Some things are worth buying high quality the first time, despite the price, while others just work out fine without spending a fortune. However, we’re all about quality that withstands the test of time.

Here are 15 items that these people think are worth buying for the first time and what they think about the “buy it nice or buy it twice” motto!

1. Earphones or Headphones

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One person said, “Earphones or headphones. When I was a teenager, I bought a lot of super cheap earphones and they sounded like crap and broke all the time. Honestly, cheap Sony earphones don’t cost that much more and they are much better in quality.”

The second person agreed, “100%. In like 2019, I took some of my tax return and splurged on some $350 Sony headphones. Those things have traveled with me everywhere, been to the gym and on super sweaty runs with me, been dropped a million times and gotten soaked in the rain more than once, and they’re still absolutely fantastic. I will never buy super cheap headphones again …”

2. Bicycle

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“Bicycle if you plan on using it to commute daily. Learned that lesson the hard way lol,” commented one.

“I went from my $100 mountain bike from 2007 to a slightly nicer road bike and it made a world of difference! A good bike goes a long way (pun intended),” the second person replied.

Then the third added, “I had a cheap bike for several years as an infrequent rider. When I started riding it daily, things started to break. I was looking at a $10 repair (and a couple hours of work) when I decided to buy a better bike. I was done putting more time and money into repairs. My new bike rides better and only needs the usual maintenance.”

3. Bras

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One user said, “Bras.”

Another one commented, “I support this!”

Then the third added, “High-quality European bras are an absolute must-have for me. They are expensive and so worth it!!”

4. Kitchenware

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Somebody shared, “While you shouldn’t cheap out on kitchenware, it pays to check thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales first, and know what you’re looking at. Yes, there’s a lot of dollar store. Walmart cheap crap there, but there is also a far amount of rival crockpots, Pyrex bakeware, Corning casserole dishes, and Tupperware—the original stuff that lasts literally forever.”

The second person replied, “This. I joke that my cast iron, carbon steel wok, Japanese knife, mortar and pestle, and chopping board will probably be part of the family heirloom.”

Finally, the third added, “100%. I’d thrift kitchenware before buying cheap stuff from Walmart.”

5. Backpacks

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One user said, “I was a chronic ‘let’s spend $20 every year on a new cheap backpack’ person. I splurged on a Briggs and Riley backpack and it’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve used it for work, personal, and travel. It doubles as my ‘personal item’ when flying and it can pack a 5 day trips worth of necessities if I strategize the room. Lifetime guarantee as well!”

Another one replied, “Jansport has a lifetime guarantee. Got a backpack as a gift a decade ago. It got worn out, so I sent them some pictures and a brand new backpack arrived in the mail the following week. I’m good to go for another decade now.”

Then somebody else added, “Man, my Northface backpack is about 10 years old and going. Looks brand new.”

6. Furniture

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Somebody commented, “Furniture. Upholsterer here, you would be amazed at the trash that’s being sold as ‘high end’ lately.”

Another one replied, “Furniture shopping is so annoying. You can’t find any tables that aren’t made from crappy material and they still start at $1k. If you do find a table that made from real wood, it’s the price of a car. It’s legitimately hard to find a chair or couch you don’t have to plug into the wall. They are all ridiculously expensive. I just wanted a super basic reclining chair. Finally found one after like 6 stores that wasn’t $1k and it wasn’t all the different from the ones 3x the price.

Furniture is the biggest rip off. Everything is crappy construction and they add so many useless features. Anything worth buying basically requires a multi year loan for how expensive it is.”

7. Shoes

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“Shoes if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Get the good shoes. I am on year 4 of every day wearing my boots and the soles still look new,” said one.

“I did 30+ years in restaurants and trained (no exaggeration) thousands of people. I would always tell the people who were new to the business to invest in good shoes as soon as they could afford it. Just like any other trade, buy quality for the thing you use all the time, every day,” replied another.

8. Whatever Comes Between You and the Ground

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“I have always lived by the mantra my mother told me—spend money on what’s comes between you and the ground. Mattress, tires, shoes. For context, we were not well off. Lived on survivors benefits after my father passed when I was three. It was tight but we always had the good stuff for the ‘right’ things. Never trendy clothes, never took trips, didn’t go out to eat, to the movies, etc. But she spent money on school supplies (TI-85 gang rise up!), made sure the house was always maintained, cars never had an issue, things like that.

“So she saved in the long run by buying quality big ticket items like furniture instead of something cheap she would need to replace,” shared one.

“Don’t forget socks. I no longer balk at $10-20 a pair when they keep my feet dry, warm, or cool, and last 3-5 years a pair, instead of getting 6 for $10, my feet constantly being sweaty and cold or hot, and replacing all 6 pairs every 6 months,” replied another.

9. Watercolor Paper

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One user commented, “Watercolor paper. If you wanted to try out watercolor painting, you can experiment with student grade paint and brushes. But buy one big sheet of good quality paper or you won’t really know if you enjoy painting with this medium or not. A bad sheet of paper will convince you that you’re horrible at this style. And I mean, yeah. Maybe you are. But with bad paper everyone is. And you won’t get that chance to play with what makes watercolor painting really fun.”

10. Tweezers

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“Tweezers. A quality pair will come together precisely and be able to remove tiny splinters with less hassle and pain. Plus all the many other things good tweezers can do. My best tweezers are not kept in the bathroom where they can be nabbed for some project and sprung,” somebody stated.

“The best tweezers I’ve bought were bought in the checkout lane in Menards. They have been my go to brow tweezers for 5 years now. And they were at the impulse buy section. But they’re awesome,” replied another.

11. Getting Your Hair Done

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One person said, “I take this saying seriously when it comes to getting my hair done. Over the years, every single time I tried to cheap out (ex. go for a quick pop in haircut here, find a salon with cheaper highlights/color) I’ve always had to pay more than double to fix it/ color correct. I learned to just spend the money and go to someone that knows what they are doing and pay their worth for their experience/talent. Hair color and other services are SO expensive now but it’s better to do it right the first time and not pay more to fix it after trying to cheap out.”

The second person replied, “I second this. I used to cut my own fringe or have friends cut it. I would also box dye and bleach myself! Now I look at old pictures and absolutely cringe. Salon stylists have spent their whole careers perfecting their craft; it really is art and science combined. We are all passionate and hopefully in our desired professions, I learned to leave it up to the experts who are passionate and skilled rather than to save a buck or two. Artists really deserve what they are paid.”

12. Vacuum Cleaners

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“Vacuum cleaners. It is so tempting to get the best bargain without regard for the quality and/or your specific needs for the machine. Cheap machines without sealed filtration, for instance, spew back into the air a lot of the fine dust you pick up (that ‘vacuum cleaner smell’ in the room), meaning that you never really get the cleaning done and you have to do it again almost immediately. Get the best value, but buy the best and most reliable machine you can find and afford,” somebody shared.

13. Belts

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One user said, “I’m surprised nobody has said belts yet. If it isn’t full-grain leather, stick with indestructible synthetics like nylon. I recommend a quality full-grain leather belt for every occasion though. I have one in brown, one in black. Each set me back about $65-75 and came with a lifetime warranty. They also only get better with age and weathering. There are several brands worth mentioning but I got mine from Main Street Forge.”

14. Tinted Face Cream

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“BB cream. Just get the nice kind with a high spf and all your skin concerns covered from a cosmetics store where you can color match. Use only one product and get multiple benefits. Only buy once because you’ll get the right shade the first time,” said somebody.

15. Towels

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“Towels. Quality difference between $5 and $12 towels is huge,” commented one.

“Was gifted a set of 100% cotton bath towels (4 of each, bath towel, hand towel, wash cloths) and a bath mat as our wedding present over 20 years ago. Daily use, and they still look new!” replied somebody else.


Do you agree with the items on the list? Which one would you buy the first time, despite its price? Let us know in the comments!

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