These 11 Movies Have Shockingly Obvious and Embarrassing Mistakes

Movie mistakes are difficult to spot, but movies are not spotless. Some viewers are gifted with good observational eyes, and if you think all movies are perfectly made, these 11 movies will prove you wrong.

1. Die Hard

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Die Hard was released in 1988 and is one of the most popular movies by Bruce Willis. Many people like the film for a variety of reasons—from its top stunts, actions, and giddy moves—it’s no wonder it hit the box office hard. “Die Hard when the ambulance is inside the truck at the end but wasn’t inside it in the beginning,” one person shared. Another person replied, “We watch Die Hard every Christmas. This year, we let our eldest watch it with us, and he spotted something we've never noticed; just after Bruce Willis hangs the guy from the chain, the same guy is then seen in the next shot at the top of the stairs behind Willis.”

Finally, a third person added, “Which was known to the makers. But the movie got partially written during filming/corrected a few times. When they added the ambulance part, they noticed that there was no scene of how it got in there but had no time (and budget) to correct it.”

2. Transformers Rise of the Fallen

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Who can forget about the Transformers with their super-advanced cars and machines that transform into fighting robots? Released in 2009, it reached a box office total of $836.3 million from a $200 million budget. One person said, “Transformers Rise of the Fallen has a scene that breaks my brain so much I've had to check to make sure it was real about a dozen times. They go to the National Mall in Washington DC, at night. They find the jet, which turns out to be an old transformer. He breaks through a wall, and then they are at the airplane graveyard in Tucson, AZ, during the day. I don't care that there isn't a bunch of planes outside in Washington DC [sic]. Movie magic and all that. But we literally go from night to mid-day and from Washington DC to the freaking middle of the desert.”

Another person replied, “Less egregious, but in the first movie, when Shia LeBeouf is first being chased by the police car transformer under the overpass, it’s clearly mid-afternoon. Within a couple of shots, it’s completely dark when Bumblebee and the police car start fighting in the industrial area.” The third person also shared, “Speaking of Transformers, I think it was Transformers 2 with Megan Fox. She wears white, and her outfit never gets dirty despite non-stop action and explosions. It was so distracting that years later, I literally remember nothing about the plot but I do remember watching her white pants to see if/when they'd get dirty.”

3. Anaconda

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Everybody can agree that Anaconda has become one of the world’s best films ever made! Who can ever forget those giant snakes chasing humans in the wild? Despite being good, people with laser-like eyes can spot even the tiniest errors. One user shared, “Waterfall running backward in Anaconda.” Another person also replied, “It's hard to tell from the angled shaky cam, but it looks like a stationary shot. They could have literally matted the waterfall and had it run forward while the boat shot ran in reverse.” Finally, a third person expressed, “That wasn't something that was missed though. That was just the studio cheaping out so they didn't have to film a second shot of the boat leaving.”

4. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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“Harrison Ford standing in front of fake bookshelves in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It may be a minor thing, but it is *obvious*,” One person stated. “Omg, that's awful. Like straight-up theater set dressing,” the second person replied. Finally, a third person also shared their observation from the movie, “Same with the bouncing brick when they escape the well of souls. He pushes the brick out, and its shadow bounces like a ball.”

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

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With their unique fighting styles and brilliant moves, everyone loves Ninja Turtles. However, it also has some obvious mistakes. One person shared, “In the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, you can see the actor inside Donatello’s costume.” Another person replied, “Mildly terrifying.” The third person also commented, “Evidently, this is because of modern higher res screens or something? Back when it was released, I guess it was too muddy to notice. Still, great movie.”

6. The Mummy Returns

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If you think your favorite mummy movies are invincible to mistakes, you’re mistaken. One person shared, “In The Mummy 2 when Rick is carrying his son through the jungle to reach the pyramid before the sunrise hits the diamond at the top. The sunlight is hitting the ground first somehow instead of starting at the top, like a normal sunrise.” Another person replied jokingly, “Haha to make it seem he was racing the sun as it was rising right? Only something a true Medjay is capable of lol.” Finally, the third one also expressed their thoughts on the scene, “They were on magical land by that point so… I’m guessing the writers handwaved this one away with magic.”

7. Harry Potter

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“In the first Harry Potter movie, when Harry and Ron are in the room with the mirror, and Harry tosses the invisibility cloak off to one side, you can see the green side of the fabric they usually get rid of in editing,” one person shared. “I always noticed this as a kid but didn't work out what it was until I was much older. Just thought the magic was green or something idk,” another one replied noticing also the same thing. Well, it seems like the invisibility cloak is no magic at all.

8. Charlie’s Angels

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Are you also a fan of the Angels? It turns out they also have some flops. One person recalled, “In the movie “Charlie's Angels”, Drew Barrymore's character shouts ‘LUCY!’” to Lucy Liu, instead of her character name.” The second person also shared their experience in a different movie, “Same in The Goonies. Mikey calls out “Josh” (Josh Brolin), then corrects it to Brand.” Actresses make mistakes, too, and sometimes call out their fellow actors by their real name instead of their characters.

9. American Sniper

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“I heard that the real baby and the backup baby weren't available that day, but it's not like they're doing anything expensive in that scene. Just shoot it another day!” one user shared. “The way he uses his thumb to make it look like the baby's arm is moving omg,” the second person expressed. Finally, the third person recalled jokingly, “Even Bradley Cooper talked about how ridiculous that scene was.” Well, it isn’t very comfortable for obvious reasons.

10. Robocop (1987)

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One Reddit user shared, “​​The scene where Robocop punches the losing mayor out of a building window. The news replay shows a guy bouncing off a pad or something similar.” Another replied, noticing a different mistake from the film, “I was looking for Robocop, but interestingly, not this part of the movie. Another thing is when Dick Jones falls out of the window at the end. His arms look like some sort of weird claymation effect. They're super long and have a crater-like appearance. It doesn't even look the SLIGHTEST bit realistic.”

A third commenter also chimed in, “When I saw Robocop, this is the one I thought of. It's such a weird error. The effects of the movie are overall quite solid for the time, but that one shot where Dick turns into Stretch Armstrong for a second is just bizarre.”

11. From Prada to Nada

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“In a movie called From Prada to Nada, Alexa Vega's character was in a cast half the movie, and no one seemed to remember which leg was the broken one, so she'd randomly have a different broken leg in every other scene, lol. I still can't believe how they would allow that movie to be released like that,” one person recalled jokingly. Another person confirmed, “You are correct.

Source: Reddit.

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