whose movies are unlike any other. His unique writing and visual style draw in viewers, providing thrilling rides they will never forget. Whether it’s his memorable characters or outstanding dialogue, there is no denying that he creates masterpieces that anyone can appreciate and love! Here are ten films by Quentin Tarantino (or featuring a cameo), and reasons why we all love his movies!

1. Kill Bill

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One user shared, “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. It is Tarantino’s epic.”

2. Reservoir Dogs

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One Redditor posted, “Reservoir Dogs.”

Another user commented, “Me too, bud, I am rewatching it right now.”

One Redditor added, “It’s hard to beat the classics.”

“My absolute favourite. It’s such a good movie because of the entire vibe of it. Also, the acting and the way it’s shot. I just love movies like that,” another commenter chimed in.

One user added, “My favourite bit of trivia is that no studio or producer wanted to touch it originally. When Harvey Keitel joined the cast, they quickly changed their minds.”

3. Inglourious Basterds

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One user shared, “Inglourious Basterds. It’s just such a movie for me. Revenge spaghetti western set in Nazi-occupied France? F— yes, sign me up for everything about it. It may not be his best movie, but it is most certainly my fav.”

One replied, “The Bear Jew scene, the tap tap tap of that bat before that Nazi gets it. Makes me smile every time.”

Another user confirmed, “Right!? Like, it’s literally everything I could ever want in a film. And seamlessly combines every single one of my fav genres.”

4. The H8ful Eight

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One user shared, “H8ful.”

Another user asked, “That’s actually my least favourite Tarantino movie. Why do you like it so much?”

The OP answered, “Two pieces of wood! It’s just such a great story with amazing characters.”

5. Pulp Fiction

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“Pulp fiction,” one user commented.

Another user replied, “My favourite part of that movie was Mr. Wolf. How about you?”

The other responded, “All characters in the movies were great. All of them.”

One Redditor added, “Scenes with Mia and Vincent for me, mostly at the diner.”

6. Django Unchained

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“Django Unchained—There were some boundaries that were pushed that I’m glad were pushed as it shed light on some contemporary issues,” one user shared.

Another user added, “Django. It used to be Pulp Fiction, but Django took that top spot. It’s become the new Shawshank for me. If it’s playing any part, I’m watching.”

7. Death Proof

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One user posted, “Death Proof. I’m a sucker for 80’s horror movies, so the whole Grindhouse project was right up my alley.”

8. Jackie Brown

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One Redditor added, “Jackie Brown. Love Pam Grier.”

The OP replied, “It’s for sure his most underrated movie.”

Another user replied, “Jackie Brown, while a bit subdued compared to the rest, it is a solid story. While I’m a lifetime fan of The Bride, Jackie is a unique lead to use her wits and brains alone rather than get blood on her hands to meet her goals.”

9. Desperado

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One user commented, “Desperado because Salma Hayek and because you didn’t specify the movie had to be directed by Q.”

10. True Romance

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One Redditor shared, “True Romance! Outstanding cast—so many greats in it, but Gary Oldman as Drexl is a standout for me, & I loved Christian Slater as Clarence & Patricia Arquette as Alabama & their ‘true romance’—’You’re so cool…'”

Another user replied, “There are so many great scenes in that movie. Great pick.”

Do you agree with the movies by Quentin listed above? Share your thoughts with us below!

Source: Reddit.

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