Are you a big fan of drinks? Always on the lookout for something new and exciting to try? Then this post is for you! We have compiled an extensive list of our top 20 favorite drinks of all time—from beloved classics like coffee and tea to trendy creations with unique flavor combinations. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or seeking something with a bit of a punch, we’ve got it covered!

1. Chocolate Milk

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One user posted, “Chocolate milk!”

However, one user argued back, “Coke or Pepsi.”

2. Water

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One user shared, “Good ol’ H2O.”

Another user added, “Ice cold, though. No room temperature nonsense.”

One user commented, “I love ice water. But ginger ale is great, too.”

Another Redditor asked, “What about mineral one?”

3. Milk

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“Milk,” one Redditor stated. 

4. Ginger Ale

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One Redditor seconded a vote from an earlier comment; “Ginger ale.”

5. Apple Juice

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“Apple juice! It wakes me up more than coffee … Google it! Lol, I love its refreshing properties,” one user shared.

The OP commented, “Interesting choice! I like apple juice, as well. Can be very sugary, though.”

6. Tea

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A user also shared his love for tea and posted, “H2O. Variants of tea from all parts of the world: Longjing, Masala Chai, Rooibos … Thai iced tea. Butterfly pea flower drinks. Something you only find in Southeast Asia. Korean sikhye.”

7. Shirley Temple

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“Shirley Temple. I only order it for special occasions, like when I’m celebrating. It was one of those drinks I ordered as a kid when we’d go out to dinner, and my parents would order alcohol, and I’d get a Shirley Temple. Now I ask for extra cherries  …” one Redditor shared.

8. Arnold Palmer

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One user posted, “Arnold Palmer.”

Another user replied, “My favorite when playing golf.”

One user added, “Or just lemonade. It’s easy to make fresh. Simple syrup. Ice and like half a lemon freshly squeezed. It’s so much better than grocery store stuff. My grandpa belonged to this really nice golf course. They’d have fresh lemonade. So refreshing out in the Florida sun.”

9. Orange Gatorade

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One user posted, “Orange Gatorade.”

10. Vanilla Coke

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“Vanilla Coke,” posted one user.

The OP of the thread replied, “I’m actually drinking a Coke Zero atm. Vanilla Coke is good, too.”

11. Coke Zero

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One user posted, “Coke zero. Specifically from McDonald’s.”

Another user replied, “I am literally drinking Coke Zero right now, [lol]. From a can, though. Didn’t come from Mickey D’s.”

12. Baja Blast

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“Baja blast,” stated one user.

Another user added, “Mountain Dew flavor? Classic.”

One commenter responded, “Absolutely.”


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One user shared, “FRESCA. I just got introduced to it this year and can’t believe I spent two decades on Earth without it.”

14. Iced Tea

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One user posted, “Iced tea.”

Another user added, “Boba Thai iced tea.”

15. LaCroix

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One user shared, “I’ve started mixing a can of LaCroix flavoured sparkling water and tonic water, about equal parts. I find it very refreshing.”

16. Cranberry Juice

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One user posted, “Cranberry juice.”

17. Pomegranate Juice

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One user commented, “A glass of 4/5 water and 1/5 pomegranate juice.”

18. Horchata

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“Horchata, Agua de Jamaica (sweet hibiscus cold drink), and of course, mate. Oh, bitter, smokey, hot mate…” a user posted.

19. Sparkling Juice

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One user posted, “Shlur.”

20. Iced Lattes

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One user shared, “Large iced latte with four shots.”

Do you agree with the things listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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