Rather Be Broke: 16 Things That Have Been Ruined by Rich People

Do you have a few things that you used to love but can’t do now because rich people have already ruined them? It could be a game, a certain event, or some place. Regardless, there are some things which have either become completely unaffordable, or it’s simply left a bad taste in our mouths. Our friends from Reddit have a few things to say on the topic!

1. The Retro Game Market

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One person commented, “The retro game market.”

Another person replied, “I’m not paying 200 bucks for Pokémon Emerald.”

The third added, “Fr!! The other day I seen a store trying to resell Mario 64 for $300 and a Game Boy Color for $400 … .”

2. Reclaimed and Expensive Downtowns

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Somebody shared, “There’s an area in my city called the University District. I live with my partner and my brother, we’re all university students, and the three of us together can’t afford to live in that area.”

The second person replied, “I used to walk downtown to work with my wife every day, and we’d go our separate ways before meeting back up at the end of the day to walk home. Over the years, we kept getting pushed out from the city center as rent got more and more expensive, and where we could finally afford to buy, we’re probably a solid 45-60 minute drive from the corner where we used to say goodbye every morning. And that’s with making more and more money every year. Chicago isn’t the most expensive city in the country by a long shot, but it’s at least twice as expensive as it was 10 years ago.”

3. Lobster

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“Lobster, them cockroaches of the sea,” somebody stated.

“Another one is oxtail…and it’s only recently become in demand. It used to be poor people’s food, the part of the cow no one wanted to eat. I’m in my 40s, and remember as a kid, for big family dinners, there was always a huge pot of oxtail stew full of meat cause it was so dirt cheap. Pile your plate high and get seconds.

“Then it was discovered how similar it is to osso bucco but at a stupidly cheap price. Supply and demand drove the price way up. Tried to look up historical prices, was able to find that only 5 years ago it was $9/lb. Now, it’s around $15/lb. My big sis says she remembers buying it as a teen, and it was maybe $2/lb.

“So…it went from a huge pot of stew, to side meat dish to go with chicken, and you can get maybe 2 pieces of oxtail, to…oh Oxtail? You must be rich! lol And now it’s gone to substituting turkey necks, which is now dubbed poor people’s oxtail. The irony right?! But it’s not the same at all—it’s pretty terrible, actually,” replied another.

“This was my answer. Used to be for poor people; now it’s for rich people,” the third added.

4. Burning Man

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One person said, “Great time to drive out to the beach—one of the only times there’s no heavy traffic on the freeways. That and Christmas Day.”

Somebody replied, “Seriously. I went every year for years, and it really started changing for the worse in the years leading up to COVID. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an amazing experience, but you suddenly had an enormous number of people treating it like Coachella with ultra-luxury tents, flying in on private jets, and never really mingling with others. Increasingly, a lot of longtime burners started getting priced out, and the whole experience felt a lot less communal.”

Finally, the third added, “Man we lived in a neighboring town for a few years. They would TRASH the place, and we’d be cleaning for months after. It’s so freaking ridiculous.”

5. The Housing Market

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“Yep, I was outbid multiple times by the same people just gobbling up land and houses. I even was willing to pay the asking price but would be outbid 30-50k every time by the same 3 f—ing people. They fortunately got their comeuppance during COVID, and one went completely bankrupt. I unfortunately had to have someone in my extended family die to get an inside track to their house,” somebody commented.

“Willing to pay asking price? Good lord, we’ve been offering 20k over and still getting outbid by a lot,” the second person replied.

“This. I know a guy who buys houses as a hobby. (It’s a friend of a friend.) He doesn’t flip them. He just has a lot of money, buys them, and sells them when the market is right (or if he gets an offer that he likes). Around 10 years ago, he swooped in and paid cash on a cute little country house that we were interested in. I wanted to punch him,” another one added.

6. Pickup Trucks

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One Reddit user commented, “Pickup trucks. They used to be considerably cheaper and driven only by farmers.”

The second person replied, “I am a driver for a car dealership. I move vehicles between dealers, pick used ones up at auctions, and the like. These trucks are nice, but I just can’t figure out how people afford them. Many of them are 70-80-90-100k! Even used Tacoma’s are 40-50k if you’re lucky. Just insane to me. I drive a 2000 model Toyota Tundra that just flipped 200k miles.”

7. Middle Class

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Somebody commented, “Middle class.”

The second person replied, “Most clever remark I found so far. Middle class will be slowly destroyed in the coming years. Dual income households will mean nothing. We will have to get 2nd and 3rd jobs, just to make ends meet.

Finally, the third added, “There is no middle class. There’s the working class and the owning class.”

8. Thrift Stores

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“This makes me so sad! I grew up real poor and going to the thrift stores for clothes was one of my favorite things, it was always so exciting finding cool, new-to-me things we could actually afford,” said one.

“I miss when thrifting wasn’t a mainstream hobby. Those [people] ruined it for the rest of us,” the second person replied.

9. Car Prices

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“Car prices. Only rich people and dummies are willing to pay 20k over MSRP for a ford bronco, let alone higher-end stuff. Car production is no longer hindered by covid. There is no low inventory, quit being idiots,” somebody stated.

10. Concerts

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One person stated, “Plenty of stuff, but concerts and music festivals. I went to concerts, and big ones, with my own money in high school and college. It wasn’t cheap, but it was something kids could save up for and people just went. Food and drinks were just basic event fare. Now I’m straight up not sure how people who aren’t well off go to concerts. And responses saying ‘aha, Ticketmaster’ are not as clever as they think. Ticketmaster has existed since long before I was born and always been scummy, but it wasn’t like it is now. It’s got to be an influencer VIP event, and it’s lame.

“And yeah yeah yeah, ‘you can find great concerts for three pennies and a button if you want to see Schmoe McGee and the Whosiwhatsits playing experimental thrash polka on the theremin in a grimy bar with 4 chairs in it.’ Yes, I know, I still go to those concerts sometimes. But most people go to concerts to see artists they care about, not to just ‘be at a concert, any concert.’ There used to be $40 tickets to popular concerts.”

The second person replied, “Yes. And now with ‘dynamic pricing’ even the low-end tickets end up being hundreds if not thousands of dollars.”

11. The Titanic

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“The graveyard of the Titanic,” one person commented. “Also the Titanic itself, really,” another person replied. “Yes, what if that sub had blown up closer to the Titanic? The damage that would have caused! Plus, I agree with some of the families – a sunken ship that has many bodies in the wreckage should not be a touristy thing,” the third added.

12. Property With Views

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“Views. They bribe, steal and buy property all over the world that sits on the best views on the planet. It pisses me off that there are some things I’ll never get to see because some jacka– bribed a zoning guy so he could build his 8th house on yet another cliff,” shared one.

“Jackson Hole, WY. The millionaires got kicked out by the billionaires. Now, the millionaires are driving up prices in adjacent towns. They buy up ranches and the right of ways, and cut off access to public land,” added another.

13. Cheap Asian Foods

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One user shared, “Cheap Asian food. Stuff like pho and Hong Kong BBQ, used to be super casual. You go in there and get a nice cheap meal for like $5. Then all these bougie foodies came along, so now I have to buy three times the price for the ‘atmosphere.’”

14. Camping

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Somebody stated, “Right? I just want to have a quiet time in the woods with my son and there is always someone with a 30-foot RV that cost more than my house and a generator that sounds like a 747.”

Another one replied, “Some a–hole always has a speaker playing sh– music, too. And if you’re wondering what sh– music is, it’s anything playing on some a–hole’s crappy speaker when you’re camping.”

Then the third added, “Yes! I came to say this. You can’t find a campsite anywhere now. I read a story that some people will rent at multiple places 6 months in advance, then when the weekend comes, choose the one with the best weather. They don’t cancel the other sites. So they sit empty.”

15. Video Games

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One person stated, “Yeah, pay-to-win games are the worst. You can enjoy it, hustle and spend a couple of hours grinding, then some rich kid throws some money and yay, beat you.”

Another one replied, “One of the worst parts about that is it’s his parents’ money. This comment was sponsored by raid shadow legends.”

16. Hometown

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“My hometown city. Gentrification is a b—h,” somebody shared.

“I just had to move to the southern US from the Pacific Northwest for this exact reason. Had to leave everything I’ve known behind because I simply can’t afford to live there anymore,” the second replied.

Do you agree with some of the sentiments here? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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