What would you ask if you could ask one question and receive the absolute truth? This question can get us to stop in our tracks. Before you read this article, think of one question to which you want an absolute answer.

I’ll give you 30 seconds.

Now, have you had one already? Hold on to it.

Here are 9 questions that these people want answers to with absolute truth.

1. Where Do We Go After We Die?

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One person commented, “Where do we go after we’re dead.”

Somebody replied, “Not 100% sure, but the closest answer would come (I’m assuming) from a Sonoran desert toad.”

Finally, the third one added with sarcasm, “Your choice, you can get buried or cremated.”

2. What Are Tomorrow’s Lottery Numbers?

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Somebody said, “What are tomorrow’s lottery numbers?”

The second person replied, “That’s good.”

3. Is There Other Intelligent Life?

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We’ve all asked this question at some point in our lives. However, we’re still not sure because, while there are a few claims, videotaped evidence of UFOs, and testimonies, we’re still far from that piece of truth. Well, what do you think?

4. Is There an Afterlife?

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Another user commented, “Is there an afterlife?”

The second person replied with a bit of irritation, “It is so childish. There’s of course, no afterlife. Do you think snails have an afterlife?” 

5. Easiest Way to Become and Make Other People Happy?

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One person asked about the easiest and fastest way to become happy and make others feel the same.

Then another one replied, “Usually, it involves giving of yourself without expecting gain from it. So volunteering is better than giving money. Doing things for others, even in small ways, makes you happier by extension.”

6. Did My Dad Do It?

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“I would want to ask my dad if he married my mom only so he could use their ‘combined income’ to sponsor his other family over to the US behind my mom’s back. Bonus points if he could tell me what his plan was once they came over with my mom and me,” somebody shared.

7. Do I Matter?

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“For me personally, I would ask my friends, ‘Does my presence really matter to you?’ because if I sense something off in the friendship, I would appreciate hearing the truth. But unfortunately, that rarely happens,” another one shared.

8. Why, Mom?

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Somebody stated, “Ask my mom, who passed away, why she didn’t tell me who my biological father was. I will never know the answer, which is sad, he is a great guy, and I don’t know how much time I will have with him.”

9. What Are the Euromillions Lottery Numbers?

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“What are the winning euro million lottery numbers by the next time it will reach at least 100 million dollars? (damn guys, a lot of you have serious issues, and most of your questions can be answered with a bit of curiosity, introspection, or education),” one user commented.

Did you have some time to ponder and answer some questions here? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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