Terrible Taste: 19 of the Worst Songs to Become Popular

In this blog post, we will be exploring the top 20 worst songs that became wildly popular despite their dreadful lyrics and music. From ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy to ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black, these tunes will surely elicit a chuckle or two! 

Whether it’s for entertainment purposes or nostalgia’s sake, get ready to explore some of the cheesiest tracks from yesteryear and today. We promise there will be something here for everyone—including a few tunes you may have forgotten about over the years!

1. “Toxic Gossip Train”

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One user shared, “Toxic Gossip Train lmaoo,”

Another user added, “Do not diddle kids. It’s no good diddling kids.”

“There is no quicker way for people to think you are diddling kids than by writing a song about it.”, one commenter added. 

Another Redditor added, “I would say that more got popular for all the wrong reasons. I don’t think anyone will stick up for the song itself so much as recognize it for a non-apology and the Streisand Effect personified.

“I didn’t even know who she or her character was, but now that she broke out a ukulele and tried to sing ‘We Do not diddle kids’ from It’s Always Sunny unironically, now I know her as an annoying Youtube personality who diddled kids.”

2. “Oh No”

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“It’s gotta be the ‘Oh No’ song that people put into every single tiktok or Instagram video,” one user shared.

Another user said, “The song it came from was their first hit. In 1964.”

Another added, “Kind of. The actual song used is much more recent, but the sampled song is from the 60s.”

One Redditor asked, “What’s the original?”

Another user answered, “Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand)” by The Shangri-Las.”

3. “I Am Your Mother, You Listen to Me”

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One user shared, “Whatever that ‘I am your mother, you listen to me’ thing is in those dumba– Teen Mom ads and all over social media. It motivates me to put my phone down and be productive for once after hearing 0.02 seconds of it.”

Another user added, “It was everywhere because she was paying influencers to use the sound on TikTok. Every time I saw that song, I also saw the #ad in the caption. So embarrassing to force a TikTok trend.”

Another replied, “Meghan Trainor really is the worst. Her songs are awful, and her voice is grating, but that ‘Mother’ song has also ruined ‘Mr Sandman’ by sampling it.”

4. “Baby Shark”

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“Baby Shark. It is one of the most-watched videos on YouTube. The song is best used in a torture chamber,” one Redditor posted.

However, one user inserted and commented, “But the original German version is a banger:https://youtu.be/M3BoOi_RMG0. “

Another user added, “’Laa laa la laa laa Kleiner hai’ This song really slaps.” 

5. “Gucci Gang”

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One user shared, “Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang.”

Another user added, “I turned down a job in part due to the mention of this song. It was for a barista job, and I was sent a text offering me the position wording something along the lines of

“‘Dear Sephonez, congratulations. We would love for you to join our team. To confirm, please reply with a pic of you dabbing in celebration. Gucci gang for life!’

“This was from a 45-year-old lady, and I was 30. I immediately declined the position.”

6. “Fancy Like”

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One user posted, “That Applebee’s song.”

Another asked, “What IS that??”

The first user answered, “https://youtu.be/G_zuB-ogIBw This abomination.” 

7. “She’s Having My Baby”

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“She’s Having My Baby, by Paul Anka,” one Redditor commented.

Another user replied, “I didn’t attend a Smokey Robinson concert because of Paul Anka. How can they make the Smoke Man play with someone like that?”

One user added, “Tears of a clown!”

8. “All About That Bass”

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One Redditor commented, “All About That Bass. Might be my LEAST favourite song.”

Another user shared, “F- that f-ing song. F- it straight to hell. If you’re really ‘all about that bass,’ then you listen to something with actual bass. Not a baritone saxophone masquerading as bass.”

One replied, “As a bassist, I agree with this assessment.”

9. “Happy Birthday”

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One user shared, “Happy Birthday. It’s got a broad range of notes, with large jumps between them, making it difficult to sing, and yet it’s a song that you almost exclusively only hear when amateurs attempt to sing it.”

Another user added, “Reminds me of The Star Spangled Banner (US national anthem). Lots of jumps require an extensive vocal range. In the first few notes, it goes from the lowest notes of the song to the highest. Not applicable to OP’s question but similar to what you said about happy birthday.”

One user replied, “If the birthday song jumps a lot, the US anthem straight up leaps.”

Another Redditor out, “If you think about it, the whole celebration is a ritual. Everyone stands around an open flame harmonizing the chants to an old song about getting older. Idk man, but I think I’m onto something …”

10. “The Telephone Man”

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“Shows my age, but ‘The Telephone Man’ I have too much regard for humanity to include a link to it,” one user posted.

Another user added, “I just only listened to the ‘hey lolly lolly’ and it made me regret that I was even born.”

11. “Buckle My Shoe”

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One Redditor posted, “At the elementary school I work at, it’s that three-line buckle my shoe Nike kicks meme over and over again… it’s not even clever.”

Another user replied, “This is the answer. My fervent hope is that this doesn’t have more upvotes because most people have not been exposed to this utter horror of sound.”

12. “Whip and Nay-Nay”

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“Whip and Nay-Nay,” one user said.

Another user commented, “The rapper who sang the song, Ricky Hawk, aka ‘Silento,’ apparently was indicted and charged with murdering his cousin.”

“So there are two horrific things he’s done,” replied one user. 

13. “Girl Like You”

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One user shared “’Girl Like You’ by Maroon 5. They literally never describe a quality to distinguish her from any girl.”

Another user added, “I love how your torso has an arm on either side.”

One replied, “Careful—you’re not appealing to girls who don’t have arms … ”

Another Redditor commented, “It’s the epitome of the worst Maroon 5 has to offer. Bland instrumentals, uninspired lyrics, a music video that shamelessly changes the meaning of the lyrics, and an out-of-place rap verse.”

14. “I’m Blue”

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“That one I’m Blue remix by that one lady,” commented one user.

Another user asked, “I’m good”?”

Another user added, “Are you feeling alright?”

One user commented, “That’s just classic David Guetta. Take an existing song. Turn up BPM. Add a vocal track that’s been through Google Translate 5 times so the words don’t make sense. Save to USB. Make millions.”

15. “All Summer Long”

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One user posted “All Summer Long by Kid Rock. It takes two classics and makes a sh– sandwich.

And f- off with having two straight lines end in the word ‘things.'”

Another user added, “Makes me so mad when it comes on, and tricks me into thinking it’s Werewolves of London.”

One user replied, “That’s the worst part about it; get excited then, awww, it’s just this crap.”

16. “Dance Monkey”

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One user commented, “Dance Monkey. Jesus, her voice is brutal. I thought the song was a parody the first time I heard it.”

Another user replied, “I live near a school, and this song is their bell. Five times a week, I know when it’s 10.20 am, and I hear this god-awful song from my house.”

One added, “That should be illegal under the Geneva Convention.”

Another user added, “The song is terrible, but what really drove my hate for it was those stupid “oK gOoGlE” ads where some corporate schmuck whistles the lyrics into the voice search and goes apesh- dancing his a– off to that monstrosity of a musical composition. Every damn yt video would get interrupted mid-roll by that abomination.”

17. “Blurred Lines”

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‘Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Just the most disgusting song about condoning [sexual assault] I’ve ever heard … ” posted one user.

Another user commented, “Not gonna lie, the Weird Al parody is much better than that.”

One user added, “It wasn’t even catchy or cohesive. I never understood why anyone liked it. Turns out as well that he was behaving super [suggestive] on the set of the music video.”

“Well, that’s not really a surprise considering that he and his wife were literally going through a divorce as the song was getting popular.”, responded one user. 

18. “Treat You Better”

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One user shared, “Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes would be mocked on r/niceguys if Mendes wasn’t the world’s most attractive neckbeard.”

19. “Let Me Take a Selfie”

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“Let me take a selfie,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “I love that song just because it makes fun of selfie culture. It’s a great parody of how silly and shallow some people are.”

One user added, “Ngl, that song was pretty annoying back then, but I played the music video recently, and it’s f—ing great. Just total 2012 vibes when no one was editing their pictures to kingdom-f—. The best trashy 2010’s song.”

Do you agree with the songs listed above? Let me know your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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