We all know what it is to be lonely, whishing you had more friends to spend time with. And yet sometimes we’re so eager to make new friends that we misjudge them and end up getting hurt or betrayed. That’s why we will explore these 6 signs that could be red flags in your friendship.

Are you ready? Let’s dive right in!

1. Talking About People Behind Their Backs

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Somebody said, “They talk sh– about others behind their backs. You can bet they are doing the same thing behind yours.”

Another person replied, “I came here to say this.”

Someone who consistently talks about others behind their back has a lack of trustworthiness and integrity. This behavior can raise concerns about what they might say about you when you’re not present. Engaging in or tolerating such behavior can foster a toxic environment, undermining the foundations of trust and mutual respect in a friendship.

2. They Only Call When They’re in Trouble

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“They only call you when they need help,” one person stated.

“People treat me like a god. They ignore me until they need something from me. Then they run to me,” replied another.

When someone only reaches out in times of need, it can suggest a one-sided relationship where the individual values the friendship primarily for personal gain. This behavior can erode trust and intimacy, as the other person may feel used or undervalued rather than genuinely cared for. Such dynamics can hinder the growth of a deep and meaningful bond between friends.

3. They’re Too Competitive and Boastful

One user shared, “If you try to tell them anything about anything, they always come back with how they have done it bigger and better.”

We all know someone who’s like this with main character syndrome. While it could be just them expressing themselves about their achievements, it already tells another story to others. And this could be a potential red flag in friendship.

4. They Ask You for Money

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Asking for money can signal a potential red flag, where one party may be taking advantage of the other’s generosity or financial situation. It can also indicate a lack of personal responsibility or boundary issues, potentially straining trust and comfort within the friendship. So, if you know someone like this with whom you’ve just gotten close recently, it’s best to avoid them.

5. They Make Your Life Miserable

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Somebody shared, “Some people like to be friends with you just to use you for their beneficial needs. I once had a fake friend; she was my neighbor, and she was very sweet in the beginning; she made dinner and she liked to drink wine a lot. Everyday she wrote or called if I wanted to drink I found out she was really into some bad habits with drinking and she didn’t wanted to go through it alone so yea she tried to ruin my life by bringing alcohol to the table all the time anyway I cut her off and today I know the red signs of a fake friend. They don’t like to go through their bad habits alone.”

6. Upside Down Flag

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“Their profile pic is an upside flag. That’s a closed mind there, full of hate, and they don’t understand all the rhetoric, just know who they’ve been told is the problem and who they hate today,” said one person.

Do you agree with any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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