Side Hustle Central: 13 Lifehacks to Earn a Little Extra Cash

Are you eager to boost your income and stash away extra cash each month? Look no further!

Don’t look away yet; these seasoned Redditors are about to spill the beans on some of the most ingenious and practical strategies to not just save a mere $10 but potentially rake in a couple of hundred dollars every month.

From tried-and-true money-saving hacks to innovative income-generating ideas, join us as we uncover the goldmine of financial wisdom shared by the Reddit community!

1. Propagate and Sell Plants

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“I propagate and sell plants from my own collection on the marketplace. During colder months is when I make my money. I made $200 during the last weeks of winter first few weeks of spring just watering, propagating, planting, caring, then posting on the marketplace. I already do this with all my plants, so for myself this is minimal work,” shared somebody.

“People can earn some decent side money propagating exotic plants. It’s really not too difficult to do if you have the space,” replied another.

2. Job Hopping

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One person shared, “4.3% savings account and job hopped three times to give me a 50% raise these last 2.5 years.”

The second person replied, “It’s sad, but job hopping is probably the best financial move you can make.”

3. Use Credit Cards

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“Use credit cards instead of cash. Get rewards points. Set up autopay,” shared somebody.

“Yes! I don’t ever use my debit for anything other than money orders occasionally. Between this and CB apps, I get about $100 a month back. I like the Upside app,” replied another.

4. Going to Food Banks (When Necessary)

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“100% support people using food banks when needed. Just a note that if people do have the resources, they should leave them for people who really need them rather than saving a few pennies,” commented one.

“Please leave the food bank for those that would go hungry without it. In my city, our food bank is noting that they have been in deficit this year—more food going out than coming in,” replied another.

5. Donating Plasma

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One person commented, “I donate plasma. I make $70 for every visit, and all I do is lay there and play money-making games on my phone. It’s 1.5 hours of my time twice a week. By doing this, I’m also saving money by not eating out so much and primarily only drinking water. Fatty foods and sugary drinks make donating difficult, so I cut them out.”

Somebody else asked, “Can you tell us more about the money-making games?”

Then the original commenter replied, “Mistplay and cash giraffe. In just one month of playing games through the apps, I’ve made $45. It’s not a lot, but I’m literally getting paid to play games on my phone.”

6. Learning Things

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Somebody commented on a set of comprehensive tips, “My trick is simple: Learn things. Use every opportunity to learn how to make things on your own.

“Broken appliance? Dismantle it, learn how it works, and try to fix it. It’s broken anyway, so what harm can you do? Is food about to spoil? Learn what you can do to preserve it for longer. Freeze it, dehydrate it, pickle it, and ferment it. There are many possibilities.

“Need new furniture? Try to make it on your own. The first few will be crappy and uneven, but you will love them because you made them yourself. As the years go by, you will become better and make furniture that’s designed for your taste at a fraction of the price.

“It’s absolutely fine if you fail and need to call someone to do it for you or buy something new, but a thirst for knowledge and learning to rely on yourself is the best money-saving strategy I ever implemented. Not only does it save you money, but if you like it and become good at it, you might even generate income from it.”

Another one replied with a different view on the matter, “I disagree with building your own furniture. This is similar to people saying to sew your own clothes. I’m a lifelong sewer, and it doesn’t save you money. Woodworking is similar. There are start-up costs that people don’t think about. Tools are very expensive. Lumber can be expensive since not everyone wants to use pallet wood to furnish their home. And don’t forget that your time is worth something (personally, my time is the biggest expense since I can never get it back). I’d rather buy second-hand pieces than spend my time trying to build something that will absolutely be subpar.”

7. Participating in Research Studies

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“I live in a college town and keep an eye on their research site looking for people willing to participate in some of their studies. Not all of them are paid, but I’ve made a few hundred this year from it. Some are really simple, like a one-minute phone call and nasal swab a week. Once I had an hour-long Zoom call and got $50. It adds up pretty quickly,” shared somebody.

8. Learning How to Cook Well

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“Learn how to cook well. I invested in a lot of different spices and learned how to cook a bunch of different cultures food. That way, you can take cheap bulk foods like rice and beans and make them taste really good and different so you don’t get burnt out on it,” said somebody.

9. Recreational Cannabis

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One person said, “Recreational cannabis is legal where I am, so I make my own canna-budder and home-made baked goods. $25 for a dozen brownies/cookies/cup cakes/muffins. I also do cakes.”

10. Cleaning and Organizing Part-Time

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Somebody stated, “I clean for a part-time living (my other job is solid hours, union) and if I want extra cash, I take on organizing and ask my clients to spread my number. In winter, I shovel my elderly neighbour’s driveway and walk, and he doesn’t have to, honestly, but he tips me a nice $200 grocery card come spring. I can build good pantry staples out of that.”

11. Buy Groceries You Know You Will Eat

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Buying only what groceries I need for the week that I will actually eat. I found I was overbuying and then throwing away or not using things in time.

“So now I try to buy less. Sometimes that means going to the grocery store a couple times a week. But it’s not far from where I work or on my way home,” said one. 

“I also do my best to bring a lunch and lots of snacks with me to work to avoid buying lunches. I keep things like oatmeal and dried soups on my desk for days I forget to pack a lunch,” shared one.

12. Investing in Treasury Bills

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“Treasury bills, or T-bills. Currently over 5% on a 30-day note. Literally risk-free unless the US government collapses in the next month,” shared somebody.

13. Volunteering for Organizations With Perks

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Somebody commented, “Volunteer for organizations that give you perks. I currently have been volunteering for an organization that allows me to attend concerts and events for free. Often times, I have to volunteer for a few hours and then I get access to the event for free, which would cost event/concertgo-ers $50-100

“Bonus: I’ve met some really cool people, some of whom I consider friends. That’s something clipping coupons and HYSAs can’t do for your social well-being. And before you ask, I’m not disclosing which org I volunteer for. There’s limited spot available, and it’s highly competitive.”


Which one have you tried already and want to try next? And if you know a few tips for earning and saving some extra cash, let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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